5 Back Pain Support Groups for 2023

Back Pain Support Groups

Though 540 million people around the world are affected by back pain at any one time, when you’re struggling it can make you feel isolated.

Joining a support group can help you speak about your condition with people in the same position, who can appreciate the challenges you’re facing.

Here are five back pain support groups that you could consider joining in 2023:

Pain Connection

Pain Connection is a U.S. Pain Foundation program.

It was initially founded by Gwenn Herman, a licensed social worker, who suffered from chronic pain following a motor vehicle accident.

She felt there was a lack of support for people living with chronic pain, and their families, so she created Pain Connection as a way to bridge that gap.

Unlike other back pain support groups, each session has a focus, so you feel like you’re taking away valuable information.

‘The Stages of Grief with Chronic Pain’ is one topic they cover, including ways to cope with life and come to terms with your new normal.

Sessions are conducted by local people, however since Covid all sessions have been held on Zoom.

So you can join a session from home, completely free and just check it out without making any major commitment.

There are groups across states including Maryland, Colorado, Maine and New York, and are typically held twice a month.

Alternatively you can opt to join a larger National Support Group, which holds sessions each Thursday, again on Zoom.

Specialized support groups for the LGBTQ+, BIPOC and military communities, plus a group just for teens, create safe spaces to discuss what you’re experiencing.

Bobbi Blades, who joined Pain Connection to establish her own local group explains the experience you can expect:

Our group involves listening to each other and sharing ideas…It’s not about advising others but about learning together with a positive focus. We support each other.

Spine-health Back and Neck Pain Support

The Spine-health Back and Neck Pain Support group on Facebook is a great way to connect with others day to day.

Established by Spine-health, it’s a place for users to share concerns and challenges in an open and accepting way.

It’s certainly an active group with multiple posts appearing every day in your feed.

If you’re considering spinal surgery or looking for natural pain relief options, people regularly share experiences and recommendations that could be useful, as one user describes:

I am so thankful to have found this group. I am headed for surgery this Thursday and am so nervous about it. It is nice to see that I am not alone in my anxiety or tons of questions.

You can also post any questions or queries yourself, and the active community will share their opinions and support.

All you need is a Facebook account to access the group. It’s private, so your activity won’t be shared to your profile.

When you request to join you’re asked a few questions, and given the rules you need to follow to ensure it remains a welcoming and friendly community.

American Chronic Pain Association

The American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) run many support groups across the US.

Sessions are focused on helping to validate the experiences of individuals and provide support, rather than share or recommend treatment options.

If you visit their website you can select your state, complete a quick form and they’ll contact you with more details about your local group.

Whether in-person or online depends on the individual group, however there is no obligation to commit so you can just try a session and see if it works for you.

All groups are facilitated by group members, so if you can’t find one locally you can always start your own with their support.

Chronic Pain Support Group by the Pain Doctor

Another Facebook group that can be helpful for people living with back pain, is the Chronic Pain Support Group run by the Pain Doctor.

It’s another active group with nearly 60,000 members.

If you want to vent your frustrations to people who really understand what you’re going through, then this can be a great place to do that.

You also have the option to post anonymously if you want to share your experiences without anyone being able to see who you are or where you’re based.

Again with this one all you need is a Facebook account to join. You will then need to agree to group rules and let the administrator know why you’d like to be a part of it.

One new member summed up the group experience best by saying:

I’m new to the group, and I’ve gotta say – I’ve never felt so unashamed! Going through some of the posts and comments, I am SO glad to know I’m not the only one – not even close – to struggle getting a shower in once a week, if I’m lucky. Thank you for making me feel so normal.

Pain Resource Online Community

If you’d prefer a smaller back pain support group, without all the opinions that can come from an active Facebook group, then take a look at the Pain Resource Online Community.

Their Chronic Pain group currently has just under 300 members, making it easier to build relationships and get to know others struggling with the same condition.

The focus of the group is to ask opinions and share your experiences in a safe and welcoming environment.

Pain Resource also has other communities for those with Fibromyalgia and for people struggling with their mental health.

They even provide support for caretakers — those amazing people who help you live with your condition day to day.

Now you’ve found support groups you could consider, we’ve compiled a list of back pain relief products that you might also be interested in.

It’s a mix of electric back massage tools, creams and a few innovative pain-relieving gadgets.

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