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Positive Energy Gifts

16 Positive Energy Gift Ideas for Spiritual People

Deciding to gift only good vibes can be a great way to approach your holiday shopping!

Whether you’re buying for a spiritual person or just want to give someone special a mood boost, a positive energy gift is the perfect choice.

See below our list of 16 positive energy gift ideas for spiritual people:

1. Himalayan Rock Salt Gift Set

An eye-catching table centerpiece

Himalayan rock salt is known for its soothing qualities, but it also tastes great too!

Rivsalt have created this beautiful table centerpiece including highly flavored rock salt from Pakistan.

Positioned on a natural oak wood board, it’s a wonderful gift for the whole family and it’ll make a great talking point at dinner parties.

The stainless steel grater is comparable to a quality chef’s knife, so you can add the flavorsome salt to meat, fish and vegetables.

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2. Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards to Help You Help Yourself - Without The Self-Helpy-Ness!

Tell someone (in a fun way) just how amazing they are!

A positive energy gift can still be fun — just take a look at these Affirmators affirmation cards!

Each one acts as a little reminder of just how awesome you are, without any preachy self-help advice.

All the affirmations are fun and playful, for example one card reminds you that you’re stronger than a dinosaur crossed with a tank.

The bold and fun designs will appeal to both adults and kids, making an inspiring family self-care gift.

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3. Pranamat ECO Massage Set

An ethical way to enjoy acupressure therapy

There are many proven ways acupressure can bring good vibes into your life.

From boosting your mental health, helping to soothe chronic pain and even enhancing your yoga practice.

Pranamat ECO is one of the best ways to experience acupressure therapy at home.

Lie back on the spiky mat, tuck the small pillow underneath your neck and instantly feel your body begin to unwind.

Unlike competitor products, every feature of this mat has been ethically sourced, from the plastic spikes to the sustainably-sourced coconut fibre filling.

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4. Crystal Journey Reiki Charged Herbal Magic Pillar Candle with Inspirational Labels

Light up and be inspired

Gift someone the positive energy they want in their life by purchasing these pillar candles from Crystal Journey.

Crafted from the finest wax, each has a different inspirational message.

Welcome abundance into your life, money or simply positive energy, while enjoying the fragrant candles.

Each is made from a mix of soothing ingredients including clove, saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg.

People who own the candles have remarked on how long they last, getting over 7 hours of burn time per candle.

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5. Honeycomb Acacia Tray, 12 oz

The sweetest treat around!

Honey is one of nature’s greatest gifts, particularly acacia honey, thanks to its wealth of health benefits.

Treat someone you love to this honeycomb acacia tray and they can savor the taste (and enjoy the wellbeing advantages) for themselves!

Encased in beeswax honeycomb cells, it’s one of the purest and most nutrient-rich forms of raw honey.

Savannah Bee’s Honeycomb Acacia Tray is a unique and affordable gift that is presented in a stylish tin with a clear lid so you can see all the yummy honey inside.

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6. Tree of Enchantment Ornament

A unique creation with its own story

When searching for gift ideas, sometimes you’re simply looking for something beautiful.

Wrap up this Tree of Enchantment ornament and you’re giving an attractive present with its own story.

Created from hand-blown recycled glass, no two ornaments are the same.

Shipped in a stylish gift box, the decoration comes with a special story card featuring thought-provoking reflections on life and relationships.

Hang in a window and watch as the sunlight captures the delicate orbs reflecting light and happiness into the room.

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7. Meditation Kit by Moon and Jai

Everything you need to start meditating

If you’re a meditation lover and want to share your passion with someone else then this Meditation Kit by Moon and Jai makes a great gift.

Inside the box you’ll find everything you need to cleanse your space and clear your mind for meditation.

There are crystals representing love, healing and prosperity and Palo Santo which can be burned as an energy cleanser.

You can also make each ritual unique by following the guidance on the ritual scroll.

Let someone you love start reaping the health benefits of meditation practice!

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8. Love Bombs Kindness Cards

Spread the love far and wide!

Surrounding yourself with positive energy can come from spreading kindness to those around you.

