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Gifts for yoga lovers

Top 25 Gifts for Yoga Lovers: Unique Present Ideas for the Yogi

The stats show that yoga has grown phenomenally over the last few years, so chances are you know a yogi or two!

Whether they’re a fanatic or just a beginner we have lots of great gifts that will make them say “namaste”.

Here is our list of the best gifts for people who love yoga:

1. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

A yoga mat created for and by yoga enthusiasts

Manduka believe that choosing a professional quality yoga mat can make all the difference to your practice.

They’re one of the leading names in the industry and their Pro Yoga Mat ticks all the boxes.

It’s available in a range of colors and two different sizes, including extra long for more floor coverage.

The mat has a closed-cell surface meaning that sweat can’t seep into the mat, plus the high-density cushion gives serious support and helps to protect your joints.

Users reviewing the product loved how much it helped to improve their balance, leaving them feeling like they’d finally found the perfect yoga mat.

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2. DubeeBaby Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Socks to grip like a pro

Socks might seem like an uninspiring gift but DubeeBaby’s Non-Slip Yoga Socks are a pair that yoga enthusiasts will certainly thank you for.

The non-slip socks have been carefully designed to help yoga enthusiasts grip like a pro and avoid slips.

With anti-slip grips on the heel and the arch, the DubeeBaby Yoga Socks help you to hold your pose more easily. You can also help to avoid foot infections that can be picked up when using shared yoga mats.

Made from eco-friendly breathable cotton, these yoga socks have been created to be as soft as possible so you still get that barefoot feeling.

They come in packs of four so there’s always a spare pair handy!

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3. Yoga Dice

Let a roll of the dice add a little fun to their yoga practice!

Help your loved one keep their exercise interesting by treating them to a set of yoga dice.

Inside the box you’ll find seven wooden dice, each covered with small sketches of different poses.

Yogis who purchased the dice loved the way it encouraged them to vary their daily routine, and experiment with different asanas.

Yoga is also thought to really help nuture the parent-child relationship, and this is a great way to capture the interest of mini yogis and play as a family.

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4. Lululemon All Day Duffel

A stylish and practical yoga bag from a trusted brand

Give the person you’re shopping for a stylish place to keep all their yoga essentials.

This Lululemon All Day Duffel has plenty of interior pockets to help separate clean and sweaty clothes!

You get a strap to hold your yoga mat, plus a neat pocket for your laptop.

It’s easy to keep clean, too…

Made from a water-repellent fabric, it can be wiped clean when they leave the yoga studio.

Lululemon is trusted among the yoga community for its practical and thoughtful design, and deep understanding of the practice.

It will be a brand your yogi will recognize and the contemporary and trend-led design make it one of the best gifts for yoga lovers.

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5. Asutra Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

A fresh and energising yoga mat cleaning spray

Add some Asutra Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner to your basket and help the yogi in your life keep their mat clean and fresh.

Asutra products ship with a microfibre towel, and are made from all natural ingredients. They pride themselves on creating a cleaning spray that doesn’t leave a residue.

This stops the mat being slippery following cleaning, and because the spray contains essential oils it smells great, too.

One user actually described the scent as both soothing and energizing at the same time.

It’s the perfect yoga stocking stuffer as it can be used on any mat, and you can choose from a range of scents.

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6. Elenture Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag in Diamond Elephant

A stylish (and affordable) bag to protect their yoga mat

If you’re looking for yoga gift under $20, add this Elenture Yoga Mat Carry Bag to your cart.

Made from a high quality canvas material, it fits all standard size yoga mats.

Owners of the full-zip carry bag loved how their mat fitted perfectly, but not too tightly, so they didn’t have to struggle getting it in and out.

It has a full zip to keep their mat safe, and a strong strap so they can just throw it over their shoulder and head to practice.

You also get some sneaky extra storage pockets…

They’re the ideal size for storing a cellphone, keys or any other essentials.

Available in lots of different designs, you can pick the one that best reflects your yogi. Our personal favorite is the Diamond Elephant (shown above).

