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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Thoughtful & Unique Ideas

2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Thoughtful & Unique Ideas

There is no-one that deserves a loving and thoughtful gift more than your mom!

We’ve searched the market and made a shortlist of unique ideas that are sure to make her smile.

Read on for 10 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas, including inspiration for your wife, grandma and new moms:

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Conair Waterfall Foot Pedicure Spa

An exfoliating, rejuvenating treat for mom’s tired feet!

If you’re looking for a relaxation gift for Mother’s Day, then you might be considering a foot massager.

The Conair Foot and Pedicure Spa with Flowing Waterfall has every feature mom could possibly need.

When she slips her feet inside, she’ll instantly feel relief as warm water cascades over her feet.

On top of the massager there are two loofah discs for exfoliation and carefully positioned nodes to deliver an intense foot massage.

Bubbles and heat add to the indulgence, plus it ships with a scrub brush and soft-touch massager.

However the best part has to be the toe-touch controls so she can just sit back and relax.

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2. Modernist X Gravity Weighted Robe

Give her a hug from far away

The Gravity Weighted Robe is the perfect way to soothe a stressed out mom.

Using deep touch pressure stimulation, the 3lb weighted collar simulates a hug and helps to calm the nervous system that works overtime when someone is feeling stressed.

Research is still fairly limited, however early findings suggest that weighted blankets are ideal for people living with anxiety.

This product takes the concept of a weighted blanket and turns it into a robe (it can still be used as a normal robe as the weighted inner is removable).

Made from a supersoft and fleecy fabric, it’s a great cosy gift for Mother’s Day.

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3. The Self Care Bucket List Card Deck

Swap a greeting card for a self-care card

Making time for self-care is tough, and even tougher when you’re a mom!

Provide her with some self-care inspiration by wrapping up The Self Care Bucket List Card Deck.

Within the beautifully designed box there are 100 cards containing self-care prompts, such as “Go for a walk in the rain” or “Introduce two friends to each other”.

All the self-care activities are color coded — choose a yellow card for a challenge, red for love and green for a reminder to enjoy the journey of life.

Included in the box is a tab system so she can organise the cards into things she has done and plans to do.

It’s the ideal way to remind your mom to take care of herself even during the busiest times.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

1. Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

Mist the air with relaxing scents

If your wife enjoys trying to create a relaxing environment in your home (despite the family chaos!) then she’s sure to love this essential oil diffuser.

Essential oils have so many benefits for your health, with a number of them particularly good for stressed out people!

All she needs to do is pop her favorite scents inside and the diffuser will release the fragrance for up to 16 hours. It also acts as a humidifier to improve the air quality.

The diffuser includes an LED adjustable mood light, that looks great and creates a wonderful atmosphere wherever it’s positioned.

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2. Yoga Dice

Add a little fun to your wife’s yoga practice!

Shopping for a yoga lover? Help them keep their exercise interesting with a set of yoga dice.

Inside the box there are seven wooden dice. Each one covered in small sketches of different poses.

They’re designed to vary a daily yoga routine, and encourage the user to explore various asanas.

Whether your wife is a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, she’ll have thousands of possible combinations to experiment with.

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3. The Shift by Komuso

A reflective piece of jewelry

Jewelry might be top of your list when you’re searching for a thank you gift for your wife on Mother’s Day.

However this is no ordinary piece of jewelry…

The Shift can be used as a meditation tool. It has been inspired by the 17th century Japanese Komuso Monks, who used a bamboo flute as a method of attaining enlightenment.

Made from highly polished stainless steel, Komuso have taken the same ancient principles to create this beautiful pendant.

The circumference supports a 10 second exhale, helping to control your breathing and enter a meditative statement.

If you want a meditation gift or just a stunning piece of jewelry, this ticks both boxes!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

1. Afoot and Lighthearted: A Journal for Mindful Walking

A more mindful way to walk

The special woman you’re shopping for can learn to walk more mindfully through this beautiful Afoot and Lighthearted journal.

If your grandma loves to go on long walks, this journal encourages her to pause and appreciate the world around her, encourage a greater sense of wellbeing.

Inside there are inspirational quotes and prompts, so she can develop a fresh perspective on each step of her walk.

Like walking, journaling has its own health advantages, including helping to boost your immune system and improve your memory.

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2. iReliev Relaxable Pillow Massager

A discreet but powerful massage pillow

Give your grandma’s back a real treat by gifting her this iReliev Relaxable Pillow Massager.

We’ve searched the market for the best massage cushion and this one just had to be added to the shortlist.

Inside the cushion there are two-way shiatsu nodes, mimicking the hands of a real masseuse to deliver a soothing massage treatment.

She can also enjoy the hidden infrared ceramic bulbs that warm the lower back during treatment.

It will fit seamlessly into her home, plus you can choose from four different colors to match her interiors.

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First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

For deeper and more restorative sleep

Sleep is likely the top of any new mom’s wish list!

So why not choose a sleep gift, such as this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

The latest sleep stats show that new moms are not getting enough rest, so help make the sleep she does get, as deep and restorative as possible.

We know that the nose is a powerful force when it comes to slumber.

This natural remedy is a mix of lavender, vertivert and camomile, a blissful combination to relax both body and mind.

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Healthy Mother’s Day Gifts

1. iReliev Relaxable Eye Massager with Heat

A smart way to unwind

If you have a health-conscious mom, then take a look at this iReliev Relaxable Eye Massager.

Slip on the mask and she’ll receive a soothing eye massage, thanks to the six hidden airbags. Heat and vibration add to the indulgent experience.

Bluetooth capabilities allow her to play a guided meditation or her favorite podcast through the built-in speakers.

Made from soft vegan leather, it feels comfortable on the skin and offers five different therapy modes, including one to help with sleep.

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Could a massage be at the top of your mom’s wish list?

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