Why not buy these Love Bombs Kindness Cards and give them to the people you love?
Each one of the 111 cards has a bold compliment, including:




Leave them as a little surprise around your home or add one to a greeting card as a thoughtful keepsake.

Alternatively why not gift them to someone who would get a positivity boost passing them out far and wide!

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9. ThoughtFulls Pop-Open Cards by Compendium: Life is Beautiful

Inspiring words for inspiring people

Another way to spread joy is by sharing these little pop-open cards from ThoughtFulls.

Each one features an elegant design on the outside, and a little pop-up flap that opens to reveal an inspiring message on the inside.

Messages include phrases and quotes from famous people including Maya Angelou and Kobi Yamada.

Like the Love Bombs Kindness Cards they’re great for sharing out among friends and family over the holidays!

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10. HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad

A stunning gem-encrusted heating pad

Shopping for someone who lives with chronic pain?

They’ll love this HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad.

Combining far infrared and hot stone therapy, it’s a soothing gift for the whole body.

Hot stone therapy helps to reduce muscle stiffness and tension, while the far infrared rays raise the temperature of the body, delivering more oxygen to the areas that need it.

Plus, it’s not just good for your physical health!

The heating pad is encrusted with amethyst, tourmaline and obsidian, each of which has its own healing power.

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11. Raw Crystals Set of 8 from Stone Space Gems

Healing crystals in their purest form

Holding crystals is thought to help with emotional and spiritual healing.

Many believe that they interact with your body’s energy field, helping to relieve stress and get rid of negative energy.

Choose this stunning set of 8 raw crystals that have all been cleansed by moonlight before shipping.

Included in the set is rose quartz, sodalite and amethyst which is believed to promote serenity and calm.

Enjoy their raw, natural exterior which crystal experts say give a purer energy than polished stones.

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12. Positivity Bell

Listen for the sound of positivity

Feeling low? Just ring the positivity bell!

Let the breeze capture this beautiful ornament and enjoy the sound of the delicate bells.

Crafted from hand-blown recycled glass, it catches the light and is sure to catch the eye of any guest at your home.

Choose from two different sizes, as well as a trio of unique designs.

Kirtras Art Glass’ versatile decoration can be displayed inside or outside, and has been made following decades-worth of craftsmanship.

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13. Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp

Hand-carved rock lamp with atmospheric dimmer switch

When you’re looking for a spiritual wellness gift, a Himalayan salt lamp is kind of a staple item!

It will create a beautiful ambience in any home, with a touch dimmer so you can get the light just right.

Made in Pakistan, the rock has been hand-carved meaning each of their creations is unique.

Though Himalayan salt lamps don’t have any proven health advantages, they are believed to help lift your mood and improve your sleep.

Plus Levoit’s lamp offers real bang for the buck, making it a great affordable gift.

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14. Meditation Box

Write your thoughts in the sand

There is research to show that writing down your thoughts and feelings can have positive effects on your mental health.

Adding this Meditation Box to your cart gives someone space to express their innermost feelings and desires.

The box, filled with fine grains of sand, encourages mindful writing and becomes an oasis for reflection.

An inspiring quote is also carved into the wooden box, making it a precious and timeless gift for people of all ages.

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15. Rock Salt Set

Savor exotic salts from around the wold

What gift do you buy that spiritual person who appreciates the comfort of good food?

A rock salt set of course!

This eye-catching gift from Rivsalt includes six unique salts from around the world.

Allow them to savor Kala Namak, a black rock salt with an exotic fragrance ideal for spicing up Indian dishes.

Or experience the taste of Persian Blue rock salt, one of the most exclusive salts perfect for seafood and salads.

Packaged in a presentation tube, they look like precious gemstones you’ll want to keep forever!

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16. Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Grow your own with this easy-to-use starter kit

Clear a busy mind by wrapping up this Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit.

Bonsai trees are thought to draw positive energies into your home, creating joy and contentment.

In the kit you get everything you could need to grow your own, including four varieties of mini bonsai seeds, grow bags, sheers and a wooden box that doubles up as a planter.

You even get access to a Grower Help Bot so you can ask any questions and keep your tree as healthy as possible!

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Still need inspiration?

Take a look at our list of gifts for people who love to meditate — there are ideas for experienced meditators and complete beginners!