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Gifts for people who work from home

20 Best Gifts for People Who Work from Home: Stay Healthy!


The number of people working from home across the globe has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

In fact, at the height of the US outbreak it’s believed that half of all employed Americans were working remotely.

However without the routine of office life, staying healthy can be difficult.

To look after their wellbeing and keep them active, we’ve put together a list of healthy gifts for people who work from home:

1. Vivo Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Give them all the benefits of a standing desk

Though research around the benefits of standing desks is still in its infancy, it’s certainly a rapidly growing trend as more and more people look for ways to stay healthy while at work.

If you don’t have the budget to splash out on a standing desk, then take a look at this Vivo Standing Desk Converter.

For a really great price it can be placed on a desk then adjusted to reach the height of the user. You have two levels, so you don’t compromise on desk space either, ideal if the person you’re shopping for uses dual monitors.

Users of the Vivo standing desk converter raved about the quality, and also commented on how easy it was to put together.

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2. iDOO Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden

Grow herbs and veggies fast!

There is clear evidence to prove that having indoor plants actually lowers your stress levels. A handy benefit if the person you’re shopping for is feeling the pressure while working from home.

Investing in a hydroponics system means they can grow more than just a plant.

Using nutrient water and high-performance lighting, they can grow herbs or even vegetables much quicker than they could in soil.

Fans of the indoor garden couldn’t believe how quick their veggies grew.

This kit from iDOO includes seven growing pods and offers different modes dependent on where the plant is in the growing stage. It looks great and is adjustable in height to accommodate various produce.

It’s worth mentioning that seeds aren’t included but you can pick up a pack, including a range of different herbs, for around $10.

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3. Boyata Laptop Stand

Raise the screen and relieve the pressure

Looking down at your laptop for hours during the day has been shown to put serious pressure on your neck, head and shoulders.

Relieve the tension by gifting this Boyata Laptop Stand.

Place the laptop on the stand and get the ideal height and angle to take the pressure off the neck.

Made from aluminum, it works for both laptops and tablets and is fitted with protective hooks to hold the tech in place. It has also been designed to ventilate your laptop so it doesn’t get too hot.

Users of the stand quickly grew to love it, describing it as a home office essential.

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4. Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Warmer

Never waste a cup of coffee again

You make a great cup of coffee, then a call comes in that lasts much longer than anticipated and your beloved coffee goes cold.

We’ve all been there, but there is an answer. Wrap up the Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Warmer.

No need to switch it on, just place your cup on the disc and it’ll quickly get coffee back up to the perfect temperature.

Unlike other coffee warmers on the market, it plugs in to the wall, as opposed to being USB powered.

This means it can reach higher temperatures, plus you can keep it a safe distance away from that all-important presentation!

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5. Coccyx Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow

Add a little more cushioning to their office chair

Sitting for long periods can really impact on your posture and lead to back and neck pain.

Help correct their posture and improve the comfort of their office chair with this coccyx seat cushion and lumbar support pillow.

Made from 100% memory foam it can fit on to any office chair. The ergonomic design means it supports your lower back, while providing relief from tailbone pain.

It’s hygienic too…

The cushion is made from a breathable material, and covers can be removed for easy cleaning.

With a non-slip bottom it won’t shift around on the seat, which many happy users contested to. They also saw a noticeable improvement in their posture.

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6. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Give their water bottle a glow up!

Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated, however remembering to do so, particularly when you’re working from home, can be tricky.

This smart water bottle from Hidrate glows to remind you to take a drink.

Syncing with an app on your smartphone it cleverly monitors your water intake at the intervals you set, and if you miss one it begins to glow to grab your attention.

It can be taken apart so it’s easy to clean and has a long-lasting replaceable battery, which is handy as many commented that the bottle had quickly become an essential item.

Available in a range of different colours it’s one of those gifts that’s sure to be the talking point of the party.

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7. Upright GO2 Posture Corrector

A handy reminder to sit up straight!

If you have terrible posture wouldn’t it be useful to have someone by your side to remind you to correct it?

Take a look at the Upright GO2 Posture Trainer.

Pop this little device between your shoulder blades and sync it with your smartphone. If you start to slouch the GO2 will gently vibrate to remind you to straighten up.

Many loved this clever piece of tech, particularly those new to working from home due to the pandemic.

