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15 Must-Have TENS Unit Accessories: For Your Feet, Back and Hands

TEN Unit Accessories

Looking to get more out of your TENS machine?

Perhaps treat a whole region of your body? Or find the perfect tool to soothe a specific area?

These clever solutions below are sure to enhance your sessions.

You’ll notice a number of products on our list are conductive, but what exactly does that mean?

Conductive products, such as socks and gloves, are woven with a special silver filament that passes the electrical current from your machine to the area being treated.

They’ve been developed to be convenient, efficient and simple to use, distributing the (low voltage) electrical current evenly.

Not only that – but they make it possible to treat areas you may otherwise have difficulties with.

Reusable? Check. Washable? You bet.

  • The great thing about many of these products is that they can be used over and over again.
  • Of course, like any item of delicate clothing they will need replacing, eventually. However, they have been created so that you can hand wash them, as and when required.

In our roundup of the latest TENS unit accessories, we’ll introduce to you a hand-picked selection of the most useful, practical, and ingenious products around.

TENS Accessories for Your Feet

Research tells us just how powerful TENS therapy can be for a range of different foot conditions, including foot neuropathy.

However using electrodes on your feet, though totally possible, can at times be a little tricky.

Take a look at a range of the best attachments for your feet below, so you can truly feel the buzz!

1. Premium Conductive Socks from the Conductive Therapy Shop

Slip your feet inside this pair of conductive socks from the Conductive Therapy Shop.

Described as one size fits all, they’re made from super soft silver thread and comfortable enough to wear as normal socks.

Compare them to other conductive socks on the market, and you’ll note that they are a little pricier.

Yet you do get a number of added extras that many other manufacturers don’t provide.

For example, the Conductive Therapy Shop explain that the socks work best with conductive moisture to essentially pass the current from the socks to your feet and ankles.

To get you started, they include a free small bottle of electrolyte spray with your order.

Worried about compatibility?

Due to the fact you get the leads plus electrodes you need to connect the socks to your unit, they’re compatible with 95% of machines on the market.

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2. Brino Conductive Socks

If you want to try a TENS accessory for foot pain without spending too much, then the Brino Conductive Socks are worth considering.

Costing just over $10…

…you can choose either a short pair to treat your feet or a longer pair to treat both your feet and ankles.

Compare them to the above socks from the Conductive Therapy Shop (which cost significantly more) and there will be some extras you miss out on.

For example, you don’t get any conductive spray to improve your treatment or any leads, you effectively need to rely on your unit to have the necessary leads.

However they certainly look a little more stylish and less ‘medical’ if that’s an important factor for you!

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3. Techcare Massager Snap on Shoe

Why settle for socks when you could take your treatment to the next level and invest in a pair of shoes!

This massager snap on shoe from TechCare is compatible with many units, including the popular TechCare Plus 24.

Complete with two built-in silicone electrodes, the shoes allow you to effectively treat conditions affecting the soles of your feet such as plantar fasciitis.

One user described the effects as your foot falling to sleep!

It’s important to note that unlike conductive socks, the shoes are not designed for walking in.

You should be seated while you enjoy your treatment, but if you’re suffering from foot pain that shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

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TENS Accessories for Your Hands

There are many different conditions that can cause pain in your hands, including arthritis.

Evidence has suggested that TENS therapy is particularly effective for treating rheumatoid arthritis in the hands.

If you want to take control of your pain then read our summary of the best TENS accessories for your hands:

4. Silver Conductive Gloves from the Conductive Therapy Shop

Like their conductive socks, the Conductive Therapy Shop have created this pair of Silver Conductive Gloves with quality in mind.

Place your hand inside and TENS treatment will be delivered straight to the source of your pain.

They’re not the cheapest accessory on the market, but they are made from their signature silver thread.

Users with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome found the gloves to be effective, loving the way the sensation seemed to encompass and soothe their pain.

They stretch to fit hands of all sizes and by listening to customer feedback this certainly seems to be the case.

The manufacturer is keen to highlight that the gloves require an additional lead to work with Omron devices, so that’s worth considering.

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5. Konmed Silver Conductive Massage Gloves

A more affordable alternative to the Conductive Therapy Shop gloves, is this simple pair from Konmed.

In the package you get a pair of soft gloves, plus everything you need to connect them to most standard machines.

Though a cheaper option, they’re not one size fits all like their competitors, with the manufacturer stating that they won’t stretch to larger hands.

Despite this, many of those who regularly used the gloves felt they allowed them to experience the full benefit of their TENS machine.

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TENS Accessories for Your Back

More and more people around the world are suffering with back pain, with many turning to alternative methods of pain management — including TENS.

We’ve taken a look at the market and found the best attachments for your back below:

6. truMedic TENS Belt

One of the best TENS belts around has to be this classic design from truMedic.

Simply attach the electrodes to your wrap in the specially designed area and strap it on your lower back.

