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41 Best Self-Care Gifts for Relaxation (In 2024)

Gift card on a pegboard, with illustration of a person with heart above their head, titled ‘Self-Care Gift Guide’.

Self-care has never been more important.

In an increasingly connected and frantic world, where stress levels are rising, it’s essential to find time for yourself.

If you’re looking to help a loved one relax, we’ve got you covered.

A Little Inspiration

Here is a flavor of what you’ll find in this guide, in case you’re in need of a quick source of inspiration:

The Good Body's favorite gifts for better self-care

1. Acupressure Massage Ball

Wrap up this spiky self-care tool

One amazing tool for self-care is acupressure.

With a range of different benefits for your health, this clever little ball is a great way to enjoy them all.

It’s also the perfect desk accessory to relieve tired hands, so the ideal working from home gift.

Covered in 656 metal spikes, it can be rolled around your hands, across your arms or anywhere on your body that needs relief.

The tiny spikes increase blood flow and circulation, releasing tense muscles and tight joints.

Love the ball, but want more coverage? Take a look at the Pranamat below.

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2. 90-Day Mindfulness Challenge For Self-Care

Three months of mindful actions

Give their mental health a boost with 90 days of mindful behaviors.

On each daily card there are four simple exercises including self-care affirmations to remind you to unwind.

There are also instruction cards to help make the practice part of your daily routine.

With statements like “I matter, I’m significant, I belong”, it makes a positive affirmation gift that will uplift your loved one.

Plus, the box doubles as a display stand so you can keep the inspiring words in view throughout the day.

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3. Haofy Electric Scalp Massager

Relaxation that goes deep into the scalp

Scalp massage is proven to help you relax and unwind.

This handy little Haofy Electric Scalp Massager has 84 nodes, so you can get a full 360° massage, with the option of two different speed settings.

As it’s electric and really simple to operate, it requires zero effort to get the intense massage that you want.

However despite being electric, it can still be used wet or dry, so perfect for unwinding in the bath or shower.

Users looking for a scalp massager loved how this mini tool looked to “crawl along on little feet”! They were also amazed at how it could power through even the thickest hair.

It’s portable too and can be charged via USB, with many reporting great battery life.

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4. Ice Roller

TikTok made us do it!

This viral facial ice roller has got everyone excited on TikTok.

Though a totally simple concept, people are raving about the way it can reduce under eye puffiness and generally leave you with a fresher complexion.

Just fill it with water, place it in the freezer, then once set, you can remove the lid and roll across your skin.

Owners of the roller loved how you could add rose petals or cucumber for a more indulgent experience, and also recommended it as a soothing treatment for people suffering from migraines.

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5. Unboxme Lavender Spa Gift Box

Send someone a hug in a box!

Treat her to this UnboxMe Spa Box if you’re searching for healthy gifts for women.

When she opens it she’ll be delighted to enjoy some ‘me time’ with the wonderful array of treats inside.

There’s herbal tea, a soy candle, lavender hand cream and a ceramic mug.

She’ll also be quick to put on the snuggly socks, ideal for keeping her warm in the chilly winter months.

Senders looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas loved how nicely packaged it was, appreciating how you could add a greeting card.

Like the idea of sending a care package but want another option? Take a look at the DIY Organic Home Spa Kit below.

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6. The Self Care Bucket List Card Deck

Swap a greeting card for a self-care card

Making time for self-care is tough, and knowing exactly what to do with that time is even harder.

Give someone special lots of ways to unwind by treating them to The Self Care Bucket List Card Deck.

The beautifully designed box contains 100 cards with great prompts, such as “Call someone you love and give them undivided attention for the whole call” or “Go for a walk in the rain”.

All the little self-love activities are color coded – choose a yellow card for a challenge, red for loving yourself and others, and green for a reminder to enjoy life’s journey.

You then get a handy little tab system so you can organise the tasks into things you need to do, those you’ve done and the ones you’re planning on doing right now.

Many chose the Self Care Card Deck as a gift for a stressed out person, or just bought it as a little treat for themselves!

