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Best Back Pain Relief Products

10 (+ 4 Free) Of The Best Back Pain Relief Products And Remedies

When it comes to treating back pain, when you’re suffering, you’ll literally try anything! But with so many different products and remedies to choose from, it can be overwhelming (and expensive) to try all the options before finding exactly what’s right for you.

Here at The Good Body we’ve done a little of the hard work for you and put together our list of 10 of the best back pain relief products and remedies to help, as well as 4 free things you can try right now!

10 Top-rated Products for Relieving Back Pain

Please remember that these are suggestions, however it’s always best to speak to your doctor, before starting any exercise regime, changing your diet and/or making a significant change to your lifestyle.

1. PlayMakar’s Back Care Bundle – Exclusive to The Good Body

Why just look for one back pain relief product, when you could have three!

This exclusive offer is solely for readers of The Good Body and we guarantee you won’t be able to find it cheaper anywhere else online.

Buy the complete PlayMakar Back Care Bundle for just $229.95 – a massive $189.90 saving on the MSRP!

In this bundle you get everything you need for back pain prevention, maintenance and recovery.

First up is the PlayMakar MVP Percussion Massager

Delivering powerful strokes you can put it straight to work on your back, neck, spine, or anywhere else that needs relief.

It ships with six unique attachments, including a spade head for your back and neck. With six different speed settings it can really help to improve your range of motion.

Compared to other gun massagers on the market it’s really quiet, and when fully charged lasts for hours.

You also get the PlayMakar SPORT Electrical Muscle Stimulator

It’s ideal for both acute and chronic back pain thanks to the EMS and TENS programs.

Six EMS programs work by sending electric pulses to contract your muscles, helping to speed up the recovery process for back injuries.

Four TENS programs help block the pain signals being sent to your brain, enabling you to better manage your daily pain.

With two separate channels you have the flexibility to tailor the intensity on each one, with 25 different levels to choose from. Ideal if you want to treat two areas of your back with different strengths.

Finally, you get the PlayMakar Power Gel Roll-On!

Offering cooling relief from back pain, with all natural ingredients such as arnica and boswellia, it’s ideal for throwing in your bag.

It’s an amazing deal, as you only need to look at other gun massagers available (that have similar features but not the same quality) to see they cost about the same as this whole bundle!

This really is a complete toolkit for back pain prevention, back maintenance and recovery at home, and only readers of The Good Body get a massive 45% off!

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2. Body Back Company Buddy Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool

Of course your first thought for a back pain relief product might be a back massager.

The range of back massagers on the market is diverse so whether you’re looking for electric or handheld, there are many different size and power options available.

For example the Body Back Company’s Buddy Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool uses a ergonomic design to reach your hard-to-reach places, plus it’s easy to grip and lightweight enough to be suitable for adults of all ages.

Or alternatively, transform your favorite chair in to an at home massager with Comfier’s neck and back massage chair pad.

Choose from full back, upper back or lower back and enjoy four nodes moving in and out of the cushion to deliver an amazing finger pressure shiatsu massage.

Infrared heat settings bring even more comfort to your back, with air compression working its magic on your waist and hips.

A smaller and more compact option is the Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager which is an electric massage pillow that fits neatly in the small of your back.

It features three massage nodes and can be used on different areas of the body, it also comes with straps so you can fasten it to your chair.

If your neck and shoulders are more of a concern, the Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager drapes around your neck or can be positioned where appropriate on your back.

It has eight deep kneading nodes and long shoulder straps so you can get to the source of the pain.

3. Penetrex Intensive Concentrate Cream for Pain Relief & Recovery

A potentially more affordable and easily applied option are creams and gels, however the options out there can be overwhelmingly, with many Glucosamine gels, Chondroitin creams and MSM creams readily available.

Opinion appears split on their effectiveness, especially for those with severe daily pain, so it’s certainly worth reading reviews before making a purchase.

A product that many users find to be effective and is particularly popular within the fitness industry for both pre and post workout, is Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy.

This gel includes a range of natural ingredients including Arnica and Boswellia Serrata, as well as Cetyl Myristoleate, which has been proven through research to be highly effective for those suffering from arthritis.

4. iReliev Plus TENS + EMS System

A TENS unit is a small device that sends electric pulses to the source of the pain, sending a signal to the brain and to the spine to reduce the level of pain, and has been widely used in the medical industry since the 1960s.

TENS units are available without prescription, and there are a number of different options available ranging in price.

They’re effective on muscle spasms, making them a popular choice for women during labor, however those with epilepsy or a heart arrhythmia are advised to seek medical advice before considering a unit.

There is a plethora of TENS machines out there meaning it can be hard knowing which to look at. One of the brands we particularly like (and rate highly) is iReliev.

Their newest device the iReliev Plus TENS + EMS System also has electric muscle stimulation capabilities, which can be useful for things such as releasing muscle tightness and muscle recovery.

iReliev’s Plus pain and recovery system has 14 different programs, is rechargeable, and has a backlit and extra-large digital display.

