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10 Positive Affirmation Gift Ideas to Uplift & Inspire

Positive Affirmation Gifts

Mantras that remind your loved one how amazing they are make a great present, whatever the occasion.

On this list you’ll find 10 affirmation gifts that will leave anyone feeling happy and powerful!

“I will buy birthday gifts well in advance”

One affirmation we all try to follow, but somehow never happens! Here are a few of our top picks if you need a last-minute option:

The Good Body’s picks for the best positive affirmation gifts

1. Message Pill Co. Positive Messages in a Bottle

A daily dose of empowerment

Remind your special someone to take their morning dose of positivity with this fun gift from Message Pill Co.

Each day they can remove a little capsule from the jar and unravel an inspiring statement.

Comforting sentiments like “Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can” or “Focus on yourself. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks” could be just the uplifting birthday mantra they need.

You also get a self-care card featuring different practices that will encourage your loved to make some time for themselves.

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2. Shower Affirmation Set

A waterproof words of affirmation gift!

Our thoughts can wander when we’re in the shower – so lead them in a self-esteem building direction.

Inside the resealable frosted bag, you’ll find 20 waterproof cards, each one featuring a different positive affirmation.

When wet you can stick them to your shower, so you can recite them aloud, allowing the good vibes to start seeping into your day.

A eucalyptus shower steamer is also included to add to the relaxing and stress-relieving experience, making it the ideal gift for someone with anxiety.

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3. Meditations and Affirmations: 64 Cards to Awaken Your Spirit by Deepak Chopra

A tool for mindful living

Deepak Chopra is one of the world’s best known wellbeing influencers.

He has created this deck of cards that on one side have an uplifting statement and on the other, a meditation.

Though a simple daily practice, Deepak Chopra believes that it can be life changing, helping you learn to live more mindfully.

Decorated with beautiful artwork, the box makes a great meditation gift for that person who wants to take the time to reflect.

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4. Hidden Message Butterfly Affirmation Necklace by Alex and Ani

A secret message for the woman in your life

This one can be a little secret between you and the lucky recipient.

It looks just like a beautiful piece of jewelry (and it is!), yet when they open the pendant they’ll reveal an inspiring statement, “Everything I need is already within me”.

Wearing it against their chest will serve as a reminder of all the incredible things about them.

Whether you’re shopping for your wife, mom or daughter, or searching for birthday gift ideas for a friend, this necklace is sure to be treasured.

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5. Positive Affirmation Colored Pencils

Give their stationery an upgrade

Take a look at this fun pencil set, that can introduce children to the power of positivity.

They’ll want to get to work as soon as they open this box, bringing their imagination to life through drawing and coloring.

Decorated with powerful daily affirmations for kids, such as “I can change the world” and “I am loved”, they’ll know that they matter to those around them.

People bought these for school projects, hoping the confidence-boosting statements would help their little ones learn to believe in themselves.

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6. Daily Gratitude Journal

A journal for daily reflection

Increased immunity, reduced symptoms of anxiety and relief from chronic pain, are just a few of the benefits of journaling.

Inside this beautifully designed book you’ll find places to record happy moments, breathing exercises and plenty of gratitude prompts.

You’ll also find space to record a positive affirmation that you can keep in mind all day.

Those who gifted the book loved the high quality feel and fun extras such as the planning sections for mapping out future fun adventures!

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7. Lace & Boho 100 Positive Affirmations Scratch Off Poster

A fun and empowering surprise

Your special someone can display this poster in their home and scratch off a little square each day.

Behind each window there is a powerful affirmation, for example “I have endless strength” and “Good things continually happen to me”.

The inspiring words will make great affirmations for the holidays, and well into the new year.

Shoppers purchased the poster for their home gym, as a fun way to stay motivated.

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8. Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards Deck

A fun way to enjoy empowering mantras

Choosing an affirmation gift doesn’t have to mean opting for something serious or spiritual.

This deck of cards is silly and playful, while delivering inspirational messages that can be uplifting.

As an example, there’s the POWER card that acknowledges that you’re ‘like a cross between a dinosaur and a tank’.

The illustrations on the card are designed to make you smile, and are a great way to introduce kids to the practice.

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9. Positive Affirmation Mug

A daily reminder of their worth

Add a hot chocolate packet to this tastefully designed mug and it can be a great low-cost gift for Christmas.

You are loved, you are enough – what better message could you deliver to the person you’re shopping for?

Made from high-quality ceramic, it’s an inspiring affirmation for Christmas, and every other day as it becomes their go-to morning mug!

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10. Inner F*cking Peace Motivational Card Deck

One just for the grown ups

This set of cards is ideal for the person who might roll their eyes at the idea of reciting a daily mantra.

Sweary statements are sure to raise a laugh while also doing the job of boosting self-confidence and reminding them not to sweat the small stuff.

People spoke about buying these for the ‘right person’, the one who doesn’t mind a few cuss words here and there!

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