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7. Thera Weighted Minky Therahoodie

Give someone a hug from far away

Wrapping up this weighted hoodie is the perfect way to send comfort when you’re unable to be there in person.

Using deep touch pressure stimulation, the 10lb weight simulates a hug and helps to soothe the nervous system that works overtime when we’re stressed.

Though research is still fairly limited, there are initial findings to suggest that weighted blankets can be effective for people living with anxiety.

Made from 100% polyester fleece, and available in three colors, it’s a great cozy gift idea for Christmas or any other time of the year!

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8. adagio tea starter set simpliciTEA

Pour someone a cup of self-care

There are a number of herbal teas proven to be great for self-care, thanks to their stress and anxiety-relieving properties.

Introduce a newbie to the healing powers of tea, with the adagio tea starter set.

You get a simple teapot that makes loose tea really easy to prepare without losing any of the flavor.

The set also includes 12 portions of fresh, artisan loose tea. Choose green or black teas, or opt for a mix of their best-selling blends.

Also, though you’re enjoying the benefits of an ancient practice, the teapot is still dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Shoppers loved the simple design, and how peaceful it was to just sit and watch the leaves unfurl as the tea is brewing.

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9.  HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine

Soothing sounds to lull anyone off to sleep

Research has shown that listening to white noise can help you improve and maintain your sleep throughout the night — perfect if you’re shopping for a sleep gift.

Plus good sleep is more than self-care, it’s essential to your overall health and wellbeing.

Wrap up the HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine and they can listen to white noise or opt for sounds of the natural world including ocean and rain audio.

It’s small and compact, so ideal for those who love to travel, and can either be adapter or battery powered.

Those who purchased the sound machine loved how simple it was to operate, and how it stopped them using apps on their phone throughout the night.

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10. Turejo Foot Spa / Foot Bath Massager

Give the gift of warming bubbles and satisfying shiatsu

At the end of a busy day help someone enjoy a few moments to themselves, by slipping their feet inside the Turejo Foot Bath Massager.

We’ve taken a look at the best foot massagers on the market, and this one made the shortlist, as it combines a massager with a foot spa.

Set the water temperature to the perfect level and this clever device will maintain the temperature for the duration of your treatment.

As your feet are soothed by the bubbles, you can switch on 14 shiatsu massage rollers that will deliver an intense foot massage.

Mini acupressure points are also carefully positioned on the bottom of the massager, so you can enjoy the many benefits of acupressure therapy.

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11. UGG Women's Tasman Slipper

Premium slippers for someone special

Another way to gift self-care for the feet, is by treating someone to a pair of slippers.

It might seem an uninspiring gift, but UGG Women’s Tasman Slippers are no ordinary slippers.

With a thick sheepskin lining and pure wool insole, they’ll feel super soft and like a real treat for the feet.

The outside is the signature UGG suede, so you know they’re made to last.

Choose from a whole range of different colors including orange soda, aquatic blue and of course the signature chestnut.

Slipper-wearers had initially hesitated over the price, however after one wear they were convinced they were worth the cost.

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12. LifePro Sauna Blanket

A sauna made for one

Bring the spa direct to your loved one by gifting them this amazing sauna blanket.

They can slip inside and enjoy the deep penetrating infrared rays that heat the body.

Studies have shown that sauna blankets are more effective than an actual sauna, providing many health benefits, such as improved circulation and an acceleration of the detoxification process.

Available in a range of colors, it makes a unique gift for that person who is planning a new year detox!

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13. iReliev Percussion Massage Gun

Relieve tension with a deep tissue massage

Shopping for a gift for a fitness lover? Then you need to add a gun massager to your cart.

iReliev’s Percussion Massager Gun is a great option for someone new to this style of massage.

It delivers rapid 10mm strokes to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, offering pain relief and increasing your range of motion.

Reasonably priced compared to other gun massagers we’ve reviewed, it ships in a custom carry case with four interchangeable heads so you can target all muscle groups and hard to reach areas.

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14. Mini Luxe Self Care Box

A box of self-love goodies

This Luxe and Bloom self-care box is sure to be a welcome gift at any door.

