Things only back pain sufferers will understand

10 Things (Only) Back Pain Sufferers Will Understand

When you suffer from back pain it’s not just the daily grind of pain you have to put up with, but also a barrage of ‘helpful’ suggestions and recommendations from well meaning family and friends!

It’s one of the many truths that only back pain sufferers will understand, so we’ve compiled this list as a form of therapy for everyone out there suffering with back pain!

1. Getting out of bed means learning to walk again…

2. …assuming you managed to actually get to sleep in the first place

3. You regularly hear the phrase “It’s probably your posture”

4. Your medicine cabinet demonstrates the phrase “if at first you don’t succeed then try, try, try again”…

5. …and you’ll try any position to relieve the pain

6. You’re constantly asked to rate your pain between 1 and 10…

7. …and regularly hear “Have you tried (insert something you tried about 3 years ago)?…

8. …but you will literally try anything!

9. You don’t look sick, so you have to prove to people you’re in pain

10. But every day you realise you’re living with back pain, and battling it like a pro!