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Meditation Gifts – Gifts for People Who Meditate

The Top Zen Meditation Gifts: 24 Enlightening Gift Ideas


Forever reflecting on the meaning of life? In a constant zen-like state? Can often be found crossed-legged with their eyes closed?

If this sounds like your loved one then chances are you’re looking for a gift that captures their love of meditation.

Since 2012 the number of people practicing has tripled, and with this growth has come an array of beautiful, clever and innovative products that make great gifts!

To help you find a present they’ll love, we’ve put together a list of the 24 best and most enlightening meditation gift ideas:

1. Body Quiet Meditation Cushion with Acupressure

Stimulate your nerves for deeper relaxation

Combine the wonderful benefits of meditation with the magical powers of acupressure!

If you’ve never experienced acupressure before, it might look uncomfortable, even painful, however it’s thought that the points stimulate your nerves to help relax your body.

Posture is also improved during practice as the cushion helps to align your spine and hips.

It’s a good gift for a yogi who loves to meditate, as it has a handy carry handle and is reversible so you can also use it as a floor pillow or bolster.

Reviewers raved about Body Quiet’s acupressure cushion, explaining that it provides impressive stability and helps them to meditate for longer periods of time.

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2. The Shift by Komuso

A stylish way to slow your breathing

Jewelry might not have been your first thought when shopping for someone who loves to meditate.

However this is no ordinary piece of jewelry…

The Shift is inspired by the 17th century Japanese Komuso Monks, who used a bamboo flute as a method of attaining enlightenment.

Komuso have taken the ancient principles and created this pendant made from highly polished stainless steel.

The precise circumference supports a 10 second exhale, really helping to control your breathing.

It’s great for slowing your heart rate as you prepare to meditate, or to reduce stress hormones in someone living with anxiety.

We’re featuring The Shift for men here, however they also do a design for women that is available in four different colors.

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3. Smiles by Julie – Mindfulness Quotations in a Jar

Enjoy a little mindful moment

Anyone who enjoys meditation will appreciate the chance to take a mindful moment in the day.

This fun jar from Smiles by Julie is filled to the brim with thoughtful quotations.

Each day for a month the recipient will be able to take a little folded up piece of paper from the jar and reflect on the wisdom within.

Thought-provoking reflections such as:

“With Our Thoughts We Make The World”

It’s the perfect affordable stocking stuffer that the person you’re shopping for will appreciate every day of the month.

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4. Muse S

Clever, wearable meditation technology

One of the best meditation gifts has to be Muse S, a piece of wearable smart technology.

When wearing the Muse S during your practice, multi-sensors will monitor your heart rate, breathing, even your physical movements and brain activity to assess and improve the way you meditate.

If you want an example of how the meditation headband works, take a look at the weather feature:

Essentially Muse S translates your mental activity into weather sounds, for example if you have a busy mind, you’ll hear stormy weather.

As you meditate and begin to relax and tidy your mind, you begin to hear calmer weather.

The Muse S is a great tool for sleep, as it has a Go-To-Sleep mode.

Using soothing voice guidance and real-time feedback on your responses, it will prepare your mind and body for sleep.

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5. The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living

One meditation for every day of the year

Treat someone special to a Wall Street Journal bestseller! Filled with 366 meditations, one for each day of the year, this book is filled with words to inspire you to live a better life.

It’s the perfect gift at the start of a new year, and can be used as a source of daily inspiration for many years to come.

The book includes quotes and reflections from the world’s greatest ancient philosophers, as well as celebrities and successful business people.

Readers loved how the book encouraged you to craft a good and meaningful life in whatever way works for you.

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6. The Meditation Sidekick Journal

Practice daily reflection with this beautiful journal

The Meditation Sidekick Journal includes guided meditations to help both beginners and experienced meditators learn more about the practice.

You get lots of journal pages to reflect on ways to improve your inner dialogue, prepare for hurdles and plan your meditation time.

It’s designed to help you clear your mind, express gratitude and write your way to a more mindful life.

Plus writing in a journal is scientifically proven to make you happier — perfect if you’re shopping for someone who needs a little mood boost!

Journal writers felt they meditated so much more than they would have done without it and appreciated the stylish cover and binding.

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7. Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Agarbatti Incense Sticks

Burn incense and enjoy a more intense level of focus

Wrap up Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Agarbatti Incense Sticks and show the person you’re shopping for, that you really understand their practice.

They’re the number one incense brand in the world, and though there are many copycats out there, Satya Sai Baba is considered to be the most authentic product.

Meditators love this brand as they explain that the fragrance lasts for hours, and helps them to improve their concentration.

If the someone special you’re shopping for is one of the many people who start meditating to improve their ability to focus they might appreciate this in their stocking!

