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TENS 3000 review

TENS 3000 Review: How Far Can A Small Budget Go?

A little while ago I stated that TENS units are not fashion accessories – they’re designed to relieve pain. TENS 3000 might not be as sleek and stylish as the newer machines – but that doesn’t interest me. I want to know whether it can compete with them – on …

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Fitbit Aria review

Fitbit Aria review: The (Super-Smart) Scale For Weight Loss?

Before buying the Fitbit Aria scale, I wondered what all the fuss was about. A smart scale, really? Whatever next!? In the past I’d been quite dismissive about products like smart scales, calling them gimmicky. But being a sucker for gadgets, curiosity got the better of me – and in …

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wireless TENS units

Wireless TENS Units: Compare These (Innovative) Devices

Wireless technology shook up the computer and telecommunications industry. It wasn’t so long ago that we were having to plug a cable into in our big clunky desktop computers to browse the internet! How times have changed – and how quickly the electronics industry moves. Recently we’ve seen a number …

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TENS unit accessories

Handy! TENS Unit Accessories: The Lowdown

Ever wondered what the pros use to enhance their TENS sessions? In my roundup of the latest TENS unit accessories, I introduce to you a hand-picked selection of the most useful, practical, and ingenious products around. Whether you’re looking to get more out of your therapy – or to simply …

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