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Do Full Body Massage Chairs Work?

Do Full Body Massage Chairs Work?

Investing in a good, full body massage chair has lots of health benefits.

Research has shown that the therapy can boost your circulation, help to treat chronic pain and promote relaxation.

However it’s worth noting that massage chairs aren’t suitable for everyone, with pregnant women and those with osteoporosis often advised to avoid the treatment.

Before you start using one you should seek advice from a trusted medical professional.

Let’s take a look at the research…

A study published in 2020 compared massage chairs with physiotherapy.

Focusing on 56 participants with chronic lower back pain, they wanted to determine whether the chair could replicate the services of a physical therapist.

Despite not being as potent as receiving physical therapy, researchers concluded that:

The home massage chair system was cost-effective, but pain control and disability improved more with physiotherapy. However, our results showed that the massage chair is a promising treatment for pain control and quality of life modification…

The team involved were also keen to highlight that sitting back in the chair was only 60.17% of the physical therapy cost.

If we focus specifically at full body massage, there is much evidence to highlight how powerful the therapy can be.

Research published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, assessed its impact on pain intensity and anxiety.

They concentrated specifically on patients with an advanced form of cancer that was impairing their quality of life.

Results showed both immediate and long term relief from pain, leading experts to suggest the treatment forms a part of recommended cancer pain management solutions.

If you’re less interested in the research and place more trust in consumer reviews, then take a look at any popular product on the market for lots of positive feedback!

One happy Walmart shopper had this to say about the highly-rated Real Relax S Track:

My family loves it!!!

For someone who needs to relax after a long day of work, this is the answer. Back aches, muscle tensions and tired feet and legs are definitely relieved when used. This chair is for everyone in the family. I’m glad and happy of my purchase. Highly recommended.

Another way to gauge whether people feel full body massage chairs are effective is by looking at online forums.

Users in the Fibromyalgia Forums had many positive things to say:

The addition of the Massage Chair just started this past March and has given me the courage to get out more and do chores that I need to do but avoided because aggravate my condition because I can get into the chair at any time of day in my own home…

I used it daily if not several times a day at first but now I only need it roughly 4 or 5 times a week depending on how I feel. I have even gotten up in the middle of the night and hit the for 15 minutes on one of the 3 pre-programmed functions.

Now you know why a full body massage chair is good for your health and wellbeing, you’re probably ready to shop for one!

We’ve compiled a shortlist of 10 of the best models on the market right now, plus a few top tips on how to compare the functions and features.

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