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Best Massage Chair – Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Best Massage Chair: Reviews and (And Buying Guide) For 2019

If you’re looking for the closest thing to your own personal masseuse then you’re probably going to end up searching for the perfect massage chair. We understand that it’s a big investment, not just financially but also in terms of space within your home, which is why making the right …

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Meditation Gifts – Gifts for People Who Meditate

The Top Zen Meditation Gifts: 10 Enlightening Gift Ideas

Forever reflecting on the meaning of life? In a constant zen-like state? Can often be found crossed legged with their eyes closed? If this sounds like your loved one then chances are you’re looking for a gift that captures their love of meditation. Since 2012 the number of people practicing …

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Things to Help You Sleep

23 Things to Help You Sleep Better Tonight (Evidence-based)

Many of us don’t get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night (79% of people in America) and, consequently we’re sleep deprived or worse, insomniacs! The impact of such lack of sleep is frightening, alarming and detrimental to our health. We need to take action now and …

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The best TENS unit – Reviews and ratings for 2019

What Is The Best TENS Unit: Reviews And Ratings (For 2019)

For years we have continually tested and reviewed the best TENS units on the market. We are delighted to share our latest buying guide, highlighting our top three picks with you. We spend a minimum of two weeks living with each new product, in order to fully understand its functionality, benefits …

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Meditation Facts

50 Mind-blowing Meditation Facts you Need to Know!

Meditation is a huge and growing trend and, unlike the practice itself, it shows no signs of slowing down. More and more research is now being done to understand the many different benefits of meditation and how it can help with some of society’s biggest health problems. General facts about …

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Yoga Facts

57 Amazing Yoga Facts: The History, Benefits, Poses, (Fun!)

Statistics about yoga show that it’s growing in popularity every year with more and more money being spent on classes, clothing and equipment. Around the world people are learning the benefits and embracing the practice. General facts about yoga 1. 36 million people in the US regularly practice yoga. Source Click …

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Acupressure Mat Benefits

Acupressure Mat Benefits: 23 Reasons to Roll out Your Mat Today!

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy that is practiced by health professionals around the world. However plenty choose to enjoy the treatment in their own home! Chronic pain statistics have shown many are trying alternative therapies to cope with daily pain. See below 23 proven health benefits of using an acupressure …

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