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7. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

A tool to help them perfect their backbends

For yogis that are serious about improving their flexibility, you have to wrap up the UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel.

Designed to help refine backbends, this yoga prop is one of the strongest on the market.

It can withstand 550lbs without flexing, so your yoga lover will feel supported.

Covered in a thick foam padding, it’s sweat resistant, so they don’t need to worry about it feeling slippery.

Though it looks like it might be a little tough on the back, those practicing yoga to help with back pain thought it was incredible.

Their back pain had been significantly improved after enjoying a daily full stretch of their spine.

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8. Restorative Yoga for Life: A Relaxing Way to De-stress, Re-energize and Find Balance

Discover the power of restorative yoga

Research shows that stress relief is one of the biggest reasons people give for starting yoga.

This fascinating book looks at the benefits of restorative yoga and is a wonderful introduction for anyone wanting to use the practice for sleep problems, their mental wellbeing or for pain relief.

Yoga Instructor Gail Boorstein Grossman writes a great introduction showing how yoga can have benefits for your whole body.

The yoga sequences she demonstrates in the book are targeted at over 20 different conditions, including headaches and anxiety.

Visually beautiful with instructions on how to master restorative yoga, it’s ideal if you’re looking for a small yoga gift.

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9. Yoga For Children by Lisa Flynn

A great gift for a yogi wanting to raise their own little yogis

Founder of ChildLight Yoga Education Company, Lisa Flynn, has written this exciting book all about getting kids involved in yoga.

The book contains over 200 poses to master, each shown with full color photography and supporting instructions.

Breathing exercises and guided meditation, which also has many benefits for children, are included to encourage your child to develop mindful behaviors.

Drawing on all the research around yoga and kids, Flynn explains in her book how the practice can help you raise healthier, happier and more resilient children.

People loved how the content of the book was practical but also well-researched, so grownup yogis could learn something, too.

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10. Happy Wraps Namaste Yoga Eye Pillows

Help your yogi enter an even deeper state of relaxation

As your loved one winds down and reflects during their savasana, they could pop on their Happy Wraps Namaste Yoga Eye Pillows.

Filled with lavender and organic flaxseeds, the weighted pillow lays over your eyes to help soothe and relax them.

It can also help to relieve pressure in your sinuses, that could be contributing to tension, headaches or migraines.

Place the eye pillow in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy it warm, or if you prefer a little cool relief you can place it in the freezer for a few hours.

Yogis raved about this product, and said they loved them so much, they kept giving them away to other people to experience.

Luckily you get four pillows in the pack, so why not share the love with a few yogis you’re shopping for?

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11. HealthyLine Full Body Far Infrared Heating Pad with Magnetic Therapy

Lie back on a bed of crystals

Every yoga practitioner knows the power of chakra crystals and their impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Treat them to the HealthyLine Healing Mat, one of the best gifts for yogis.

The mat contains seven well-known gemstones that have been carefully selected to help balance and cleanse your chakra points, including Amethyst, Carnelian and Sodalite.

Yoga has such an array of benefits for both your physical and mental health, yet this mat expands that healing with a number of different therapy systems including Hot Stone Negative Ion and Far Infrared Rays therapy.

The Chakras Healing Mat is a wonderful yoga gift for someone who wants to unlock the power of chakra crystals to improve their postures.

It’s also a simply beautiful present for someone focused on their own health and wellbeing.

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12. Manduka Cork Yoga Block

Replace foam blocks with tactile and resilient cork

If you’re looking for a yoga gift that will help a yoga lover take their practice to the next level then choose the Manduka Cork Yoga Block.

This clever prop is designed to replace the standard foam blocks and give you more support when practicing different positions.

Manduka’s block is constructed from 100% cork making it lighter than coarse-grain cork and has a textured surface so it’s easier to grip.

The material is naturally harvested meaning that the cork is only taken from the tree once it’s 25 years old. Trees are then allowed to regrow undisturbed for many more years.

It also contains no toxic chemicals, certainly an appealing attribute to any yogi.

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13. Heathyoga Yoga Knee Pad

Take care of their joints during yoga practice

Some yoga postures can put a little stress on the knees, elbows and wrists.