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8. Entertech: Flowtime Meditation Blanket

Warm the entire body while meditating

There are so many different things that can distract us during meditation.

Don’t let chilly winter nights be one of them — wrap up the person you love in this Flowtime Meditation Blanket.

Measuring a huge 70 inches long, it’s ideal for wrapping around your whole body.

Made of 100% natural cotton, it’s cosy and soft on the skin while still feeling light and breathable.

It’s versatile too, use it to meditate then as a bed throw or keep it in the car for cold nights on the road.

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9. Empowering Questions Cards

Beautifully illustrated cards with thought-provoking questions

Take a look at this beautiful deck of empowering question cards, if you need a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to meditate.

With stunning illustrations, each card also carries a question to help you understand yourself better and start inner conversations in your meditative practice.

Questions such as “What is my mission in life?”“In what kind of things am I brilliant?” and “What was I intended to do in this life?”.

Cards could be used during meditation to help you visualize your goals, as prompts for yourself or as part of a reflective game with friends.

Purchasers of the product list numerous uses for the cards and recommend them if you’re looking for meditation gifts, with therapists finding they help clients open up.

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10. Finger Tracing Meditation Mug

Get lost in your morning coffee

A great new mug is always a welcome gift, and this is one they’re sure to reach for every morning.

Handmade by potters in Wisconsin, it features a simple labyrinth pattern that looks stunning.

However though it’s simple, it actually has a secret use…

Labyrinths in this coiling shape have been used for centuries as a form of meditation.

As they sip their morning coffee they can run their finger along the pattern and have a meditative moment ahead of a hectic day.

Owners of the cup loved the large size, perfect for a great big cup of coffee to start the day!

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11. Silent Mind – Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Enjoy the beautiful sounds of a singing bowl

Your loved one will be delighted to open this Tibetan Singing Bowl Set.

The sound generated by moving the easy-grip striker around this beautiful antique bowl is thought to create a sound so sublime that it quietens and focuses your mind.

Crafted by hand, by Nepalese artisans, the bowl and mallet also ships with a hand sewn non-dampening pillow which is used to stabilize the tones for the purest sounds.

Reviewers loved the bowl, with many recommending it for children to help them relax in today’s busy world.

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12. Seat of Your Soul Zafu Meditation Cushion

Get comfortable on an eco-friendly meditation cushion

This beautiful Seat of Your Soul Zafu Meditation Cushion is strong, supportive and built in a way that helps you stabilize your body during practice.

Unlike the aforementioned Body Quiet Meditation Cushion with Acupressure, this pillow is built purely for your comfort.

It has a high-quality organic cover and an adjustable 100% buckwheat filling to allow the user to find their perfect position and meditate for longer.

The key to success with this pillow is selecting the right size for the person you’re shopping for, so take the time to consider which one is right.

However whatever your body shape, gender or weight, Seat of Your Soul assure you there’s a size that’s right for you. You can also choose from a range of colors to reflect their personality.

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13. Meditation Cards for Kids - a Mindfulness kit of XL Cards

Share mindfulness games with children

This is the perfect gift if you’re shopping for someone who would love to get the whole family involved in their meditation practice.

Select a card from this deck of 26 mindfulness cards and you’ll find guided meditation scripts and beautiful illustrations.

Told like a story the cards encourage calm in children while still being exciting and empowering.

The cards are huge too, so they’re robust enough to be passed around and played with.

Parents looking for a way to relax their children before bed loved these cards, feeling they created quality family time.

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14. Meditation Kit

Give them the tools to cleanse their space

One of the many amazing things about meditation, is the fact that you can start any time and anywhere.

However ancient rituals say that you should cleanse your space before you begin.

This beautiful meditation kit from Moon and Jai, includes Palo Santo and sage that you can burn to balance the energies in your space.

You get a choice of four different kits, Healing, Love, Manifest and Prosperity.

Each one contains a different crystal that has been prepared, and represents, a belief in those powers.

Plus if you’re unsure how to perform a ritual, the kit includes a ritual scroll so you can make each one unique.

Owners of the set commented on what a wonderful gift it makes for a spiritual person.

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15. Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body

Explore the science behind meditation

Though meditation is a spiritual practice, there is a lot of science to back up the amazing ways it can change your brain and body.

In this book, Altered Traits, best-selling authors Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson break down all the research.

They explain exactly what meditation can do for you, and how to get the most out of your practice.

Throughout the book they also explore ‘smart practice’ and how some mind-training methods promoted to consumers are not effective.

Grounded in brand new research, this book is a must-read for meditators at all levels.

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16. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer

Add a warm glow to their home

Take one look at this Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp and you’ll quickly see how it could become a focal point in any home.

Made from pure Himalayan salt it adds a warm glow even when it’s switched off!

