30 Journal Prompts for Anxiety: Calm a Busy Mind

Journal Prompts for Anxiety: Calm a Busy Mind

Research shows that journaling has many benefits for your health, particularly for those living with anxiety. Similarly to yoga and meditation, it is has been shown to improve your mental health and your overall wellbeing. Be inspired by our list below of 30 journal prompts for anxiety...

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35 Best Self-Care Gifts for Wellbeing (In 2023)

Self-care Gifts

Self-care has never been more important. In an increasingly connected and frantic world, where stress levels are rising, it’s essential to find time for yourself. If you’re shopping for someone struggling with stress, need a relaxation gift for a loved one, or just want to treat yourself, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our rundown of the best self-care gifts for 2022...

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What Is Shiatsu Massage and What Are the Benefits?

What is Shiatsu Massage?

Whether you’re living with chronic pain or just want to feel energized and rejuvenated, you need to learn more about shiatsu massage. This form of massage therapy does absolute wonders for your physical health and mental wellbeing. Read on to find out all about the scientifically proven benefits. Spoiler alert — there are many! We’ve also explored a few different ways you can enjoy a shiatsu massage at home, as well as answering some frequently asked questions...

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60 Daily Affirmations for Women (to Inspire and Uplift!)

Daily Affirmations for Women

Practicing daily affirmations might seem a small change to your routine. However research shows that daily affirmations can have a wide range of benefits for women, including improved intellectual performance. They even found that self-affirmations can help women overcome the gender stereotypes that exist within society...

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