It avoids the hassle of fumbling to attach electrodes in just the right spot, ideal if you’re struggling with pain in your back.

You then just connect it to your unit (it doesn’t necessarily need to be a truMedic device) and you can enjoy your treatment.

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7. PlayMakar Pod Wrap for Back or Abs

An alternative to the truMedic belt, particularly for those that have a wireless TENS unit, is this PlayMakar Pod Wrap.

Compare it to the truMedic belt and you’ll notice that it doesn’t have the specially designed area to fix your electrodes.

Instead it works more like a simple strap, holding wireless pods in place, such as the ones you get with PlayMakar’s own PRO Electrical Muscle Stimulator.

For some this might just do the job, as it holds the electrodes in place and allows you to carry on with daily life — plus it’s cheaper!
However for others with limited range of motion due to back pain it might not quite do enough.

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8. Konmed Large TENS Electrode Pads

Treating a wide surface area like your back can mean covering yourself in many, many electrodes!

Why not opt for these large TENS pads from Konmed instead?

They’ve been created with back pain in mind and give great coverage without the hassle.

Happy users raved about the pads, amazed at the size and how much easier it made soothing their back pain.

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9. PowerDot 2.0 Butterfly Pad

Another effective electrode for covering your lower pack is this butterfly pad from PowerDot.

Team it with a wrap like the PlayMakar Pod Wrap and you’re effectively creating your own simple TENS belt!

In our experience of using the PowerDot, the pads deliver a seriously targeted and intense treatment that can help ease your discomfort.

Compared to other electrodes we’ve used, they do actually last as long as the manufacturer says (20-25 uses), as opposed to others that just seem to go on and on!

Plus unfortunately, they are only compatible with PowerDot’s own muscle stimulator, however we do think it’s one of the best TENS units around.

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Other TENS Unit Attachments & Accessories

If the pain you’re trying to treat isn’t in your feet, hands or back, then take a look at a few other must-have attachments below, including some practical accessories!

10. Hi-Dow Knee Wrap

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to show how effective TENS therapy can be for knee pain.

Hi-Dow Knee Wrap allows you apply treatment without having to mess around with electrode placement.

Made from an elasticated material it shapes to your knee, so you can get the best possible coverage.

One purchaser suffering with severe knee damage explained that it was the only thing that kept them mobile day to day.

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11. HealthmateForever Conductive Ankle Support

Wrap your ankle in this conductive support from HealthmateForever.

HealthmateForever are a trusted name in the TENS market, producing a number of high quality devices.

This support adds stability to your ankle following an injury and allows you to deliver treatment with more efficiency.

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12. Syrtenty Butterfly Electrodes

Getting the right electrodes for your unit is tricky.

We love these large butterfly electrodes from Syrtenty, due to their cloth backing and great coverage area.

As we’ve previously mentioned, it can be easier to position a couple of these than it is to place four smaller individual pads.

That’s less time messing around and more focus on your treatment!

Plus unlike many other manufacturers, Syrtenty package these individually in double-sealed bags to help them last longer.

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13. Spectra 360 Electrode Gel

Spectra 360 Electrode Gel is a great little addition to your TENS kit.

Electrode gel has been proven to bind electrodes to your skin and disperse the electrical current to the target area more effectively.

Plus it offers real bang for the buck — you get three tubes for just over $10!

You only need to take a look at the reviews to know that it will add something special to your treatment.

Users loved that it gave life to old electrodes, making them sticky enough again to get a few more uses!

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14. Luxja Carrying Case

Not all TENS units come complete with a carrying case, so it can be a great idea to invest in one to protect your machine.

This case from Luxja has space for your unit and all the accessories!

Zip open the case and you’ll notice handy slots to keep your cables tidy, plus plenty of pockets for your electrodes and gel.

Measuring just 7.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″, it’s compact and portable, making it ideal for people who love to travel.

Owners of the case raved about the quality, loving how the thick padding protected their unit.

It’s one of the best TENS unit cases on the market, plus it comes in two colors to choose from!

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15. Konmed Conductive Gloves, Kneepads and Socks

You might be looking at the attachments on this list and wanting to give them all a try!

Invest in the Konmed set of conductive accessories and you can.

Within the kit you get a pair of gloves, kneepads and socks, each with lead wires so they should easily be able to connect with the majority of units.

Woven with high silver content, users loved how it helped them feel the full power of their TENS machine!

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FAQs about TENS Accessories

You might have a question or two about TENS accessories and exactly how they work.

Below we’ve answered a number of them so you can invest in the attachment that’s right for you:

Can you pair any TENS unit with any TENS accessory?

How do conductive TENS accessories work?

What are conductive gloves?

How do I make my TENS pads sticky again?

Do you need electrode gel for TENS units?

Do TENS gloves work?

Now you’ve added a few accessories to your cart, you might want to start learning even more about the treatment.

You can find out everything you need to know by reading our ultimate guide to TENS therapy.

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