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2024 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 14 Unique Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Unique Ideas

As Valentine’s Day approaches you might be struggling for inspiration for that special someone in your life.

In this gift guide we’ve compiled ideas for her, him, the kids and a few healthy options, if your loved one is a bit of a health nut!

Products we’re in love with!

We’ve got your Valentine’s Day all wrapped up if you read our gift guide in full. If you don’t have time here are a few products that have stolen our hearts.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

1. Therabody SmartGoggles

Smart tech to relax both body and mind

Give the woman you love an innovative way to relax, by treating her to the Therabody SmartGoggles.

This brand new release has hidden tech that works to lower her heart rate, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Slip on the SmartGoggles and choose from three customizable modes, Focus, SmartRelax and Sleep, all of which use a combination of vibration, massage and heat.

She can opt for SmartRelax mode, and receive a personalized vibration pattern designed to soothe both her body and mind.

Bluetooth capabilities mean she can listen to her favorite music or access multi sensory sound therapy experiences in the Therabody app.

Perfect for those who travel regularly, they fold up easily and have the potential to last for 150 minutes when fully charged.

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2. Haofy Electric Scalp Massager

Relaxation that goes deep into the scalp

Treat your loved one to a scalp massager — the ideal self-care gift for her.

This handy little massager from Haofi has 84 nodes, so she can get a full 360° massage, with the option of two different speed settings.

As it’s electric and simple to operate, it requires zero effort to get a really intense massage.

Plus it can be used wet or dry, so perfect for unwinding in the bath or shower.

Owners of the scalp massager love how it appears to “crawl along on little feet” and were amazed at how it could power through even the thickest hair.

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3. Way Out West Aromatherapy Candles

Set a romantic Valentine’s Day scene

Aromatherapy might seem like a fad, but it is proven to have a positive impact on stress.

Create the perfect mood this Valentine’s Day by lighting these aromatherapy candles from Way Out West.

Made with natural essential oils, you can choose from a range of different scents including Lavender, Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

Lovingly presented in a beautiful gift box, and currently shipping with a FREE wick dipper, this is one stress-relieving gift that will make her feel extra special.

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4. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

A yoga mat created by yogis!

Whether you’re shopping for a yoga lover or a complete beginner, Manduka’s Pro Yoga Mat ticks all the boxes.

As one of the leading names in the industry, Manduka believe that choosing a professional quality yoga mat can make all the difference to your practice.

Available in a range of unique colors and sizes, including extra long for more floor coverage, you can choose the one that’s right for her.

The mat has a closed-cell surface so sweat can’t seep in, plus high-density cushioning to offer serious support and protection for the joints.

Yogis reviewing this product loved how much it helped to improve their balance, leaving them feeling like they’d finally found the perfect yoga mat.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

1. Light It Up Solar String Lights

Add a romantic touch to your next outdoor adventure

Add a romantic touch to your evening walks by stringing up this set of solar lights.

If you need a present for a man who loves walking, he’s sure to appreciate how you can turn any quiet corner of woodland into your own cozy little hideaway.

Choose from four different light modes — low, medium, high and external flashlight.

When fully charged (via USB or solar) you can get up to 20 hours of battery life. Plus with the built-in USB ports, he can use it as a power bank for his devices.

You get an 18-foot cord so he can string them up in a tent or in the backyard — an essential for outdoor lovers!

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2. iReliev Relaxable Pillow Massager

A discreet and effective massage pillow

Give his back a treat this Valentine’s Day by wrapping up the iReliev Relaxable Pillow Massager.

We’ve searched the market for the best massage cushion and this one definitely made the shortlist.

Containing two-way shiatsu massage nodes it mimics the hands of a real massage therapist, to deliver a deeply soothing treatment.

Looking at the sleek and stylish design you might also not realize that it contains infrared ceramic bulbs, helping to warm the lower back during treatment.

If you’re hunting for a Valentine’s Day gift for someone who struggles with back pain, this is one gift he’s sure to thank you for!

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3. Handmade Travel Tumbler

A stylish place to store his coffee

For a man who is always behind the wheel, take a look at this handmade travel tumbler.

Created in Virginia, each porcelain mug is layered with a richly colored glaze to create the abstract, zen-like design.

The slender shape means it fits easily into his car cup holder, with the snug silicone lid and sleeve protecting his drink and his hand!