5. Mighty Bliss Large Electric Heating Pad

Heating pads have many benefits, especially in the treatment of lower back pain. However similarly to creams and gels, opinion on their effectiveness is mixed.

Heat offers comfort and in many cases relaxation, and is a natural pain relief option. This makes it ideal for non-inflammatory pain, however it should never be used on new injuries.

It is also not always the right option for those with arthritis.

For lower back pain, heat pads can provide wonderful relief, particularly if you choose a large one such as the Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pad.

It distributes heat really evenly, and users love it. As an affordable treatment option you couldn’t ask for more.

You can use it dry or moist and choose from three different heat settings to find the one that suits you.

6. Spoonk Acupressure Mat

Similar to acupuncture, acupressure is a technique which targets key healing points within the body. However unlike acupuncture it uses the pressure of a firm finger rather than needles.

To help achieve acupressure at home, you can purchase an acupressure mat. An acupressure mat has small raised plastic points that can be focussed on an acupressure point, of which there are a number of most common ones to help you get to the source of the pain.

A highly recommended option for acupressure mats is the Spoonk Acupressure Mat, as well as the mat it comes complete with a travel mat and a ball so you can manoeuvre the pressure to exactly where you need quickly and easily.

The Spoonk Acupressure Mat has 6200 plastic points, and promises to help you unwind in just 25 minutes!

7. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

If you don’t have an experienced massage therapist on hand each day, which unless you’re a top sportsperson or incredibly wealthy, who does?!

Then a foam roller can be the next best thing, boasting many benefits.

The technical term is a self-myofascial release technique, however essentially you’re working on the body to help release tight muscles and knots, so it’s ideal for those who are conditioning their body for sport.

The following video from TriggerPoint (one of the market leaders for this product type) gives some examples of foam rolling techniques to help with lower back pain:

The TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller receives excellent feedback from users, who rave about the relief it provides.

It has a multidimensional exterior which has been designed to replicate the movement of a therapist’s hands, without the $50-$350 price tag! It also comes with free instructional videos to help you get the most from the product.

8. Teeter FitSpine X-Series Inversion Table

If you’re looking for a solution to back or neck pain then why not lay back and let an inversion table do the work?

Inversion therapy essentially tilts your body to varying angles, taking pressure off your spine and elongating your joints.

It’s a treatment method proven to help reduce the need for back surgery, so it’s certainly worth a try.

Teeter’s FitSpine X1 Inversion Table is a solid option.

The bed has an eight-point suspension system. Effectively you’re lifted off the steel frame to offer the most comfortable reclined experience.

Lie back on the soft foam base and you can enjoy the many benefits of acupressure via the easily-adjusted nodes.

With Teeter Precision Balancing you’re in control of the movement, giving you the ability to recline at your own pace.

If you’re looking for a budget inversion table option, Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table is worth considering.

Offering six different levels of inversion and an adjustable headrest, you can find the right level of relief.

If you’ve not seen an inversion table in use before, the short video below will give you a great introduction:

However it’s not right for everyone, being tilted on an Inversion Table allows the blood to rush to your head, raising your blood pressure, which means it’s probably not the best option for someone with a heart condition.

It’s paramount that you always consult a healthcare professional before trying inversion therapy.

If you are considering one, first make sure you have adequate space – because despite most of them folding – they can take up a lot of room.

9. Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sacrum & Hips DVD

Another effective treatment solution when looking for back pain relief products to use at home is a yoga DVD, which can help you better manage your back pain through exercise.

Yoga has a number of key benefits, helping you to improve your flexibility and increase your muscle tone and strength, and through research, yoga has been found to be effective in the treatment of back pain.

You may find you benefit from the expert guidance of Gary Kraftsow, one of the world’s leading yoga therapists and founder of the American Viniyoga Institute.

The Viniyoga Institute applies the principles of yoga but tailors it to the needs of the individual.

His yoga practices are recommended by the National Institute of Health for their focus and effectiveness on back pain, and his DVD tailored to the treatment of back pain, is a best seller.

10. MegaFood Turmeric Strength

When you’re suffering from chronic back pain you can easily become heavily reliant, even addicted, to painkillers, however you always need to be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage or you could take an accidental overdose.

One way to avoid this is to find natural alternatives, such as food.

There is evidence that certain natural anti-inflammatory foods can be effective in the treatment of back pain, as they reduce inflammation in the body. There are a number of different foods which are believed to possess this ability, including turmeric.

Turmeric contains a compound known as curcumin, which through research has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation.

Curcumin is in fact quite the miracle ingredient as it has been shown to be effective in the treatment of colon cancer when combined with chemotherapy.

4 Free Remedies To Help Alleviate Back Pain

Before you start spending money on a ton of different gadgets, there are many simple things that you can do right now to help.

These aren’t miracle cures for back pain, they’re simple daily changes that, combined with other techniques, can play their part in fighting pain.

These four free (or very cheap) things are a great starting point to assist with alleviating pain and something you could try right now.

1. Exercise

When you visit a doctor to discuss back pain, you’ll most likely initially get a recommendation of exercises that can help or be instructed to try to exercise more.