Each month they choose between three and five products, including candles, luxury bath and body products, face masks and lotions.

Beautifully packaged and finished with a ribbon, they will feel pampered before they’ve even opened the box.

Plus with Cratejoy you have the flexibility to choose just one box, or opt for a three or six monthly subscription so they receive a self-care treat each month.

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15. Mission Farms Relax CBD Bath Soak

Sink into a stress-reducing bath

Though research is still fairly limited, there is strong evidence to suggest that CBD oil is powerful both for people with anxiety, and for those struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

What better treat could there be, than taking this powerful oil and turning it into a relaxing bath soak?

Combined with luxury goat’s milk, this Mission Farms CBD soak is perfect for calming stress while also hydrating the skin.

Mission Farms is the gold standard when it comes to CBD products.

They grow their hemp in Oregon in nutrient-rich, organic soil. Fed daily by the waters of the local river, it’s completely natural with no chemicals or pesticides used.

People who treated themselves to the bath soak described how the tension just melts away when you use it, and also how wonderful it smells.

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16. Bedside Water Carafe and Tumbler Set

A welcome addition to their bedside table

Influencers have made this bedside water carafe and tumbler a must-have item.

Made from rippled glass, and with a tumbler that fits neatly on top, it will add an indulgent touch to their nightly routine.

You only need to take a look at reviews of the product to see how much people rave about the quality, and how the tall and slim design doesn’t take up too much space on their bedside table.

It does have practical benefits, too. Being dehydrated at bedtime can actually reduce the quality of your sleep.

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17. 100 Things to Do For Your Wellbeing

A self-compassion bucket list to display at home

A great self-care stocking stuffer is this fun wellbeing bucket list.

With 100 things to do, you’ll never be short of ways to relax and treat yourself.

Ideas include get a houseplant, visit an art gallery, send a postcard or try a deep breathing exercise.

Once you’ve completed a task, you scratch off the panel to reveal a sweet illustration underneath.

Purchasers felt it was a great way to add fun to a busy life, and enjoyed the variety of ideas on offer.

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18. Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat

Give someone a place to experience the power of yoga

With so many advantages for both your physical and mental wellbeing, add yoga to someone’s self-preservation to-do list.

They’ll join the more than 300 million people practicing yoga worldwide.

Even those new to yoga deserve the best yoga mat, and this mat from Gaiam is a wonderful choice.

It’s lightweight while still being durable, delivering 6mm of cushioning to protect the joints as they get to grips with the practice.

You also get a free downloadable yoga workout with every purchase so they’ll have the guidance they need to get started.

Available in various designs, we’re showcasing the purple lotus print, but there over 30 to choose from!

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19. Total Meditation: Practices in Living the Awakened Life

Learn to live mindfully every day

Help someone to take better care of themselves by introducing them to the healing qualities of meditation.

Deepak Chopra is a celebrated author who has published a number of bestselling books, focusing on happiness and wellbeing.

His latest release Total Meditation: Practices in Living the Awakened Life is described as being the definitive book on meditation.

If you want meditation gift ideas, then this book will help the recipient to understand the principles of the practice.

Deepak Chopra describes how by following the guidance you’ll undergo a transformation and awaken your mind to be more present and open every moment of the day.

You also get 52-weeks of guided meditation and a range of practical exercises, to put into practice everything you’ve learned.

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20. Chefman Portable Mirrored Beauty Fridge

Take their skincare regime to the next level

Shopping for someone who loves skincare and has every product and potion available?

Gift them something they definitely don’t have, by treating them to this Chefman Beauty Fridge.

Available in a variety of different sizes, you can keep beauty products cool, including a bottle of water so you’re always hydrated.

Being such a small size (just 10 inches tall), it can fit easily in your bathroom or on your dresser. Plus the lit mirrored door is perfect for applying your cosmetics.

It doesn’t just keep things cool either. If you enjoy using a warm flannel to remove your make-up at the end of the day, you can switch the fridge to the heat setting — it could even keep your morning coffee hot!

