40 Christmas Affirmations to Lift Your Holiday Spirit!

Among the chaos of gift wrapping and family gatherings, it can be important to find a moment for reflection.

Below you’ll find 40 Christmas mantras to help you embrace the joy of the season and celebrate it in a way that feels authentic to you.

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Positive Christmas Affirmations

Let the warmth of the festive season flow through you by reciting aloud one of these short positive affirmations:

10 Positive Christmas Affirmations on White Paper Set Against Festive Background with Fir Tree Branches Pine Cones, and Stars

1. I am filled with positivity at this time of year.

2. This Christmas will be filled with magical moments.

3. I let go of stress and embrace the calm of the season.

4. Christmas is a gift and I welcome all the magic with an open heart.

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5. I am giving and receiving love this Christmas.

6. I radiate kindness and generosity.

7. I have so many blessings in my life.

8. I can establish my own traditions.

9. I am a source of warmth and comfort to those around me.

10. I will share happiness and light with everyone I come into contact with this Christmas.

Merry Christmas Affirmations

Use these magical mantras to embrace the joy of the season, and bring merriment to even the most ordinary moment.

1. From twinkling lights to hot cocoa, I will make every moment merry.

2. I find delight in the magic of Christmas.

3. I will create the merriest memories with my loved ones this year.

4. I appreciate the wonder of the holiday season.

By the time the 25th of December finally arrives you can already feel a little depleted by all the celebrations.

Ignore the stress and reject perfectionism with our affirmations for the holidays that encourage you to focus on what matters most.

5. I shall organize Christmas in a way that feels merry to me!

6. I am committed to spreading the true meaning of Christmas.

7. I feel uplifted by love at this time of year.

8. I relish the opportunity to treat the people I love.

9. I am embodying the true essence of the season.

10. Christmas doesn’t need to look perfect to be perfect.

Grateful Christmas Affirmations

Cherish every moment and memory that you make by declaring a gratitude affirmation that means something to you.

1. I find beauty in the simple pleasures of the season.

2. My heart is filled with gratitude.

3. I am so thankful to be surrounded by the laughter of family and friends.

4. This Christmas I shall share everything I have with people who need it.

5. I can always find so much to be thankful for.

Cultivating gratitude during the holidays can be powerful.

Research explored by Boston University shows that it can lead to greater happiness, better sleep and an overall improved sense of wellbeing.[1]

6. I am grateful for the moments of connection I’ll enjoy this Christmas.

7. My life is already filled with so many amazing things.

8. I will be present in each moment.

9. I let go of stress and anxiety so I can value everything I have this Christmas.

10. I feel lucky to be able to create cherished memories with those I love.

Funny Christmas Affirmations

Empowering mantras don’t need to be super serious to be powerful!

Make yourself and others smile this Christmas, with these funny affirmations.

10 Funny Christmas Affirmations on White Paper Set Against Festive Illustrations with Dark Blue Background

1. I promise not to eat all the cookies, unless Santa starts it first!

2. I will wear an ugly Christmas sweater every day of the holidays.

3. I’m dreaming of a white, red and rosé Christmas.

4. I am almost 100% sure that candy canes are one of the main food groups.

5. Calories don’t count at Christmas!

6. I’m the reason Santa has a naughty list.

7. I’m aiming for “jolly” but I’ll end up “stuffed”.

8. My carol singing will be limited to the shower.

9. I pledge to swap a fancy holiday outfit for my stretchiest yoga pants.

10. I promise to pack the Christmas lights away in an organized fashion, ready for next year. Maybe.

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