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Massage Gifts

12 of the Best Massage Gifts: Soothe Pain and Encourage Relaxation

There are lots of exciting massage products on the market that can make really great gifts.

Whether you’re shopping for someone struggling with back pain or want to help your loved one relax, the gift of a massage is sure to be well received!

Below we’ve compiled a list of 11 of the best massage gifts to ease pain and promote self-care:

1. Theragun mini

Ultra portable, ultra powerful!

Whether they want to enjoy massage therapy at home or on the go, your loved one will be sure to thank you for the Theragun mini.

Using the percussion massage technique, this handy little tool powers deep into the muscle tissue.

With three different speed settings it’s easy to control without needing to reach for the manual!

Plus it’s versatile and can be used anywhere on the body.

If you’re shopping for a fitness fanatic, then they’ll be familiar with the Theragun name.

They’re renowned for their range of market-leading percussion massage guns, including the Theragun PRO listed below.

If you like the idea of percussion therapy, but don’t like the price tag of the mini, there are a number of affordable Theragun alternatives you could consider.

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2. iReliev Wireless Relaxable Pillow Massager

A stylish and comfortable massage

Not only is this a great massage gift but it can also fit seamlessly into any home!

Available in four stylish colors, the iReliev Relaxable Pillow Massager looks great.

However it’s definitely not style over substance.

Fitting neatly into your lower back, the Relaxable Pillow Massager, contains two-way kneading nodes designed to deliver a realistic shiatsu treatment.

Infrared ceramic bulbs add to the therapy by delivering penetrating heat to lower back.

It can be an effective tool for back pain relief, yet we also found it be powerful on tight calf muscles, so it’s certainly versatile.

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3. Breo Mini Scalp Massager

A scalp massager that does all the hard work!

If you’re looking for the best electric head massager out there, then this tool from Breo is a strong contender.

Scurrying across the scalp are four massage heads, each with 24 individual points for excellent coverage.

You get the option of three different settings — regular, gentle and combination — so you can find the one that works for you.

Amazingly it’s also completely waterproof, so can be used in the shower when applying products to your hair.

Afterwards, simply remove each node to clean the device and it’s ready to use again!

Containing a rechargeable battery, it can simply be thrown in your bag then pulled out when you need to relieve tension on the go.

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4. Real Relax Massage Chair

All the features for an affordable price!

The ultimate massage gift has to be a massage chair.

We shortlisted the best massage recliners and gave the Real Relax chair the top spot!

It’ll move your body into a zero gravity position as 50 airbags get working from head to toe.

Eight rollers and built-in heat therapy add to the treatment to deliver the ultimate in relaxation.

You can also experiment with different kinds of massages thanks to the wide array of settings available.

Plus you get Bluetooth, a feature typically reserved for more expensive chairs, so you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts while enjoying your treatment.

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5. Resteck Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

Pain relief that puts you in control

When you’re shopping for someone who is trying to manage chronic pain, then you want a tool that puts them in control.

This back massage tool from Resteck does exactly that.

The recipient can drape it around their shoulders, then use the handles to position it at the source of their pain.

Using the shiatsu massage technique, it can also be used on other areas of the body including the legs and feet.

It’s super simple to use, with just four buttons on the strap controlling the intensity and optional heat setting.

Shipping with a wall A/C and a car adapter, it’s perfectly portable, just plug it in and away you go!

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6. Spafinder Gift Card

Let them choose their favorite technique

If you’re struggling to find the right pampering gift set then why not opt for a massage gift card instead?

By purchasing a Spafinder gift card you’re giving someone access to thousands of different spas and wellness centers across the US.

They’re also able to explore various massage techniques that they might never have considered, before choosing how to spend their gift.

You can select the value, plus the voucher doesn’t have an expiry date so they can choose a date and time that suits — a perfect treat for someone who really needs unwind!

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7. iReliev Hand & Wrist Massager

A truly ‘handy’ gadget!

