Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – or TENS – is a way in which to ease acute or chronic nerve-related pain conditions.

Our team works to provide you with honest feedback and unbiased research to uncover the most popular devices available. The Good Body compiles TENS equipment to help you make informed decisions when it comes to investing in your own machine.

Our product analysis and testing process is designed to help you decide whether something can be of benefit to you. We look at all aspects of a product, providing context with scenarios, and our overall rating system takes into account important factors, such as: features, ease of use and value for money. This gives a more balanced view – and makes it possible to directly compare and rate – one thing against another.

In this section, detailed reviews and articles bring you everything you need to know regarding machines and accessories for TENS.

What Is The Best TENS Unit: Reviews And Ratings (For 2024)

The Best TENS Unit – Reviews and Ratings for 2023

For years we’ve been testing and reviewing the best TENS units on the market. We’re excited to share our latest buying guide for 2024, highlighting our top three picks with you. Whether you’re looking for your first ever machine, or considering upgrading your existing unit, our lowdown will help you find the right device to relieve your pain...

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How are TENS and EMS Units Different?


If you’re shopping around for a TENS unit, you might have noticed EMS devices also popping up in the results. TENS and EMS deliver low voltage electrical impulses to stimulate nerves. However their uses are quite different. In this article you’ll discover the differences between TENS and EMS, to help find the stimulation device that’s right for you...

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20 TENS Unit Benefits: Time To Invest In A Machine?

TENS Unit Benefits

You may have heard a lot about TENS units or perhaps you’ve just discovered the therapy and want to know more. Chances are what you really want to know is whether the therapy actually works? With more and more research proving the effectiveness of the treatment, the simple answer is, yes it does! Take a look below at 20 proven TENS unit benefits...

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Can a TENS Unit Be Harmful?

Can a TENS Unit be Harmful?

Generally TENS units are considered to be safe, however you should always speak to your doctor or another medical professional before starting to use one. Most people who use TENS do so without experiencing any side effects, however, burns and irritations of the skin have been reported...

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Why a TENS Unit Can Be Great for Zapping Sciatica Pain

Is a TENS unit good for sciatica?

Research has shown that TENS unit machines can relieve sciatic pain. It’s a widely available option for natural pain management with little or no side effects. In fact, the devices are recommended by medical professionals to treat both acute and chronic pain. Though not effective for everyone, they can be powerful for treating the symptoms (though not the root cause)...

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Does a TENS unit help with inflammation?

Does a TENS unit help with inflammation?

Though research is fairly limited, studies have shown that TENS therapy units can be effective for reducing inflammation. Primarily, the devices are recommended by medical professionals to treat both acute and chronic pain. They’re not effective for everyone and treat the symptoms of the condition, rather than the root cause...

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Do Doctors Recommend TENS Units?

Do doctors recommend TENS units?

Yes! For many, many years doctors have recommended TENS units for the treatment of both acute and chronic pain. When you look a little closer at the research, and opinions of professionals in the field, you’ll see that they’re more widely advised for chronic conditions, such as long term low back pain...

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