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5 Of The Best TENS Belts For Back Pain

I don’t know about you but there’s something a little tedious about placing TENS pads on your own back, right?

It’s not a major problem to me but it does seem like there should be a better, more efficient way of targeting the lower back. However, some people – for whatever reason – may find it incredibly difficult and in some cases, impossible to place electrodes on their own back.

Fortunately, there is a solution – the TENS belt, a simple product that wraps around the waist and connects to a main unit.

If you’ve been put off by the thought of having to stick pads on your own back or prefer the idea of something more convenient, you may just like to take a look at the following 5 TENS belts.

TENS 7000 To Go Back Pain Relief System

If you’ve read my review of the TENS 7000 device you’ll have a head start here.

This particular setup costs only $15 more (at time of writing) and includes that very TENS unit, along with a belt and conductive spray.

What I love best about this solution:

Is the electrodes are built into and enclosed inside the belt.

But what’s the big deal about that!?

It means you don’t have the ongoing cost of replacement pads! Surely I’m not the only who thinks about saving some cash?

The beauty of TENS 7000 To Go is that once you’ve made your initial investment, your running costs are minimal – with just the battery and conductive spray to think about.

The device itself is as powerful as OTC TENS units come, with an output range of 100 mA (you can read more about output levels here).

It also boasts an excellent range of features that allow you to fine-tune settings – so you can get your TENS therapy just the way you like it.

For waist sizes: up to 52 inches
Battery: 1 x 9V
Warranty: 1 year

Want to know more?
The short video below does a great job in demonstrating and explaining how the TENS 7000 To Go Back Pain Relief System works:

HealthmateForever HM8G with Multi Belt

Searching for a genuinely portable TENS belt setup? Then look no further.

This package from HealthmateForever includes the iPod size HM8G TENS EMS unit and Multi Belt.

HealthmateForever’s innovative little devices are feature-packed and come with a selection of wonderful accessories.

Perhaps the most useful thing:

Is that this machine is rechargeable. It ships with both a USB charging cable and AC adapter for the mains.

I don’t know about you but if I’m going away the last thing I want to be stressing about is batteries for my TENS unit?

I’d much rather be able to throw the device and charging cable into my carry-on and know I can use it as soon as I need to.

And if you’re somebody who fancies a workout, there’s a program you can use to build your abs!

In fact:

The belt has been designed so it can be used on the legs and arms – as well as the abs and lower back.

Who knows, you may choose this machine to relieve lower back pain and also end up with a six pack!

For waist sizes: One size fits all
Battery: Rechargeable
Warranty: Limited lifetime

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Zewa SpaBuddy Relax

The Zewa SpaBuddy TENS unit is one of those wonderfully simple machines.

SpaBuddy Relax includes the same impressive device as the SpaBuddy Sport, plus the TENS belt.

If you want a unit that’s easy to understand and operate, Zewa’s SpaBuddy Relax is worth a closer look.

A useful feature with this product is the sizing:

If you’re a little larger round the waist it shouldn’t be an issue – it extends up to 60 inches.

As far as the device goes:

There are 8 preset programs and 30 intensity levels – so you’re spoiled for choice.

Like TENS 7000, the SpaBuddy device has an output range that goes all the way up to 100 mA – so you won’t be short on power with this machine!

For waist sizes: 22” to 60”
Battery: 3 x AAA
Warranty: One year

ReVive Back Pain Relief Belt

This neat looking belt and TENS device from ReVive has been created with the sole purpose of treating the lower back.

What’s handy with this setup:

Is the clip on the front so you don’t have to worry about somewhere to put the main unit.

With this there’s added convenience – as it allows you to adjust the device during your treatment, without having to remove it from a pocket or pouch.

The belt also offers lumbar support to help improve posture and mobility.

Just be aware:

There are only 3 present programs to choose from, whereas the other devices on this page all have more.

Something it does has more of is intensity levels, a massive 99 to choose from!

Those who have spent a bit of time on the site will know by now that:

The number of levels only relates to the amount of control over the intensity – and isn’t a reflection of how powerful the output is.

What it does mean though, is you should never ever have a problem finding the right level.

One last thing you may be interested in is the warranty – ReVive comes with two years cover, unlike a number of competing products that have only one.

Not bad when you take into account the relatively low cost of the product.

For waist sizes: 30” to 56 “
Battery: 1 x 9V
Warranty: 2 years

Want a 360° view of this TENS unit belt?
You can see how the ReVive Back Pain Relief Belt fits around the waist by watching this short video:

HealthmateForever Ab and Back Pain Relief Belt System

This system isn’t too dissimilar to the other HealthmateForever product we looked at – but comes with a higher spec TENS EMS unit and belt.

The NK10AB is a versatile device with a number of modes, enabling you to find the one(s) that you respond best to.

Pair the NK10AB with HealthmateForever’s Flex Belt and you have a high quality setup.

The only thing you may like to note is:

This belt – unlike their Multi Belt – isn’t designed to work on the arms and legs, only the back and abs.

I don’t see that as a big problem myself though.

If I’m buying a TENS belt I want it for my lower back and I’m not too concerned whether it can do anything else!

I just want it to do one job well.


If you need to treat your arms and legs as well, that’s no problem. You can simply use the standard pads to do that.

In case you don’t know already, this company backs all of its TENS EMS units purchased in the USA or Canada with a limited lifetime warranty. Now there’s confidence in your own product!

For waist sizes: 26” to 48”
Battery: Rechargeable
Warranty: Limited lifetime

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Is a TENS belt for you?

If, after reading this you feel a belt setup isn’t for you, it might be worth looking at and analyzing some of the best TENS units. The curated collection there is based on standard machines that use pads. They have been rated using a system that takes into account the devices feature-set, how easy it is to use, and on value for money.