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21. Pure Enrichment XL Heating Pad

Snuggle up and get cozy

Wrap someone you love in the soothing warmth of this extra large heating pad.

Made from microplush fibers, it’s soft, comfortable and huge compared to others we’ve reviewed.

You get the choice of six different heat settings, plus you can use the mat either moist or dry. With moist heat shown to reduce pain and muscle soreness faster than dry heat.

The fact it heats really evenly, and the way you can use it on so many different areas of your body, has made it popular with shoppers.

Plus, if your special someone is a crazy cat person, this could be just the thing, as feline friends were also reported to love the warmth!

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22. HidrateSpark PRO Smart Water Bottle

A reminder to always stay hydrated

This might truly be one of the smartest water bottles around.

Made from stainless steel (a Tritan plastic option is also available) it is vacuum insulated, keeping your drink cold for 24 hours.

However the coolest feature has to be the LED smart sensor “puck” on the bottom of the bottle.

Pairing with the HidrateSpark app on your smartphone, it tracks your water consumption and glows to remind you to take a drink.

Tracking your intake each day, it will tell you if you reached your goal, and how hydrated you’ve been over the course of a week.

Available in a range of different colors and sizes, it can integrate with a variety of fitness apps and smart devices including your smartwatch.

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23. Mzoo Sleep Mask

Upgrade their sleep mask for a great night’s rest

There are many health advantages of sleeping early, so why not treat someone to a fancy sleep mask to help block out the light?

However don’t settle for any ordinary mask. Choose the Mzoo Sleep Mask.

This memory foam mask has been designed so it molds to your eyes, enabling you to enjoy complete blackout from the light.

Eye space has been created really deep, so there is no pressure on your eyes and you’re able to sleep in it comfortably.

Did you know there are more benefits than just blocking out the light? Wearing a mask can reduce depression and improve your skin.

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24. Guide Birds

Let these little birds guide the way

Arriving lovingly packaged, this set of birds are beautiful even just as an accessory in your home.

Yet each one has its own meaning, that can help to guide you through the week.

Gratitude, love, honesty, courage and patience are just a few of the feelings they represent.

Close your eyes and pick a bird to be by your side for the week ahead, then place it on the small leaf-shaped plate.

The idea is that you let that feeling lead you, following the sacred belief of Native Americans, that birds bridge the gap between heaven and earth.

Hand painted by artists in Mexico, they can work wonderfully as a birthday gift, or a ‘just because’ present for someone going through a challenging time.

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25. DIY Candle Making Kit for Adults

Give them a different way to switch off

Unwinding doesn’t look the same for everyone. For some people a relaxing gift isn’t a face mask or massage tool.

Instead they might prefer to soothe their mind by doing something with their hands.

Wrap up this DIY candle making kit and you’re gifting them a new hobby to fall in love with.

They’ll get lost in the process of crafting their own beeswax candles, choosing from the six different scents including lavender, rose and lemon.

In the set you get enough tools and ingredients to make six different candles, plus the knowledge to create many more in the future.

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26. The Little Jar of Calm

A little moment of calm you can share

Start someone’s day off in the right way by slipping a little calming note in their pocket.

The Little Jar of Calm contains 30 inspiring, uplifting and motivating quotes.

Mindfulness is the underlying message of many of the statements which we know can work wonders for your physical and mental health.

Printed on thick and rich-colored paper, it feels like a high-quality gift for an affordable price.

People have described how the jar has been a must-have during the pandemic and makes the ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or one of those “just because” moments.

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27. Bath Haven Luxurious Bath Pillow

Take their relaxing bath to the next level

Bath Haven describe their bath pillow as a “cloud of softness”, making it the perfect self-care gift for someone special.

With a sumptuous quality, it has wave-pattern stitching so it supports the joints around the neck and shoulders when you simply want to unwind in the bath.

With clever ventilation it dries quickly and has six extra-strong suction cups so it doesn’t slip out of place.

Lovers of this bath pillow highlighted how dry the pillow managed to stay during the bath and how easy it was to wash after use if required.

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28. Original Stretch™ Blanket from Big Blanket Co.