This innovative tool from iReliev is perfect for anyone struggling with hand or wrist pain, such as those with arthritis.

However it’s also just a great way for anyone to unwind!

All you have to do is slip your hand inside the soft chamber and mini air bags will inflate and deflate to deliver a compression massage.

Choose from two modes, adjust the intensity and switch on the optional heat setting for further indulgence.

Created by iReliev, better known for their range of TENS units, it makes a wonderful gift they’ll use for years to come.

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8. PlayMakar MVPmini Percussion Massage System

An innovative device with a FREE accessory

Another tool that allows you to gift someone the pleasure of percussion massage is the MVPmini.

Wrap up this highly compact massage gun, that weighs less than one pound, and you’re gifting 3000 percussions per minute for a deep and powerful massage.

Yet what sets PlayMakar apart from the competition is their ProTip attachments.

Made from a responsive silica material, they allow the body to better absorb and reverberate each percussion.

Inside the neat carrying case you get four massage heads, including the Shoc attachment that allows you to enjoy a softer massage on sensitive areas such as around the neck and shoulders.

Plus buy the PlayMakar MVPmini right now and you get a FREE HeatTip attachment!

Their heated flat head accessory is normally sold separately, and drives heat deep into painful areas, increasing your circulation.

Providing 15 hours of battery life, it comes with a USB-C power cord for easy charging — an ideal present for someone who is always on the move!

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9. PowerDot 2.0 Duo

The smarter way to enjoy a massage at home

The PowerDot 2.0 is a smart electric muscle stimulator.

It might not have been your first thought when searching for a massage tool, however the company CEO claims it’s one of the best kept secrets of top athletes who want to improve their performance.

Simply attach the pods to the area you want to treat then choose from the preset programs or customize your settings.

Unlike other electric muscle stimulators, you use your smartphone as the controller instead of having a separate unit.

Pairing with the PowerDot app it tracks and records your therapies to help you find the right option every time.

Plus with TENS programs it can also act as a TENS machine, a treatment scientifically proven to help manage pain.

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10. Aku Mat

Gift someone the healing powers of acupressure treatment

Acupressure is a massage technique that the recipient might never have considered.

Let them read about the wealth of health benefits — we’re sure they’ll be interested!

And when it comes to enjoying acupressure at home, there is no better way than with the Aku Mat.

Unlike competitor mats that typically have points made of plastic, this one has spikes made of iron, zinc, silver, copper and nickel.

Lying down on these points triggers the release of endorphins (our ‘happy hormones’) evoking a sense of deep relaxation.

Worried it looks like a painful way to enjoy a massage?

We tested the Aku Mat for months and found it can be at first.

Though you quickly get used to the sensation and the results are more than worth it.

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11. Theragun PRO

A PRO product in every sense of the word!

This tool from Theragun has to be one of the most powerful ways to relax your muscles and boost your circulation.

We tested the PRO and found it lived up to its reputation as a must-have tool for serious athletes and personal trainers.

Powering 16mm into the muscle tissue, it can handle an incredible 60lbs of applied force without failing.

You get four adjustable arm positions, variable speed options and six attachments so you can use it whether you want a tool for neck pain or need to loosen up tight muscles in your legs.

If you want to gift a percussion massage tool, but don’t have the budget for a Theragun, then there are a number of other solid alternatives.

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12. Comfier Full Body Massage Mat with Heat

A massage treatment for the whole body

Sometimes you don’t want to focus on a specific area for a massage, you want the full body treatment!

By gifting this mat from Comfier, you’re giving them exactly that.

All they need to do is lie back on the mat and vibration therapy will get to work loosening tension and promoting relaxation.

They can use the simple controller to define the regions they want to treat, set the intensity and add heat so it also becomes a soothing heat pad.

It’s worth mentioning that this mat uses vibration therapy, so won’t give you the intensity of some of the other devices above that use airbags or rollers.

However if you’re looking to gift someone a gentle full body massage, you need to add this to your cart.

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