15 Affirmations for Back Pain to Ease Your Discomfort

Reciting a motivational affirmation has been shown to actually rewire your brain! They can inspire you to be more optimistic, ease symptoms of anxiety and even make you more physically active - all useful when you’re suffering with back pain.

Affirmations for Back Pain

The Good Body Has Got Your Back

Whether you’re looking for affirmations for sciatica pain, or mantras to help your lower back, you can find a quick solution on this shortlist – read on for more inspiration.

  • I trust my body and its abilities.
  • My back muscles are relaxed.
  • I am grateful for my body.
  • I take good care of myself.

Positive Affirmations for Back Pain

To help you move forward with a stronger mindset, choose one of our 15 positive affirmations for people with back pain:

10 Positive Affirmations for Back Pain on Graph Paper Set Against Sweating Back Background

1. Every day I move closer to being free from back pain.

2. I trust my body and its abilities.

3. I am not defined by my pain.

4. I practice good posture.

Practicing good posture is one way to take care of your back.

There are so many benefits of good posture including relief from chronic back pain, as well as reduced stress and improved digestion.

5. My back muscles are relaxed.

6. I am strong and capable.

7. I make time for self-care.

8. I have the strength to overcome my pain.

Looking for ways to build strength, but don’t fancy hitting the weight bench?

Yoga could be something new to try. In fact, there are a number of yoga poses for back pain which can ease your discomfort.

No wonder so many are taking up the practice!

9. I am grateful for my body.

To start practicing gratitude in your daily life, you might want to consider writing in a journal.

Not only does it improve your mental wellbeing, but it can be an outlet for those with chronic pain to express their frustrations surrounding their condition.

10. I’m open-minded to new treatments.

11. I have a positive mindset.

Positive thinking affirmations can change the way you approach each day.

If you wake up feeling sore and tender then announcing some uplifting words can begin to alter your mindset.

12. My pain is not dangerous. It is just a symptom.

13. I prioritize sleep.

Back pain is keeping many of us awake at night!

The latest back pain statistics show that 37% of adults report that back pain impacts on their ability to get a good night’s sleep.

14. I listen to what my body is telling me.

15. I take good care of myself.

Take Control of Your Pain

Here at The Good Body we’re passionate about how affirmations can aid people living with pain.

Our affirmations for chronic pain can be another source of inspiration.

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