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HELEN: How the Aku Ball helps me manage my arthritis

Helen: How the Aku Ball Helps Me Manage My Arthritis

We’re big fans of Aku’s range of acupressure products after thoroughly testing both the Aku Mat and Aku Ball. Aku often state how amazing their acupressure ball is for arthritis and Raynaud’s syndrome. We wanted to discover the truth for ourselves by speaking to Helen who lives with both conditions to understand how the Aku Ball has helped to manage her condition. Over to Helen…

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Back Injury Statistics

19 Back Injury Statistics: Spine-Chilling Facts and Figures

Back injuries can leave people feeling helpless, isolated and with serious back pain. If you’re suffering, then the stats show you’re not alone! We’ve done our research and discovered just how common they are, what occupations are at higher risk and the eye-watering cost to society...

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Sleep Statistics

41 Sleep Statistics: Updated for 2021

The facts don’t lie, we’re not getting enough sleep. Whether you suffer from a chronic case of insomnia, or you’re just feeling a little sleep deprived, you’re not alone! Take a look below at 41 shocking sleep statistics...

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Sleep Facts

68 (Surprising) Sleep Facts: Scary, Important, Interesting, Fun!

As humans we spend an average of 25 years sleeping, that’s a third of our lives. However we’re simply not getting enough, which is why we’ve compiled the most shocking and interesting sleep facts. Discover who sleeps the least, who sleeps the most, how to get more sleep, plus some fun facts just to make you smile...

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Benefits of mindfulness

32 Health-Boosting Benefits of Mindfulness

We’re all told to ‘live mindfully’ these days, but what exactly does it mean? Mindfulness is about slowing down and being present in the moment. Whether you’re eating, walking or just relaxing at home, it’s the practice of engaging fully with what you can see, hear and feel. It might sound like a great way to relax, and it is, but it also has many other advantages for your overall health and wellbeing...

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How to build muscle without lifting weights

12 Ways to Build Muscle WITHOUT Lifting Weights

Lifting weights isn’t for everyone, however if you want to find ways to stay fit and build muscle you might feel like it’s the only option. Thankfully there are many other ways you can consider, including a number that require very little exertion. Take a look below at our breakdown of 12 ways to build muscle without lifting weights...

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The Ultimate Guide to Chiropractic Schools

The Ultimate Guide to Chiropractic Schools in 2021

Considering a career as a chiropractor? Or just want to learn more about the profession? Then our guide should tell you all you need to know about before, during and after chiropractic school. Today there are over forty chiropractic schools around the world and 100,000 qualified chiropractors, with the profession look set to grow year on year...

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Meditation Facts

50 Mind-blowing Meditation Facts you Need to Know!

Meditation is a huge and growing trend and, unlike the practice itself, it shows no signs of slowing down. More and more research is now being done to understand the many different benefits of meditation and how it can help with some of society’s biggest health problems...

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Chiropractic Benefits and Risks

18 Benefits (and 3 Risks!) of Visiting a Chiropractor

In the US over one million chiropractic adjustments are performed each day. Why? Because it has serious advantages for your health, and not just for back pain. In this article we’ll explore the reasons you should consider seeing a chiropractor, as well as discussing a few risks. Firstly let’s take …

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Percussion Massage Benefits

10 Benefits of Percussion Massage: Enhance Your Performance!

Are you considering buying a percussive massage gun, and wondering whether it’s worth the investment? Well, if you want to improve your sporting performance, sleep better and prevent injuries, then the science shows it is! To help you make up your mind and understand exactly how it works, we’ve compiled 10 health benefits of percussion massage...

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