If you’re shopping for a yogi who struggles with daily pain, give them a little cushioning to protect their joints with the Heathyoga Yoga Knee Pad.

Made from eco-friendly materials, it has a textured surface for grip and a closed-cell foam structure.

Want to know why closed-cell foam is useful?

It doesn’t absorb sweat and can be easily cleaned, which meant many users had found other uses for the mat such as gardening.

Though it’s well-cushioned, it’s still lightweight and ships with a free carry strap to make it as travel-friendly as possible.

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14. Mexican Blanket Falsa Blanket

Wrap them up in a handwoven yoga blanket

Is there any better gift than a soft and cozy blanket?

This handmade Mexican Falsa Blanket has been handwoven on a traditional wooden loom, and is made from 100% recycled materials.

It can be used as a yoga mat or just for comfort after practice. But it’s also good for camping or a picnic on the beach.

Though woven in a traditional way, it’s completely machine washable, and has been created to last.

Rather than shipping in standard packaging, the blanket arrives in eco-friendly gift wrap, so it’s ideal if you’re sending it direct.

The blanket is part of Benevolence LA’s Fighting Poverty Collection, so when you buy your blanket a donation is made to support African communities with clean water. A real feel good gift!

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15. Therabody Wave Roller

A new way to improve their postures

Help them prepare and recover from their yoga practice with the Therabody Wave Roller.

Therabody have recently rebranded and launched an update to their renowned range of percussive massagers.

However, their Wave Roller offers a different proposition.

Unlike a yoga wheel, the Therabody Wave Roller uses vibration therapy to release muscle knots or tension that could be holding them back.

The waves across the roller ensure the user gets the best possible traction, with the high-density foam offering full body support.

Pair with your smartphone and all the intensity settings can be controlled, plus you get access to customized routines.

Lasting for three hours when fully charged, the Wave Roller is a good gift idea for someone who wants to take their workout to the next level.

16. Good Intentions: A Guided Yoga Journal for a More Meaningful Practice

Give your yogi a place to delve deeper in to their practice

Good Intentions is a wonderful journal for yoga lovers that want to learn more about intention-setting.

Journaling has so many benefits for your yogi, and users of this journal felt it added real meaning to their practice.

On each page you’ll find so much information about the principles of yoga and what the different terms really mean.

The journal is broken down in to a series of small lessons, guiding the user through ways they can start to live more intentionally.

With writing prompts for when you feel inspired, this is a great journal for self-reflection and mindful living.

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17. Intey Aerial Flying Yoga Swing

A yoga gift that will sweep them off their feet!

Aerial yoga is becoming increasingly popular, as yoga practitioners look for new ways to enjoy their practice.

Though there is little evidence to prove or disprove if aerial yoga is effective, yoga experts believe it can improve flexibility and even heal back pain.

Intey’s Flying Yoga Swing is made from high-strength parachute material that, when teamed with the mounting equipment, can hold up to 450 lbs of weight.

Though it’s easy to assemble, professional installation is recommended when it comes to fitting it in your home.

Yogis felt it offered real bang for the buck, particularly as it ships with the mounting equipment at no extra cost.

Who knows, it could be the solution your yoga lover is looking for to heal their back pain.

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18. Bala Bangles

Add gentle resistance to their workout

Gift a set of Bala Bangles and your yoga fanatic will have a little resistance as they practice their asanas.

This is a great gift if they’re looking to build strength through yoga.

The Bala Bangles aren’t too heavy, they weigh just 1lb each. However it adds a constant resistance that will increase the challenge of certain postures.

Available in two colors, the weighted bands look impressive and are made from a high-quality and comfortable material.

They aren’t just good for yoga either, you can wear them for running, aerobics and home workouts, so they’re the ideal gift for a real fitness fanatic.

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19. yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Grip better, perform better

Available in a wide array of bold and fascinating prints is the yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel.

This yoga mat towel boasts a better grip with Skidless Technology, using 100% silicon nubs. It’s soft and absorbent, handling sweat without it impacting on your grip.

