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Gifts for yoga lovers

Top 10 Gifts for Yoga Lovers: Unique Present Ideas for the Yogi

The stats show that yoga has grown phenomenally over the last few years, so chances are you know a yogi or two!

Whether they’re a fanatic or just a beginner we have lots of great gifts for yoga lovers that will make them say “namaste”.

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

A yoga mat created for and by yoga enthusiasts

1. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka believe that choosing a professional quality yoga mat can make all the difference to your practice.

They’re one of the leading names in the industry and their Pro Yoga Mat is a wonderful gift idea for the yoga enthusiast who wants to take their yoga to the next level.

The mat has a closed-cell surface meaning that sweat can’t seep into the mat, plus the high-density cushion gives great support and helps to protect your joints. Users reviewing the product loved how much it helped to improve their balance.

You get an extra little treat too, as at the time of writing, when you purchase the mat on the Manduka site you get a free Equators Hand Towel, so hurry before the offer ends!

Rahabsox's Non Slip Yoga Socks

Socks to grip like a pro

2. Rahabsox’s Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Socks might seem like an uninspiring gift but Rahabsox’s Non-Slip Yoga Socks are a pair that yoga enthusiasts will certainly thank you for!

The non-slip socks have been carefully designed to help yoga enthusiasts grip like a pro and avoid slips.

With anti-slip grips on the heel and the arch, the Rahabsox’s Yoga Socks help you to hold your pose more easily. You can also help to avoid foot infections that can be picked up when using shared yoga mats.

These breathable socks combine cotton and spandex and have been created to be as soft as possible so you still get that barefoot feeling.

They come in packs of four so there’s always a spare pair handy!

Lululemon All Day Duffel Heatproof Pocket 31L

A workout bag with a pocket for your straighteners

3. Lululemon All Day Duffel Heatproof Pocket 31L

Lululemon’s All Day Duffel Heatproof Pocket 31L is a workout bag that really has it all. It’s a treat for the person who makes time for yoga in their busy life.

It has a heat resistant pocket for popping your straighteners in, media pockets for your phone and laptop, straps for carrying your yoga mat as well as a zippered pocket for sweaty workout clothes.

Lululemon is trusted among the yoga community for its practical and thoughtful design, and deep understanding of the practice.

It will be a brand your yogi will recognize and the contemporary and trend-led design make it one of the best gifts for yoga lovers.

Restorative Yoga for Life: A Relaxing Way to De-stress, Re-energize and Find Balance

Discover the power of restorative yoga

4. Restorative Yoga for Life: A Relaxing Way to De-stress, Re-energize and Find Balance

Research shows that stress relief is one of the biggest reasons people give for starting yoga.

This fascinating book looks at the benefits of restorative yoga and is a wonderful introduction for anyone wanting to use the practice for sleep problems, their mental wellbeing or for pain relief.

Yoga Instructor Gail Boorstein Grossman writes a great introduction showing how the practice can have benefits for your whole body. The yoga sequences she demonstrates in the book are targeted at over 20 different conditions, including headaches and anxiety.

The book is visually beautiful with instructions on how to practice restorative yoga and is ideal if you’re looking for a small yoga gift.

Healthyline 6-in-1 Therapy Rainbow Chakras Healing Mat

Lie back on a bed of crystals

5. Healthyline 6-in-1 Therapy Rainbow Chakras Healing Mat

Every yoga practitioner knows the power of chakra crystals and their impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Treat them to the Healthyline 6-in-1 Therapy Rainbow Chakras Healing Mat, one of the best gifts for yogis.

The mat contains seven well-known gemstones that have been carefully selected to help balance and cleanse your chakra points, including Amethyst, Carnelian and Sodalite.

It also helps your physical wellbeing as it houses a number of different therapy systems including PEMF, Hot Stone Negative Ion therapy, and Far Infrared Rays therapy so you have many different treatment options to choose from.

The Rainbow Chakras Healing Mat is a wonderful yoga gift for someone who wants to unlock the power of chakra crystals to improve their yoga practice.

It’s also a simply beautiful present that would make a wonderful addition to any home.

Manduka Cork Yoga Block

Replace foam blocks with tactile and resilient cork

6. Manduka Cork Yoga Block

If you’re looking for a yoga gift that will help a yoga lover take their practice to the next level then choose the Manduka Cork Yoga Block.

This clever prop is designed to replace the standard foam blocks and give you more support when practicing different positions.

Manduka’s block is constructed from 100% cork making it lighter than coarse-grain cork and has a textured surface so it’s easier to grip.

The material is naturally harvested meaning that the cork is only taken from the tree once it’s 25 years old. Trees are then allowed to regrow undisturbed for many more years.

It also contains no toxic chemicals, certainly an appealing attribute to any yogi.

Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

Snuggle up or stretch out

7. Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

If you’re looking for snuggly yoga gift ideas, take a look at the Yoga Accessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket.

Yogis can use it for a little extra support with their yoga positions by placing the blanket under their hips, knees or back.

This large yoga blanket can also be used simply as a place to relax when practicing restorative yoga or meditation, or thrown in the car for a day at the beach.

The tasseled blanket comes in a wide range of different colors and is artisan made so you know that you’re giving a gift that will really be treasured.

Asutra Silk Eye Pillow Filled With Organic Lavender & Flax Seeds

An eye mask that fits your contours

8. Asutra Silk Eye Pillow Filled With Organic Lavender & Flax Seeds

Give this gorgeous yoga gift to a loved one and expect to find them relaxing in a quiet corner!

The shape of the Asutra Silk Eye Pillow filled with Organic Lavender and Flax Seeds has been created to fit your face perfectly, so it doesn’t slip when you turn on your side during your sleep.

It’s versatile too, add as much or as little of the lavender and flax seed as you like or remove the pouch and simply use the pillow as an eye mask.

The silk eye pillow is ideal for yogis during shavasana when they want to truly absorb themselves in their practice as the design means it blocks out more light.

Other conditions can be treated as well, including migraines. Plus at the time of writing you get a free therapeutic gel eye mask, order quick before the offer ends!

yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Grip better, perform better

9. yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Available in a wide array of bold and fascinating prints is the yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel, a good gift for the yogi in your life.

This yoga mat towel boasts a better grip with Skidless Technology, using 100% silicon nubs. It’s soft and absorbent, handling sweat without it impacting on your practice.

The towel is eco-friendly and has been partly created from eight plastic water bottles.

Dyes used in the product are free of AZO, lead and heavy-metals so you know you’re getting a beautifully unique gift that will really reflect the values of the recipient.

Yoga Accessories Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga Weights and Resistance Training

Add weight to your stretch

10. Yoga Accessories Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga Weights and Resistance Training

Another of the great gift ideas for a yoga lover is the Yoga Accessories Unfilled Sandbag for Yoga Weights and Resistance Training.

Get deeper in to your stretches by adding a variable weight that will really challenge you. The sandbag arrives unfilled allowing you to fill it to the weight you require with something such as sand, wheat or rice.

Some users even reported using decorative gravel to achieve the perfect weight! Natural remedies work too such as lavender for a little more luxury or relaxation.

The unfilled sandbag has a double-zipper so you don’t need to worry about any spillages plus the inner and outer liner can easily be removed and washed.

They come in a range of different colors so make wonderfully unique yoga gifts.

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