Where Can I Buy A TENS Unit?

Where can I buy a TENS unit?

Once you’ve chosen the best TENS unit for your needs, you’re able to buy it over the counter (OTC) or online without a prescription.

Amazon, Walmart and Target sell a range of machines at varying prices, or take a trip to your local pharmacy to see what they have available.

It’s essential that you speak to your doctor or another medical professional prior to using a TENS machine.

That’s because there are people who shouldn’t use TENS, such as those with a pacemaker.

When you have the green light from your physician then you’re free to start enjoying the benefits of TENS therapy!

But exactly how do you know which device to choose?

You’ll find when you start searching that there are a huge range of products to choose from and the options can be overwhelming.

Before you start shopping, you need to consider exactly what you want from your unit.

Here are a series of questions you could ask yourself:

  • Where on your body do you want to treat?
  • Will it need to be rechargeable?
  • Do you want a range of different modes to play around with?
  • Do you want to treat multiple areas simultaneously?
  • What level of control would you like over the intensity?

With a clearer idea of what you need your TENS machine to do, then you can set your budget.

Don’t be tempted to buy the highest price device without doing your research, some of the cheapest units will still do a great (and sometimes even superior) job!

With your budget in mind you’re able to shortlist a few machines that meet your initial requirements.

You can then look closely at the features and functions to understand exactly what is on offer.

For example, what programs and modes are available, how many channels does it offer and practical considerations like is the level of complexity right for me.

Lastly you want to read product reviews so real-life users can guide you in the right direction.

It’ll help answer your questions and concerns — there might even be people with a pain condition similar to yours that can assess the tool’s effectiveness.

After purchasing your machine it’s essential to read the instruction manual and manufacturer’s advice.

Though the vast majority of people using a TENS unit report no side effects, using it too much can result in soreness in the treatment area.

Plus excessive intensity can make your muscles twitch and result in unpleasant sensations.

As previously mentioned, there are also certain groups that shouldn’t use TENS therapy including women in the early stages of pregnancy and those with epilepsy.

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