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Journal Prompts for Kids: For Big & Small Feelings

25 Journal Prompts for Kids: For Big & Small Feelings

As adults, we all look back fondly on the fun and freedom of being a kid! However childhood is also a time to make sense of both big and small feelings, and that can be overwhelming. Journaling is proven to help children understand these emotions. Read on for 25 journaling prompts for kids, including ways to inspire their imagination...

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Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery: Learn More About You

20 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery: Learn More About You

Gaining insight into your own character and understanding your likes and dislikes, can help you focus on what you truly want from life. What inspires you? What is your purpose? What makes you happy? To start learning more about you, choose from our list of journaling prompts for self-discovery...

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Journal Prompts for Your Mental Health: Focus Your Thoughts

20 Journal Prompts for Your Mental Health: Focus Your Thoughts

Research tells us that journaling can be a great way to give your mental health a boost. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, or just want to hone a more positive mindset, writing in a daily journal can help. Below we’ve made a shortlist of 20 mental health journal prompts to get you started...

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Birthday Gift Guide: Ideas for Him and Her

2023 Birthday Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for Him & Her

We all have that one person in life that is really hard to buy for when Christmas and their birthday rolls around. Whether it’s your boyfriend, mom or best friend, we have lots of gift ideas that they’re sure to appreciate. Read on for 10 unique birthday gift ideas for him, her, plus a few healthy options...

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Fitness statistics: how many americans exercise each day?

41 Exercise Statistics: The Latest Fitness Trends (In 2023)

When it comes to fitness statistics, there’s a lot to unpack! It’s a fact that not enough of us get the recommended amount of exercise each week. In this article you can learn more about that, plus find out the fittest state and the global challenge to get more people moving. Read on to discover the good, the bad, and a few scary, fitness statistics...

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Unique Ideas

2023 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 14 Unique Ideas

As Valentine’s Day approaches you might be struggling for inspiration for that special someone in your life. In this gift guide we’ve compiled ideas for her, him, the kids and a few healthy options, if your loved one is a bit of a health nut! Read on for 14 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas to wrap up...

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Affirmations for Stress Relief

30 Affirmations for Stress Relief to Help You Unwind

We could all do with a little stress relief right now! If you’re feeling anxious, then practicing a daily affirmation is one effective way to unwind. Research proves it helps to relieve stress, particularly in performance settings, such as when studying for a big test...

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Insomnia Facts

36 Insomnia Facts: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, (Interesting!)

As humans we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping, unfortunately it’s a lot less than that for insomniacs! Insomnia is an intense form of sleeplessness that can continue for weeks and even months, and it’s incredibly common in America. Learn more by reading our list of the most eye-opening insomnia facts...

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