Perfect blanket for sharing

Another hot TikTok product that is just the thing for self-care is the Original Stretch Blanket from the Big Blanket Co.

To say it’s absolutely huge is a bit of an understatement, covering a massive 100 square meters.

Designed for Netflix marathons, and made from a super soft fabric with 4-way stretch, you certainly won’t need to fight over it.

Couples arguing over the comforter at night also loved adding this one to their bed!

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29. Pinch Me Therapy Dough

A little pot of stress relief

Self-care doesn’t have to mean putting aside a few hours every day — though if you can, then do!

Sometimes it’s just a case of sneaking a few moments away from your screen or the chaos of your day.

Keep Pinch Me Therapy Dough on hand.

Infused with essential oils, and available in a range of different scents, it makes a wonderful self-care gift.

Choose Ocean, Spa, Sun or Surf, all of which have unique and soothing scents designed to take you to a more zen place.

Pinch Me Therapy Dough allows you to enjoy a health-boosting mindful moment whenever you need it.

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30. Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

Turn their favorite seat into a massage chair

Buying someone you love a massage chair is a big investment, so why not treat them to this shiatsu pillow massager that they can strap to their favorite chair.

Made from 100% vegan leather, it’s compact and is the perfect massager for both neck and back pain, but can also be great on the legs and feet.

Four deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes change direction every minute to closely mimic the hands of a real masseuse.

With adjustable straps they can ensure the pillow massager stays in the perfect position, plus there’s a heat function to make it even more soothing.

It needs to be plugged in, however it does come with a car adapter as well as a wall plug so you do get some flexibility.

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31. Wellness Lollipops

Self-care candy!

Candy is always a great gift at the holidays, but rather than a simple sugary treat, choose these Wellness Lollipops.

Ingredients in the wellness pops include organic ginger, cinnamon and pure cane sugar for sweetness.

They also include a number of herbs believed to boost immunity and promote longevity.

Plus each lollipop has a positive daily affirmation printed on its stick for you to recite.

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32. The Mindful Life Journal: Seven Minutes a Day for a Better, More Meaningful Life

All it takes is just seven minutes each day

Journaling is a great way to encourage someone to live more mindfully, and The Mindful Life Journal is the perfect introduction.

It takes just seven minutes each day.

As you follow the activities in this mindfulness journal, you’re encouraged to go against the busy pace of life and embrace a more peaceful way of living.

Prompts encourage you to express gratitude, reflect on how you’re feeling and reassess your priorities.

Fans of this product loved how the journal helped them to track their emotions. The gratitude journaling aspect was also appreciated as it made people feel increasingly positive and compassionate.

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33. Self-Care Truth or Dare

A fun self-care gift for under $20

A lighter way than journaling to reflect and encourage gratitude is through these Self-Care Truth or Dare sticks.

Each stick has a thought-provoking question on one side and a challenging self-care dare on the other. For example:

TRUTH: Describe your physical spaces at home and at work. Are they comfortable and calming? Are there things you want to change?

Give yourself three compliments or encouraging affirmations. Repeat them to yourself every day for the next week.

With 50 sticks in the compact little cylinder, they provide a break from the day to day chaos of life and a chance to reflect and recharge.

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34. Pranamat ECO Massage Set (Mat+Pillow)

Relax and lie back on a bed of spikes

This spiky form of self-care is the ideal way to make time for yourself each day.

Lay back on the mat and the spikes encourage your body to release endorphins, invoking a sense of deep relaxation.

Worried it looks too painful to be relaxing?

We’ve been testing acupressure mats for years, and we can vouch for the fact that it can be painful at first.

Though you quickly get used to the sensation, and the results are more than worth it!

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35. DIY Organic Home Spa Kit

Create a spa-like experience at home

This beautifully wrapped gift is the perfect way to give some ‘me time’!

With so many spa day essentials it’ll help them take a little time for themselves.

Unwrap the sustainable furoshiki cloth and inside they’ll find foot soaks, bath salts, face masks, toners and serums.

Each of the products in the kit is created from organic ingredients.