8lbs of Himalayan salt is hand cut to create each lamp so it’s unique every time.

Practically it comes with a 6ft power cord and a dimmer dial, so you can get the brightness that’s right for you.

Though research around the effectiveness of Himalayan salt lamps is limited, owners of this product found it both comforting and soothing.

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17. Alexia Meditation Seat

Kick back and relax in your ergonomically correct meditation seat

Ultimate upgrade from a meditation cushion? A meditation chair!

This Alexia Meditation Seat enables you to correct your posture while meditating, helping the large number of people suffering from lower back pain.

Encouraging you to sit up straight, the seat is perfect for relaxation during yoga. Made from a high quality material, it encourages the natural position of your spine.

Alexia’s Meditation Seat is available in a number of different colors and stylish fabrics, including vegan leather.

It’ll become a real talking point in their home and give them not just somewhere to meditate, but also a comfortable spot to watch TV – the perfect meditation gift!

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18. Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations

Understand the concept and power of meditation

Encourage someone to start each day with a mini-meditation and help them manifest whatever it is they desire.

Author and meditation influencer, Sarah Prout, has created this book to show people how to find joy in all areas of their life.

It’s a great gift for someone who might be struggling to find positivity and purpose.

Simply choose one of the 200 mini-meditations and Prout will guide you in how to use your emotions to achieve anything you want.

Readers couldn’t believe the power of this book, and loved how they could pick it up and put it down whenever they needed it.

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19. n.o.w. Tone Therapy

It’s a workout for the mind

n.o.w. Tone Therapy is a new approach to meditation.

Put aside meditation apps, guided sessions or relaxing music, and just listen to three minutes of pure chime tones.

Working in harmony together, these two little speakers use tonal therapy to relax the mind and draw attention to the sounds.

n.o.w. claim that you’ll experience the benefits of a 30 minute meditation session in just three minutes.

Think of it like an intense HIIT workout for your mind!

Meditators loved how it really helped them to regain focus and in turn become more productive.

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20. Mala Beads 7 Chakra Necklace Chakra Balancing Mala Necklace

It’s a workout for the mind

When you want a little stocking stuffer for someone who loves meditation, this Mala Bead Necklace is a great option.

With a silk tassel and antique gold spacers, it features the seven chakra stones.

Chakra stones are thought to purify the body, encouraging you to release negative emotions, with each one having its own unique purpose.

The Muladhara chakra (the red beads on the necklace) for example are responsible for your survival instinct and block feelings of fear.

Though a low cost meditation gift, people still raved about the quality of the necklace and the sweet little gift box it arrives in.

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21. Total Meditation: Practices in Living the Awakened Life

Live mindfully every moment of the day

Deepak Chopra is a renowned author who has published a range of bestselling books focused on happiness and wellbeing.

His latest book Total Meditation: Practices in Living the Awakened Life is described as the definitive book on meditation.

He shows both beginners and experts how they can undergo a transformation and awaken their mind to be more present and open every moment of the day.

Spending time talking about the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits of the practice, he encourages readers to open themselves up to new levels of awareness.

Included in the book is also 52-weeks of guided meditation and a range of practical awareness exercises.

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22. La Jolié Muse Sacred Sage Candle

Set the scene for deep meditation

Choose this La Jolié Muse 100% natural soy candle for their home.

Sage is a powerful scent that’s thought to cleanse and clear the air of a room, so perfect for meditation.

Burning for between 35-45 hours, it will fill their space with beautiful scents, so they can get deeper into their practice.

Covered in a bold leaf design and with a gold lid, it looks great and is ideal as an affordable gift for someone who loves to meditate.

People loved how the scent wasn’t too overpowering, and also how they could use the tin afterwards to hold their valuables!

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23. Rock Painting Kit for Mindfulness Meditation

Get creative with meditation!

Meditation doesn’t always have to mean sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Art can be used as a form of meditation, as it creates awareness and encourages you to accept feelings without judgement.

Wrap up this fun rock painting kit and give someone special another way to enjoy their practice.

You get three rocks that you can color in, as well as a blank rock to create your own design.

The set includes 12 essential oil scented markers, so you can be inhaling beautiful scents while you create your masterpiece!

People found it be the perfect gift, even if you’re not particularly artistically gifted, as the pens don’t smudge, allowing you to add detail without needing a steady hand.

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24. Calm App Subscription

Meditation content tailored to your goals

A subscription to a meditation app can be a great gift as it gives the listener the ability to enjoy their practice easily wherever they are.

The amazing thing about Calm is that it’s a personalized experience.

They’ll be walked through a series of questions when they join the app, to understand what they’re hoping to achieve.

Once they’re in they’ll have access to tailored content, and be able to schedule sessions or just dip in and out as they need.

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