The Good Body Editorial Policy and Standards

1. Introduction

The Good Body website is committed to delivering objective, evidence-based, and reliable information and advice on all facets of health and wellbeing.

Outlined below are our editorial principles, standards, and procedures:

2. Editorial Principles

2.1 Accuracy

The Good Body’s content will be accurate, balanced, and transparent. We ensure that all information presented is evaluated against the highest standards of scientific evidence, citing our sources wherever feasible.

In instances where our content includes anecdotal evidence or personal opinion, we will explicitly state this to maintain clarity and honesty in our communication.

2.2 Objectivity and Diversity of Opinion

The Good Body website will be open-minded, objective, impartial, and even-handed. In situations where opinions vary and there’s no scientific consensus, we will present all major viewpoints and clearly disclose the uncertainty.

2.3 Accountability

The Good Body website is committed to audience accountability and fairness. We will be open to admitting mistakes and promote a learning culture through user feedback. Additionally, the editorial processes will be transparent.

2.4 Serving the Public

The Good Body will prioritize its audience’s interests first when sourcing and developing content. While we consult with professional organizations, charities, and interest groups, our clients’ needs are always our top priority.

2.5 Taste and Decency

All content on the The Good Body website is appropriate for a general audience and will exclude material considered offensive.

2.6 Privacy

We are dedicated to upholding stringent privacy measures. Personal data, including all communications, will remain confidential unless the individual explicitly agrees to its release, or if legal obligations (like a Court Order) necessitate disclosure for the public good. We will obtain consent from service users before using any photographic images.

3. Staff Standards and Editorial Independence

The Good Body website has a specialized content and editorial team, tasked with creating precise, balanced, and clear information that addresses user needs.

No staff member is allowed or will be requested to show preferential treatment towards any partner organization. All team members are obligated to disclose fully any financial or other interests they might have in health and wellbeing-related companies or organizations. These interests should be reported to the site’s Associate Editorial Manager at the time of hiring, or as soon as they arise thereafter.

The Associate Editorial Manager will inform the Editor of any potential conflicts of interest. They will then decide the appropriate steps to eliminate it. In cases where content is developed by external organizations or individuals, The Good Body mandates these contributors to disclose any external interests similarly.

4. Staff Training

All editorial staff receive continual professional development and training to ensure that editorial standards are upheld.

5. Editorial Process

5.1 Phase 1: Research

Our content is informed by the firsthand experiences of professionals in specific industries. To assemble a comprehensive and balanced set of information on any given subject, our content authors are required to refer to peer-reviewed research. We have an internal system to categorize various types of research evidence based on their validity.

For insights from direct experience, our authors consult with individuals currently active in the relevant fields, national organizations known for their expertise in specific areas, and people who are directly impacted by the topics or issues discussed.

5.2 Phase 2: Production

After drafting a piece of content, a member of The Good Body team edits it. This involves checking for:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Balance
  3. Accessibility
  4. Tone

The written content is then forwarded to the website Editor, who reviews it for:

  1. Common factual errors
  2. Spelling
  3. Grammar
  4. Adherence to house style
  5. Overall presentation
  6. Clarity

5.3 Phase 3: Policy Approval

Our policies must be approved by the Founder and Editor prior to being published online.

5.4 Phase 4: Content Review

The content on the website undergoes systematic review. Any product-related or other content that may become outdated is reviewed every quarter. Major content undergoes an annual review, while content less prone to changes in knowledge and evidence is reviewed at least once every two years.

User and stakeholder feedback on published content is evaluated daily as it is received, and the content is promptly reviewed and updated if needed.

6. Complaints and Appeals Procedure

In the unlikely event of a complaint about online content that the editor is unable to resolve, the issue will be escalated to the Founder and Editor.