25 Journal Prompts for Kids: For Big & Small Feelings

Journal Prompts for Kids: For Big & Small Feelings

As adults, we all look back fondly on the fun and freedom of being a kid! However childhood is also a time to make sense of both big and small feelings, and that can be overwhelming. Journaling is proven to help children understand these emotions. Read on for 25 journaling prompts for kids, including ways to inspire their imagination...

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18 Ways to Relax Your Muscles (and Stop Spasms!)

How to relax muscles and stop spasms

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of tight, sore and tender muscles, but they’re more common than you may think! Muscle spasms can be brought on easily, but the good news is there are lots of things you can do to ease the pain, relax your muscles and even prevent cramps in the first place. Below we’ve explored 18 different (scientifically proven!) ways to relax your muscles and stop spasms...

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21 Benefits of Journaling: Write Your Way to Better Health

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling has become a huge trend in the US, with an estimated $210 million spent on essentials, such as journals, notepads and pens in 2018. Some see this rise as a response to people’s need to escape from the never-ending stream of digital content. However journaling has so many incredible benefits for both your mental and physical health...

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41 Mind-Easing Gift Ideas for People with Anxiety

Gifts for people with anxiety

If you’re shopping for someone with anxiety, then chances are you’re not alone. One in three Americans report dealing with symptoms of stress or anxiety, and that appears to have grown during the pandemic. Life can be a daily struggle when you’re living with anxiety, so anything that helps them cope is sure to be a gift well received. Even fun times like the holidays can trigger anxious feelings, so why not buy them a present that helps them manage day to day, or just provides a welcome distraction? Here is our list of the 40 best gifts to help people with anxiety, including gift ideas for her, present inspiration for men and thoughtful surprises for friends...

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21 Best Gifts for a Health-Conscious Woman (in 2023)

Health Gifts for Women

Shopping for the woman who has it all isn’t easy. But when you know how passionate she is about her health and wellbeing, that can be a great place to start. Or perhaps you’re looking for a treat for someone who needs a reminder to take time for herself. We’ve put together a mix of gadgets and gift ideas for health-conscious women...

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