They felt that it not only served as a reminder to sit up straight, but also improved their core strength.

It’s a great gift for someone struggling with neck or back pain, as poor posture can be the root cause of many different issues.

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8. Aku Mat

The closest thing to acupuncture in your own home

Introduce someone who works from home to acupressure therapy, and they won’t be able to thank you enough.

Acupressure has so many incredible benefits, for anxiety, pain and stress relief, and no mat feels better than the Aku Mat (trust us we’ve tested them all!).

Instead of plastic spikes like the competitors, the points are made from copper, iron, nickel, silver and zinc.

You can lie back to relax, or pop the mat underneath your desk as a treat for your feet

This clever mat can be used rolled up too, enabling you to position it on your neck and lower back.

Worried it looks painful?

We did a Q&A with the founder of Akuspike, Paul de Jersey, and he said it can be at first. However, you quickly get used to the sensation and the results are totally worth it.

If the mat is out of your budget, Akuspike have developed another exciting product that you can see featured a little further down this article.

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9. SwissElite Hourglass Timer

Give the gift of time

It’s scientifically proven that working in small chunks makes you more productive than when you simply try to work for as long as possible.

Wrap up the SwissElite Hourglass Timer and encourage the recipient to work in chunks of 30 minutes to help them improve their focus.

This sand timer is 100% hand-blown and will look great on their desk. They can also use it to monitor time spent exercising, or to simply allow a few minutes in their day to unwind.

Many loved the high quality of the item and the fact that it made a great addition to their office decor.

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10. Fitnessery Ankle Weights

Add resistance to a workout routine

If you’re shopping for someone who loves fitness, and struggles being behind a desk all day, then help them do a little exercise while they’re working.

Fitnessery ankle weights are available in between 1lb — 5lb weights depending on the intensity you’re looking for.

They’re great for wearing under your desk but equally for adding extra resistance when out running or walking.

The weight is spread around the strap so you get an even distribution, with premium neoprene fabric helping the straps to feel extra comfortable.

Plus, buy now and get a free storage bag and free e-book to give the recipient a few extra ideas of how the weights can be used.

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11. The Mindful Life Journal: Seven Minutes a Day for a Better, More Meaningful Life

Encourage mindful living day by day

You’ve likely heard a lot about mindfulness and the amazing benefits it can have on your mental wellbeing.

Encourage the person you’re shopping for to live more mindfully by treating them to The Mindful Life Journal (as journaling has its own range of benefits, too!).

Describing the busy pace of life as a raging river, the activities in this mindfulness journal encourage you to go against the stream to embrace a more peaceful way of life.

All they need is seven minutes per day.

They can take this time to express gratitude, reflect on how they’re feeling or do a quick, playful mindfulness exercise to reassess their priorities.

Fans of the product loved how it helped them track their emotions. The gratitude journaling aspect of the book, also made people feel increasingly positive and compassionate.

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12. CraveBox Healthy Care Package

Brighten up their daily snack break

When you work from home you can often find yourself making regular trips to the fridge when you need a break!

So make sure there’s always a great healthy snack on hand.

This selection from Cravebox has 30 different nutritious items to choose from. Inside the box you’ll find popcorn, veggie treats and a range of snack bars.

The Cravebox packaging also looks great, making it the ideal gift for a real health nut.

Those who bought the Cravebox for themselves thought it offered real bang for the buck and loved the variety of snacks that were included.

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13. Renwer Essential Oil Diffuser

Fill the air with the soothing scents of essential oils

The benefits of essential oils are well known, with individual fragrances noted for their impact on various health problems, particularly sleep issues.

Add the Renwer Essential Oil Diffuser to any workspace.

Made from natural style wood grain, it has a color changing LED light to add to the relaxing ambience.

It can carry 400mls of water that diffuses the essential oils in to the air. Choose from four timer settings, to select how often the room is filled with fragrance.

With a clever auto-shut off feature, the diffuser will stop when the water runs out so it’s safe to use anywhere in the home.

Fans of the product couldn’t say enough good things not only about how effective the diffuser was, but also how amazing it looks in their home.

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14. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

A yoga mat that ticks every box

Yoga has so many advantages for your health, and is easy to take up as home-based exercise.

It can of course build your strength and balance, however there is evidence to show it can decrease stress, and improve focus and concentration.

