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the difference between TENS and EMS

Simple TENS vs EMS: Understand The Differences (Quickly)

What does TENS stand for? Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation What does EMS stand for? Electrical muscle stimulation The similarity between TENS and EMS: Both deliver low voltage electric impulses to stimulate TENS vs EMS: the main difference between the two: TENS stimulates the nerves – the rationale being that the …

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Abdominal toning – Introducing the ab belt

Abdominal Toning: Introducing 5 (Of The Best) Ab Belts

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) has been around for a long time – but over recent years we’ve seen numerous companies promising their products will give you strong, toned abs in a matter of weeks. And what’s more, they claim you can achieve all this while doing the chores or watching …

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TENS FAQs: The Ultimate Guide

The Good Body’s most frequently asked questions about TENS devices, features, and requirements. To view the full list of FAQs click on the table of contents below. How much does a TENS unit cost? Are TENS and EMS the same? How many channels and pads do I need?

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The Good Body – holiday gift guide 2015

Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas For Friends And Family In 2015

Welcome to The Good Body’s 2015 holiday gift guide, where it’s gadgets galore. Here’s our roundup of some of the best gifts to give and (hopefully) receive this holiday season… Getting and staying active: Fitbit Charge HR CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON While the holiday season is most certainly about unwinding, …

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Zewa SpaBuddy Sport TENS unit

Zewa SpaBuddy Sport Review: A No-Nonsense TENS Unit

With the Zewa SpaBuddy Sport TENS unit, Zewa has created a powerful little pain relief machine that can compete with much more expensive devices. The SpaBuddy Sport has a set of very convenient features and is so simple-to-operate, even the most technically challenged would struggle to go wrong with it. …

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iReliev Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System review

iReliev Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System Review

I’ve noticed iReliev’s range of products increasing in popularity over the past few months. It’s a brand that’s gaining some serious traction in the TENS and EMS space. Because of this, I thought that now would be the perfect time to take a proper look for myself. I decided to …

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Omron Pain Relief Pro

Omron Pain Relief Pro review: Simple And Uncomplicated

Before reviewing the Omron Pain Relief Pro, I wondered if the device would be a significant improvement on the PM3030. While that previous Omron TENS machine has a beautiful simplicity about it, I found it to be lacking in certain departments. Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at …

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Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030

Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030 Review

After reading this Omron electroTHERAPY Pain Relief Device PM3030 review, you’ll see why this TENS unit is such a hit with people who like their products simple – and straightforward to use. When Omron designed this, it seems they realized you shouldn’t need to be a computer science graduate to …

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TENS 7000

TENS 7000 Review: Is This The Best Value Device Around?

TENS 7000 may look like one of those old portable radios – but does that matter? Not one jot. TENS units are designed to relieve pain – they’re not fashion accessories. If you were to base your judgment on its appearance and stopped reading now, you’d be dismissing one of …

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truMedic TM-1000PRO review

truMedic TM-1000PRO Review

Before looking at the newer truMedic TM-1000PRO, I wondered how the device would compare to the PL-009, (one of the first TENS units I reviewed). I always believed that with a few tweaks and design improvements, that earlier truMedic machine could have been greatly improved. Don’t get me wrong, the …

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Compare HealthmateForever TENS units

Compare HealthmateForever TENS Units: Find The Best Device

As far as TENS unit brands go there’s one that really stands out – and that’s HealthmateForever. With way more machines than any of the other home TENS unit manufacturers, Healthmate International LLC. has created a strong and recognizable brand – with an ever-growing range of products. The rest of …

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Withings Smart Body Analyzer review

Withings Smart Body Analyzer Review

I bet I’m not the only one who likes the sound of a product that can help me manage my weight? But can a smart scale really do that? Well, this happens to be the second one I’ve purchased. The reason for that? I love my Fitbit Aria – it’s …

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TENS belts for back pain

5 Of The Best TENS Belts For Back Pain

I don’t know about you but there’s something a little tedious about placing TENS pads on your own back, right? It’s not a major problem to me but it does seem like there should be a better, more efficient way of targeting the lower back. However, some people – for …

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