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Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

Top 12 Gifts for Outdoor Lovers: Practical (and Adventurous) Ideas

Choosing a gift for an outdoor lover can be tricky! You know they have all the essentials, so what else do you buy them?

Hopefully our list of unique gift ideas for outdoors lovers will give you a few ideas:

1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Clean drinking water wherever you go!

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is a clever little device that can be stuffed in a backpack and pulled out when you need clean drinking water on the go.

It removes bacterias like E. coli and salmonella as well as waterborne parasites and even the smallest micro plastics.

It’s all done through a microbiological filter which can provide 1000 gallons of water.

The LifeStraw is essential for survival, so an explorer can stay hydrated when they have no access to clean drinking water.

Probably the best thing about buying this personal water filter though is that every time one is sold, a school child receives safe drinking water for the whole school year. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Kosin 18 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit

A smart kit of essential tools for the great outdoors

Give your loved one every tool they could possibly need for their next adventure in the great outdoors!

In this 18 piece kit you’ll find so much including a tactical cutting knife, wire saw, carabiner and bottle buckle.

There’s also everything you’d need in an emergency including a blanket, fire starter, compass, and tactical pen.

With so much inside you might think it must be huge to carry around. However the dimensions are just 6.3 x 4.3 x 1.9 inches and it weighs less than 2 pounds!

Purchasers of this kit felt it was a real must-have and described numerous situations where they’d used the wide range of items.

3. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

A collapsible lantern your loved one needs in their backpack

Wrap up this pack of two camping lanterns for someone special.

Not only are they super bright to cut through the darkness, but they can collapse to be easily popped in your backpack. Want to put it back on? Simply pull up the handle.

When collapsed they’re the size of the average smartphone, however it hasn’t impacted on the sturdiness of the lantern.

In fact, Vont claim that the lantern could survive a 10-foot drop or even a short period of time underwater.

The lanterns take AA batteries and the 30 bright LEDs in each lantern can last for up to 30 hours.

Reviewers couldn’t believe the light that they gave off and really appreciated the practicality of the carry handles.

4. Mambe Extreme Weather 100% Waterproof/Windproof Hooded Blanket with Premium Stuff Sack

Snuggle up then stuff it away

Keep your loved one cosy on their adventures by purchasing the Mambe Extreme Weather Hooded Blanket.

It’s 100% waterproof and windproof and so soft and fleecy that you might fancy buying one for yourself too!

This gorgeous Mambe blanket also comes with a really sturdy stuff sack so you can carry it with you easily. It’s available in four different sizes, rather than the typical ‘one size fits all’ option.

Though it’s a little bit pricier than its competitors, purchasers really felt it was worth the money due to the quality of the fabric.

Add a personal touch by choosing to have the gift personalized by adding a name or nickname.

5. A Pair of Smartwool Socks

Socks tailored to your outdoor pursuits

Smartwool socks are the perfect gift for that special someone who takes socks seriously!

Their online sock finder will match you with the ideal pair for your needs.

Every pair has been created with a different activity in mind and not only do they have all the outdoorsy features you’d want but they look great too.

Pick the sock height, level of thickness and decide whether to go for a funky design, pure practicality or both.

Smartwool socks include Indestructawool™ technology so they last, meaning you might end up with a Smartwool socks convert on your hands!

6. Clif Bar: Peanut Toffee Buzz Energy Bar

An energy bar with wholesome ingredients

Swap the box of chocolates this year for a sweet treat that your outdoorsy lover will really thank you for. Having a Clif Bar in their bag will give them the energy they need to battle on through any challenge.

Bars contain protein as well as fibre and carbohydrates to deliver that extra burst of energy. Plus with nuts, organic rolled oats and actual chocolate they make a tasty treat too.

With only wholesome non-GMO ingredients and a little caffeine to give you a kick they’re a must-have for any explorer.

It seems that they’re not just for adventurous days either as reviewers of the bars said they were ideal for a cheeky little snack in the office!

7. Survival Shack Emergency Survival Shelter Tent

A backpack tent to protect you from the elements

Don’t leave your loved one out in the cold. If they get stranded then make sure they can stay warm with this handy survival shelter tent.

The clever mylar thermal material is reflective helping it to conserve the heat, plus it reflects body heat to help it stay extra cosy.

It’s small so can be packed in to your bag and reusable so you don’t need to worry about it being wasteful for the environment.

Two adults can comfortably be protected from the elements in this mylar thermal shelter.

It comes complete with a rope so it can be set up easily when required. Though it might seem like a precaution too far, customers said they felt it was a must-have for their prep kit.

8. Passport To Your National Parks

Treasure every National Park visit

Set your outdoor lover a bucket list challenge of visiting every National Park in the United States. They can then record every trip in their National Parks Passport!

This smart journal has been a favorite gift since the 1980s for those who want to discover everything America has to offer.

The passport is broken down in to different regions and has maps as well as interesting information about each park.

One of the best features is the space for National Park cancellation stamps which turns it from a useful guide in to a lasting keepsake of all the wonderful places you’ve been.

Many purchasers chose the book as a wedding gift – what a fun way to record the adventures of married life.

9. Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete by Steve House, Scott Johnston, Mark Twight

Taking your climb to the next level

If you’re looking for a gift for a keen hiker then Training for the New Alpinism is a great option. This book really will help them take a simple hike to the next level.

Written by world class climbers and coaches they take what they’ve learned throughout their careers to help people reach their mountaineering goals.

You’ll find so much information in this climbing manual, including diet and fitness advice, mental attitude tips and endurance exercises.

There is space too to assess the stage you’re currently at and where you want to be.

Mountaineering fans who bought the book rave about the practicality of the book, they just recommend reading it long before the hike as there is a lot of information to digest and make use of.

10. Überleben Zünden Fire Starter

A wearable fire starter made from traditional materials

Man made fire. But probably not as well as the Überleben Zünden Fire Starter can!

This tool with its traditional materials, including a handcrafted wooden handle, really captures the spirit of the great outdoors.

Your loved one can carry it around their neck whilst hiking as not only is it light but it looks good too.

The Überleben Zünden fire starter striker doubles up as a map scale, ruler, wrench and bottle opener, all essential things for your outdoor lover.

They’ve left the grip natural so that you can hold it in the way that works best for you.

Reviewers of the product said that the fire this wooden handled fire starter could create was more powerful than they’d expected.

11. Jokhoo Infinity Scarf Wrap with Secret Hidden Zipper Pocket

A stylish place to hide your valuables

Available in an array of different colors and designs, there’s sure to be a Jokhoo Infinity Scarf Wrap to suit everyone!

Your loved one can look good whilst also keeping their valuables safe as it has a secret zipper pocket for storage.

The material is soft and lightweight so it shouldn’t feel hefty even with your phone and wallet hidden inside.

Some who purchased the Infinity Scarf with hidden pocket found it a bit heavy for indoor use, however ideal for the outdoors when they wanted their hands free and valuables safe.

12. Therm-a-Rest Z Seat Cushion Insulated Sitting Pad

A soft spot to sit down whatever the surface

Your outdoor lover will know the pain of trying to find a soft spot to sit down when they need a break. So give them exactly that.

Therm-a-Rest’s insulated seat cushion is made from a clever closed-cell foam that makes a comfortable seat wherever you’re sitting.

It comes complete with a bungee cord too so it can be packaged back up and stuffed in your back pack. It’s light and Therm-a-Rest claim virtually indestructible!

Many users loved how warm the seat felt on a cold day and how it protected them from uncomfortable surfaces like rocks. Others commented on how light the seat was, making it a permanent staple of their hiking get up.

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