Manduka are renowned for creating the highest quality yoga products, and their PRO Yoga Mat is no exception.

It delivers on density, with a 6mm thickness providing more cushioning than many rivals that we’ve compared it with.

The PRO mat has quickly become a firm favorite with many experienced yogis, who love how the textured surface gives them real stability when experimenting with new postures.

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15. DeskCycle Under Desk Pedal Exerciser

Get their legs working as much as their brain

If a standing desk isn’t the gift you’re looking for, then the DeskCycle is a great way to help someone stay fit while working from home.

Choose from eight calibrated resistance settings, so they can work up from easy to challenging.

It ships with a separate LCD display for their desk, so they can monitor how much time they’ve spent using the exerciser, as well as the distance traveled and the amount of calories burned. They can even sync it with their Fitbit.

Don’t worry about it being noisy either, as thanks to a magnetic resistance mechanism it has a smooth and quiet pedal motion.

They could even be on a Netflix binge and still burn calories!

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16. Snailax Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat

Turn their office chair in to a relaxing massage chair

Fix the Snailax massage pad on to an office chair and instantly turn it in to a relaxing massage chair.

Snailax’s shiatsu pad delivers an intense neck massage through four nodes that penetrate deep to help unwind tight muscles. They can also be adjusted to suit the height of the user.

When it comes to the back, choose the soft rolling setting or experience the pleasure of massage nodes traveling up and down your spine, using the ‘Spot’ feature to target the source of the pain.

This feature was mentioned repeatedly by users of the chair who felt they could effectively get to the root of the problem.

Add in the soothing heat function and you have a chair pad that’s the perfect gift for someone who is feeling stressed out.

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17. Aku Ball

Acupressure therapy in the palm of your hands

Place an Aku Ball on their desk and help relieve tired hands.

As previously mentioned, acupressure has a range of different health benefits, and this clever little ball is a way to enjoy them all.

It’s an alternative to a stress ball, and a good option if you want to try acupressure but don’t want to use an acupressure mat.

The Aku Ball is covered in 656 tiny metal spikes (a mix of copper, iron, nickel, silver and zinc) that help to increase blood flow and improve circulation.

Though perfectly shaped for hand and foot pain, it can be rolled anywhere on the body to relieve tense muscles and tight joints.

Acupressure is also shown to reduce anxiety, so the Aku Ball would be a great gift for someone struggling with the condition.

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18. Cloud Massage Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager

A real treat for tired feet

Sitting in one place all day might sound like a rest for the feet, but it can actually leave your body feeling tense and sluggish.

Encourage the person you’re shopping for to unwind by slipping their feet inside the Cloud Foot and Calf Massager.

After looking at the best foot massagers on the market, this one stood out as it allows a user to place their feet inside at an angled position.

Cloud suggest it’s more of a natural seated position, so you can relax back in your chair and enjoy an intense foot and calf massage rather than sitting upright.

Plus you get air compression, heat and vibration to further the relaxing experience.

Many fans of the foot massager reported relief from daily pain, and couldn’t imagine how they’d ever lived without it.

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19. Masala Chai tea

Pour a cup of relaxation

For someone who struggles with daily chronic pain, working at home can prove difficult.

Help them start their day off right with a cup of Masala Chai tea.

Masala Chai is one of a number of teas shown to have a positive impact on pain, so it could help to ease their discomfort.

Adagio teas pride themselves on selling only the finest blends. Choose from loose tea or teabags depending on your taste.

Their gourmet teas are full of flavor, and will add a little variety to the standard coffee break.

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20. Liba Scalp Massager Tool

Treat someone you love to an intense scalp massage

After hours staring at a screen or chatting on Zoom calls, your head can feel a little fried.

Give the gift of an intense scalp massage by adding this Liba massage tool to your cart.

After scouring the market for the best scalp massager, we think this one has the goods and is available for such a low price.

It has 12 flexible spindles, each of which has a rubber bead on the end, gliding across your scalp to create an incredible tingling sensation.

In fact, one user described it as a cranial orgasm!

The Liba massager is portable and lightweight, so ideal for someone with a limited range of motion.

Plus it ships in a pack of two, so you could put one aside for yourself, and enjoy all the benefits of an intense scalp massage.

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