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TENS therapy for pain relief

TENS Therapy for Pain Relief: Everything You Need to Know!

What is TENS therapy? Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy is the most widely used type of electrotherapy for the management of both chronic and acute pain. The therapy is administered through a TENS unit (a small battery-operated device) that has leads connected to sticky pads (electrodes), although wireless versions …

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TENS vs EMS: Which Should I Choose?

Has your doctor or physical therapist spoken to you about looking for a TENS unit? Or perhaps a friend has mentioned how powerful they can be and you’re interested to find out for yourself? With so many products on the market it can be difficult to understand the jargon. You’ve …

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Teas to Help You Sleep

The 8 Best Teas to Help You Sleep Better (Tonight)

For over 4,000 years tea has been brewed all over the world. But did you know that it’s actually the second most popular drink after water and on any given day, with over 159 million Americans drinking it. The type we are most interested, and love, is herbal! ‘Why?’ we …

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The best back massager – reviews for 2019

Discover The Best Back Massager For Pain Relief In 2019

When you’re looking for an effective back massager it can be tricky to find the one that really targets your particular pain. Research shows that back massagers stimulate circulation and relax stiff muscles, with several types featuring programs designed for upper, lower and full back. Then there are heat options, …

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Gifts for people with anxiety

10 Mind-easing Gift Ideas for People with Anxiety

For someone who suffers from anxiety, life can be a daily struggle, so anything that helps them cope is sure to be a gift well received. Even fun times like the holidays can trigger anxiety, so why not buy them a present that helps them manage day to day, or …

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Best heating pad – reviews and buying guide 2019

What Is The Best Heating Pad: For Back / Neck / Shoulder Pain?

The use of heat therapy as pain relief dates back to 500BC when the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used the sun to help treat illnesses. Throughout the years, hot stones, springs, thermal baths and volcanic hot air caverns were all used to cope with pain. That’s because, according to …

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Gifts for outdoorsmen

Top 10 Gifts for Outdoorsmen: Help Them Thrive and Survive

If the man you’re shopping for loves the great outdoors then treat him to a thoughtful gift he’ll really appreciate. We’ve hunted down lots of exciting present ideas, from the latest camping technology to tasty meals for when they’re deep in the wilderness. Take a look below at the best …

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Best Foot Massager – Reviews and Analysis for 2019

Discover The Best Foot Massager: Reviews (And Analysis)

It’s the end of a long day. Your feet ache and your body is tired. Sound familiar? Feet are the foundation of our bodies and must be cared for appropriately. One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to soothe the pain and relax is with a foot massage. According …

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Gifts for people who travel

Top 10 Gifts for People Who Travel: Healthy Gift Ideas

Whether your loved one has to travel for work, or they’re hopping from hostel to hostel around the world, there are lots of ways you can help them look after their mind and body while away from home. We’ve scoured the market and put together a list of 10 of …

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The best TENS unit – Reviews and ratings for 2019

What Is The Best TENS Unit: Reviews And Ratings (For 2019)

For years we have continually tested and reviewed the best TENS units on the market. We are delighted to share our latest buying guide, highlighting our top three picks with you. We spend a minimum of two weeks living with each new product, in order to fully understand its functionality, benefits …

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