What are Positive Self-Affirmations?

What are Positive Self-Affirmations?

Positive self-affirmations are uplifting mantras or statements that are focused on helping you overcome your own negative inner dialogue.

You repeat these positive mantras aloud, recognizing your value and improving your self-view.

Affirmations can also be personalized to help you face challenges and reach your goals, for example there are calming affirmations for anxiety.

Keen to understand exactly what they do to our mind, we studied all the research into the benefits of affirmations.

The most fascinating discovery was how they can actually alter your brain!

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, looked at how reciting a mantra can influence how much exercise a person does.

They noted that affirmations produced more activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPFC). This is the part of your brain responsible for emotional regulation and self-perception.

Results showed that those who recited fitness affirmations did more exercise.

In simple terms, the researchers felt that affirming this behavior by reciting a positive statement, allowed people to see the self-relevance more clearly and take action.

Examples of Positive Self-Affirmations

Here are a few examples to start practicing today:

  • I deserve to be happy.
  • I love every part of who I am.
  • I have the power to build a life I love.
  • I can. I will.
  • My mindset is positive. I am a happy person.
  • Every day I’m working to overcome my personal challenges.
  • I forgive myself for my mistakes.
  • I am proud of who I am.
  • I choose to live my life to the fullest.
  • I am grateful for everything I have.

Find words that connect with you…

Why not begin with the most powerful affirmations and start transforming your mindset, and your life!

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