Even a simple activity such as a brisk walk has been proven to help improve the effects of back and neck pain.

A brisk walk has been proven to help improve the effects of back and neck pain
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A study in to chronic lower back pain for example, found that with core muscle strengthening work the effects of pain were decreased.

There are a number of exercises and sports recommended for people suffering from back pain, however those suffering are advised to speak to their doctor before starting anything too strenuous.

2. Heat Therapy

Heat therapy can be achieved easily with things you probably already have in the home for example a hot water bottle or wheat bag, or simply by taking a warm bath.

Of course heat therapy can offer a sense of relaxation, important in coping with back and neck pain, however it also has many other benefits.

Heat therapy can distract the brain from the pain signals caused by back and neck pain, giving you the much needed relief you’re looking for.

Many who use heat therapy also combine the heat with essential oils to incorporate the benefits offered by aromatherapy.

3. Staying Hydrated

Dehydration causes many different symptoms and problems within the body, however one of the lesser known impacts of dehydration is back pain.

That’s because the inner parts of the discs within our back consist primarily of water which is used up throughout the day as our spine is put to work. Then at night our back begins the process of rehydrating for the day ahead, which is why we wake up taller than when we went to bed!

One of the lesser known impacts of dehydration is back pain
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It’s important too to not simply wait for your body to tell you when you’re thirsty, as this means you’re already dehydrated.

4. Meditation

Meditating at home is another free tool you have at your disposal to improve your back health.

Research has shown that particularly in the treatment of lower back pain, meditation and mindfulness, both of which focus on relaxation and stress reduction, can alleviate symptoms.

There are two different approaches, one where you focus on a single mantra and are taught to ignore the feelings of pain you’re experiencing, or a mindful approach where you concentrate on the pain and learn to control it.

There are a number of different techniques online to help you get started.

5 of the Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Sometimes finding the right solution for your back pain means working out the cause of your back pain in the first place.

There are a number of common causes of back pain that can be a good place to start, however of course it’s always essential to speak to a medical professional who will be able to help point you in the right direction.

1. Weekend Activities

Weekend activities are one of the most common causes of back pain.

The thinking is that after a week of relatively sedentary work, people, referred to as ‘weekend warriors’, spend the weekend doing strenuous sporting activities or spend hours doing heavy garden work, tasks that their bodies simply aren’t prepared for, causing back pain and back injuries!

2. Bad Posture

Slouching or not thinking about the way you sit on a daily basis is a common cause of back pain.

Plus bad posture and computer use seem to go hand in hand, and with 74% of Americans using a computer daily as part of their employment, it’s unsurprising that treatment for daily chronic back pain is on the increase.

Slouching or not thinking about the way you sit on a daily basis is a common cause of back pain
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3. Lack of Exercise

A lack of exercise leads to a lack of flexibility as well as weak muscles throughout the body, causing back pain.

Plus a lack of exercise can often mean you’re carrying extra weight which again is putting extra strain on the body, specifically on the spine.

Did You Know?

About 50% of women will have a complaint of back ache in pregnancy.

4. Pregnancy

There are some female specific back pain causes due to differences in the pelvic structure and hormonal changes, as well of course as back pain associated with pregnancy.

Pregnancy can really take its toll on your back, however there are a number of different techniques and treatments you can try to relieve the pressure.

Did You Know?

34.9% of adults are thought to be obese in the U.S.

5. Stress

A number of studies have also looked at the psychology of back pain, specifically the impact that stress has on the lower back pain.

A recent study looked at how mindfulness techniques could be used to alleviate stress in back pain patients with positive results.

Acute vs Chronic Back Pain

Is your pain Acute or Chronic?

Understanding your pain and finding the right treatment, often starts with understanding whether you’re suffering from acute or chronic back pain.

Acute pain last hours or weeks, it is triggered by an illness or accident and is predictable and relatively easily treated.

Chronic pain lasts months to years, it is caused by a longer term condition such as arthritis and is unpredictable making it difficult to treat.

Back Pain Treatment

As well as so many different products and remedies to choose from, there are also a number of different treatments available for you to consider.

A Physical Therapist could be an option?

In fact, an award winning study in 2015, demonstrated substantial potential for lowered costs, and reduced healthcare utilization for patients who received, and adhered to physical therapy for low back pain.

Considered a Chiropractor?

Over 27 million Americans see a Doctor of Chiropractic each year, so it could be an option worth considering for your back pain.

Choosing the right chiropractor is essential to make sure their approach and experience suits you and your condition.

Maybe Acupuncture?
Research has shown that acupuncture is effective in the treatment of low back pain, not just as a placebo but offering true pain relief.


When you suffer from acute or chronic back and neck pain you have so many remedies and products, as well as a vast array of different treatment options available to you.

It can be frustrating and sometimes costly when you’re working out what’s right for you, however only pain sufferers understand that we’ll literally try anything!

Remember to speak to a medical professional, preferably your doctor before trying any of the above products and remedies, not only so they can advise on the safety but also as they may have their own recommendations on what is right for you.


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