In fact this kit was designed by a father who was concerned about all the chemicals used in his daughter’s bath and beauty products. He worked to create products with only organic, feel-good ingredients.

Shipping in protective paper packing that includes seeds, this gift is kind on the skin and on the planet.

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36. Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

A book that teaches you how to breathe properly

Breathing might seem like the most basic form of self-care, but author James Nestor says it’s the most important.

In his book, Breath, he examines how humans have lost the ability to breathe correctly.

Nestor also demonstrates how by making just the slightest changes to your breathing, you can improve your athletic performance and even impact on health issues such as asthma.

Even considering which nostril you breathe from is important, Nestor explains:

The right nostril is a gas pedal. When you’re inhaling primarily through this channel, circulation speeds up, your body gets hotter, and cortisol levels, blood pressure, and heart rate all increase…

The left nostril has the opposite effect: it works as a kind of brake system to the right nostril’s accelerator. The left nostril is more deeply connected to the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest-and-relax side that lowers temperature and blood pressure, cools the body, and reduces anxiety.

After reading this book the author claims you’ll never breathe the same again.

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37. Arealer Neck Massager with Heat

Release neck and shoulder tension

The pressures of daily life can cause a build up of tension in your neck and shoulders.

Drape the Arealer Massager around the neck of someone special, and eight shiatsu nodes will work to release that tension.

Combined with a fast heating function, it’s the ultimate in relaxation.

Arealer’s neck massager is a pocket hanging device, so the intensity and movement can be controlled by pulling down on the handles to increase the force.

Using the control pad on the massager, it’s easy to switch between three different speed and intensity settings.

After reviewing the best neck massagers out there, we loved the flexibility of this device and how it can be used not just on the neck, but also on the legs, back and waist.

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38. Mueller Juicer Ultra Power

A juicy self-care treat

The Mueller Juicer Ultra Power is a present that the whole family can enjoy!

Taking the time out of a busy day to prepare your favorite fruits for juicing, is all a part of your act of self-care.

With a sleek and modern design, it has an extra large feed chute so you can throw in all your favorites. Then select from two speeds, depending on the hardness of your fruits.

This handy gadget can create a 16oz cup of juice in seconds with the micro mesh filter ensuring that all the juice, vitamins and minerals are extracted from your fruit.

Once blended you can simply sit back and enjoy your fruity drink as the machine is super easy to clean.

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39. Rosyclo Cloud Slippers

Walk on a cloud…

An alternative to the UGG slippers featured above, are these Rosyclo Cloud Slippers.

They went viral in the last year, thanks to the super soft design and thickened sole that literally makes you feel like you’re walking on air!

Available in a full array of different colors, you can find a pair that suits their style.

Though designed for indoors, many also loved them for outdoor use or for slipping on around the pool while on vacation.

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40. The Self-Care Year: Reflect and Recharge with Simple Seasonal Rituals

Create a more peaceful life, season by season

Each season offers unique opportunities to enjoy your surroundings, and appreciate your body and mind.

In this brand new book, Alison Davies explains how you can live in tune with the seasons and make more time for yourself.

The book is filled with beautiful illustrations that capture the essence of the time of year.

Content-wise it’s a mixture of rituals for better sleep, meditation exercises and yoga poses for reducing stress.

There are also affirmations and even simple craft projects, all designed to help bring your attention to the present moment.

If the person you’re buying for is looking for a way to live a more peaceful life, then they’ll appreciate this book.

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41. Urpower 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Mist the room with healing essential oils

There are a number of essential oils considered to be great for relaxation, including peppermint, rosemary and lavender.

Wrap up this Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser and your loved one can mist their room with their favorite scents.

All they need to do is pop their chosen oil inside and millions of vibrations will break the water and essential oil down into tiny particles to fill the air with a beautiful scent.

It has a large 1000ml capacity so it will last for one whole day before it needs topping up. There’s also a handy timer so you can set your own treatment time.

Combined with a color changing LED light, it creates a relaxing mood in any space.

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Still searching for ways to help someone take better care of themselves?

You need to check out our list of massage gift ideas that will encourage relaxation.

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