Due to the handmade nature of the product, each one is unique making it a treasured (but still practical) Valentine’s Day present.

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4. Ullo Wine Purifier with 4 Selective Sulfite Capture Filters

Restore the natural quality of wine

Even if your loved one is a complete health nut, they can still enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.

Help them enjoy a healthier glass with this clever wine purifier from Ullo.

Removing sulfites from the wine, it frees the flavor and aroma, while also alleviating headaches and migraines.

So, how does it work?

Sulfites are added during the production process, but the wine doesn’t need them and it impacts on the flavor.

Place this purifier on the glass, and the filter will capture the sulfites, leaving the wine tasting as fresh as it does at the vineyard.

You can also use it as an aerator, which you can switch on and off easily.

People suffering from headaches after a glass or two of red wine, were amazed at how well this product works. Plus the wine tasted even better!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Kids Meditation Turtle

Make meditation fun for kids

Give your child some screen-free time this Valentine’s Day by surprising them with this unique meditation gift.

Including nine guided mediations, the turtle helps children enjoy the health benefits of the practice in a fun and absorbing way.

It also includes three sleep soundtracks, which is great if your little one is part of the 52% of kids that don’t get enough sleep each night.

With a micro-USB charging cable, you can keep it powered up for whenever your child needs a quiet moment of reflection.

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2. Sweatpants & Coffee Anxiety Blob

A soft toy for busy minds

Pressures on children in modern society has lead to increasing numbers experiencing anxiety.

Valentine’s Day might not seem like the right time to choose an anxiety gift, but this is one seriously soft and cuddly option!

The Anxiety Blob is a little plush character that can be great for snuggling up to on tough days.

Designed using a heavy duty thread, you can adjust their expression to reflect how you’re feeling.

The Anxiety Blob started out as a sketch drawn by the founder of Sweatpants & Coffee, as she wanted to create a visual of what anxiety feels like.

Now people use the Blob in therapy, with many describing how they’ve bought them for children as a way to open up conversations around worry and anxiety.

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3. Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards to Help You Help Yourself - Without The Self-Helpy-Ness!

Tell your child just how amazing they are!

Send positive energy this Valentine’s Day with these fun affirmation cards.

Each one acts a little reminder of just how awesome you are, minus the preachy self-help advice.

All the positive affirmations are fun and playful — who doesn’t need reminding that they’re stronger than a dinosaur crossed with a tank!

The bold and fun designs are sure to appeal to kids and make them smile day to day.

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Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. Theragun PRO

The power of a deep muscle massage in their hands

Living with a gym junkie? Gift them a seriously powerful massage.

Theragun’s PRO is a must-have for anyone who loves working out, and wants to enhance muscle recovery and improve their performance.

Powering 16mm into the muscle tissue, it can handle 60lbs of applied force without stalling.

Choose from four adjustable arm positions, variable speed options and six unique attachments.

After reviewing the full range of Theragun massagers, and taking a close look at the PRO, we feel it makes the perfect healthy Valentine’s Day gift.

This is their 5th generation model which has been updated to be quieter, plus it includes a new micro-point attachment to increase stimulation.

If it’s out of your price range, there are a number of more affordable Theragun alternatives to consider.

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2. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Inhale calm and exhale worries

If you’re looking for a small gift for your Valentine, then this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is just the thing.

Whether they love sleep or need something to help them drift off, this natural remedy can help them fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed.

Including an aromatherapeutic mix of lavender, vertivert and camomile, it’s a blissful combination that can calm both body and mind.

It won’t stain, is easy to apply and smells amazing — an essential addition to your loved one’s sleep kit.

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3. The Mindful Life Journal: Seven Minutes a Day for a Better, More Meaningful Life

Help your beloved live a more mindful life

Living more mindfully has advantages for your health and wellbeing, as does journaling.

Combine both by gifting The Mindful Life Journal.

Describing the pace of life as a raging river, the mindful prompts encourage you to go against the stream to embrace a more peaceful way of life.

This mindfulness journal invites the writer to spend just seven minutes each day reflecting and calming their mind.

The one you love is sure to thank you for this thoughtful gift that will help them express gratitude daily, will providing plenty of space for thoughts and reflections.

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Need more ideas for the one you love?

Give their body and mind a treat on Valentine’s Day by choosing a surprise from our list of the best massage gifts.

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