The towel is eco-friendly and has been partly created from at least four plastic water bottles.

Dyes used in the product are free of AZO, lead and heavy-metals so you know you’re getting a beautifully unique gift that will really reflect the values of the recipient.

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20. Lululemon Gift Card

Let them choose a gift from a trusted yoga brand

If you like the Lululemon All Day Duffel featured further up this article, but you’re not sure if the style is right for the recipient, then why not grab a Lululemon Gift Card.

They can then choose from their extensive range including leggings, sweaters and jackets for both men and women. As well as a range of different yoga accessories.

You have the option to send the card via the mail, or through e-mail, which is convenient if you need a last minute gift.

As previously mentioned, Lululemon has a solid reputation in the yoga community. Their name stands for quality, so sending a gift card for this brand will certainly be well received.

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21. Yoga Accessories Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga Weights and Resistance Training

Add weight to your stretch

Another of the great gift ideas for a yoga lover is the Yoga Accessories Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga Weights and Resistance Training.

Get deeper in to your stretches by adding a variable weight that will really challenge you. The sandbag arrives unfilled allowing you to fill it to the weight you require with something such as sand, wheat or rice.

Some users even reported using decorative gravel to achieve the perfect weight! Natural remedies work too such as lavender for a little more luxury or relaxation.

The unfilled sandbag has a double-zipper so you don’t need to worry about any spillages plus the inner and outer liner can easily be removed and washed.

They come in a range of different colors so make wonderfully unique yoga gifts.

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22. Shandali Gosweat Non-Slip Hot Yoga Towel

Help them get a grip during hot yoga

Need a great little stocking stuffer for your yogi?

Grab one of these Shandali Gosweat hot yoga towels for less than $20.

If your loved one has discovered the power of hot yoga, then give them a stylish way to freshen up.

Not only that, but the anti-slip surface means it can also be used as a hot yoga mat if they need a little extra grip.

Hot yoga means serious sweat. Luckily this hot yoga towel, available in a range of colors, is ultra-absorbent and super soft.

Cleaning it is easy too, just pop it in the washing machine and it’ll dry really quickly.

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23. Yoga Pretzels

A deck of fun yoga activities for kids and grownups

If you’re shopping for a family of yogis then these Yoga Pretzels cards are the perfect gift.

Created by yoga educator, Tara Guber, this series of cards include lots of different bendy postures. Buy a pack for a family party and turn it in to a fun game that everyone can enjoy!

There are also a series of breathing exercises, such as Bear Breath, which encourages you to relax your breathing like a hibernating bear.

Those who purchased this set of yoga cards loved the sweet illustrations and how the different activities inside could work for children of all ages.

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24. Asutra Silk Eye Pillow Filled With Organic Lavender & Flax Seeds

An eye mask that fits your contours

Give this gorgeous yoga gift to a loved one and expect to find them relaxing in a quiet corner.

The shape of the Asutra Silk Eye Pillow filled with Organic Lavender and Flax Seeds has been created to fit your face perfectly, so it doesn’t slip when you turn on your side during your sleep.

It’s versatile too, add as much or as little of the lavender and flax seed as you like, or remove the pouch and simply use the pillow as an eye mask.

The silk eye pillow is ideal for yogis during savasana when they want to truly absorb themselves in their practice as the design means it blocks out more light.

Plus lavender has been shown to be a powerful tool when it comes to preparing the mind and body for sleep.

At the time of writing you get a free therapeutic gel eye mask too, so order quick before the offer ends!

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25. Magnetic Poetry Yoga Kit

Give them a fun way to share their practice at home

They might be the yogi that has it all, but do they have a magnetic poetry yoga kit?

Magnetic Poetry have created this clever little set filled with 200 yoga themed magnetic tiles that can be used on the refrigerator (or any magnetic surface).

Using powerful language about movement and breathing you can create insightful, inspiring and completely crazy poetry for the whole family to enjoy.

It can also be used as a creative writing aid or wrap it up for someone struggling with stress, as a fun way to relax and unwind.

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