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Best Theragun Alternative 2024 [Cut Price – Not Power]

Best Theragun Alternative

When you’re looking for a percussion massage gun, naturally you’re thinking about investing in a Theragun device.

They’ve been a trusted name in the market for a number of years, delivering on both power and quality.

However their devices are a little pricey:

The basic model starts at around $199 with the more expensive ones reaching $600. You might therefore find yourself shopping for an alternative more within your price range.

We’ve scoured the market and shortlisted 10 of the best products, comparing their features with the four latest Theragun devices.

Our Top Theragun Alternatives

Compex Fixx 2.0

Best for Back Pain:

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In this article:

Theragun Competitors Reviewed

We’ve compared each alternative to the Theragun range to help you choose the right massage gun for your needs and budget.

As we compare, we’ll talk about how they stack up against Theragun’s latest models, the Prime, Elite, PRO and mini.

1. Best for Price & Performance: PlayMakar MVP+ Percussion Massager


The best balance of price and performance

When you’re looking for a Theragun alternative, the likelihood is you want something that costs less but doesn’t skimp on power and features.

If that sounds about right:

You may have just met your match in PlayMakar’s MVP+ Percussion Massager.

Product Highlights

  • Can handle 58lbs of no-stall force
Capable of 3000 percussions per minute
Includes 4 ProTip attachments

Potential Weaknesses

  • No rotating arm
  • Doesn’t ship with a carry case (you can buy one separately)

We’ve tested this tool and found it to have an impressive set of features, for an extremely competitive price, plus a range of innovative attachments that you simply won’t find with other gun massagers.

In fact, in comparison to the top of the range Theragun, it delivers 25% more percussions per minute (PPM). This should provide more than enough power for your treatment, with plenty in reserve.

It can also withstand an incredible 58lbs of applied force without stalling.

That’s not all.

The MVP+ lasts a maximum of five hours when fully charged matching the life of the PRO, and outperforming the Prime, Elite and mini.

One way to differentiate between the Theragun PRO and the PlayMakar MVP+ gun massager is by taking a look at the attachments.

Theragun include six attachments with their premium product, including a Supersoft head which can be great for sensitive areas.

With the PlayMakar tool you get just four ‘ProTips’, so a downgrade you might think, however we think their attachments are next level.

Slowly does it

Tapping experience with ProTips

Using the Shoc Absorption & Reverberation Massage Head on the slowest speed, 1000 PPM, effectively replicates the tapping massage technique. We saw amazing results on stiff and aching shoulders.

PlayMakar MVP+ with Shoc Absorption & Reverberation Massage Head for Tapping

Made from a responsive silica material they deliver an intense treatment, with the special design allowing them to soften after each percussion.

You also have access to a range of additional attachments that make great add-on purchases.

We can’t rave enough about the GlidePro Roller Massage Head. It’s a real game changer in the massage gun market.

Simulating the elbow massage technique you’d receive from a massage therapist, we found it even better than the real deal.

Moving like a wheel and with a knobbly tread it rolls easily across the soft tissue to relieve tension and release trigger points.

It’s hard to put into words just how much we love this tool.

Thanks to the constant pressure, you can enjoy such an intense massage. It’s a completely different sensation to any other massage gun attachment we’ve used before.

The GlidePro Roller Massage Head really is redefining percussion massage therapy and shows true innovation from PlayMakar.

Perhaps the best thing about this attachment is how efficient it is. It does the work in no time, a few rolls over the area being treated and it increases your blood circulation, making you feel like a new person!

Star of the show

Meet the GlidePro Roller attachment

It's hard to put into words just how good this massage head is. PlayMakar are single-handedly redefining percussion massage. Gliding across the body, it delivers the most incredible, intense and rapid treatment.

Star of the show: PlayMakar's GlidePro Roller Masage Head

Their HeatTip is another innovative attachment.

With a flat head, it reaches temperatures of up to 140°F, and is ideal for releasing knots and warming up muscles to improve your range of motion.

Both attachments are not included in the purchase of the gun massager, however they provide your massage gun with even more versatility.

Also if you buy the MVP+ Percussion Massager right now you get the HeatTip attachment completely FREE.

So how does everything else stack up?

When it comes to stroke depth, the MVP+ goes 14mm, not quite as deep as the 16mm stroke of a Theragun.

Without getting too scientific, it’s worth mentioning the Shoc and EchoBall attachments included with the gun, have been designed for absorption and reverberation. They effectively encourage the body to absorb the impact of each percussion.

How? Well, the hollow air pockets just behind the rubber in the heads allows them to make their impact then refill, taking the stroke up to 3mms deeper.

You won’t have the same control over the intensity with PlayMakar’s MVP+ (Prime, Elite and PRO models offer a customizable speed range), though you do get a respectable six settings.

One setting is 1000 PPM, a low speed that feels more like the tapping style of massage, steady and deep that allows you to feel each percussion.

Then there is the rotating arm of the PRO. Plus the Therabody app to customize your treatment (though who wants to look down at their phone to control settings when using a massage gun?).

It also doesn’t ship with a carry case, however you can buy one separately that has molded compartments to keep everything safe and neat.

Remember it is a great price and has a digital screen to control your settings which is a bonus.

PlayMakar’s aim is to break down barriers and make pro tools available to the masses, yet they’re still a firm favorite with a number of professional athletes.

Love the features but want something a little more affordable? Take a look at the MVPmini below.

Our Rating: 4.6 / 5
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2. Best for Power: Hypervolt 2 Pro


The most powerful massager on our list with clever technology to improve your treatment

Another device with performance to rival Theragun is the Hypervolt 2 Pro, delivering more percussions per minute (2400 vs 2700).

With a stroke depth of 14mm, it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t penetrate quite as deep into the muscles (though in our experience you’re not likely to notice much difference between 14mm and 16mm). You also don’t get the same flexibility over the intensity.

Of all the devices we’ve tested and reviewed it’s the heaviest, though with so much power it could be worth the compromise (take a look at the Hypervolt Go 2 below for their lighter model!).

Product Highlights

  • Delivers 2700 percussions per minute

  • Powers up to 14mm into the muscles

  • Built-in pressure sensors (for more accurate treatment)

Potential Weaknesses

  • Heavier than competitor products

A unique (and very handy) feature of the Hypervolt 2 Pro is the built in pressure sensors.

On the head you can see a visual representation of the pressure and distribution of your massage. By using the lights as your guide you’re able to make your treatment more accurate.

You should also know that it’s the only device on this list that pairs with an app like a Theragun!

Using Bluetooth the massage gun links with the Hyperice app. You can use it to follow guided routines from top athletes and automatically adjust your speed.

The Hypervolt 2 Pro ships with five attachments:

That’s one more attachment than the Elite, and one less than the PRO.

Each attachment has been carefully created to target different areas, with bullet, fork and flat shapes.

Just like the Theragun devices it’s so easy to switch the attachments, helping you get more from your treatment in the least amount of time.

Fans who owned the original (and massively successful) Hypervolt model, loved how with the new Pro they got all the same features but with extra power.

The only criticism we’d make is that it doesn’t ship with a carrying case, though you can buy one separately — plus it does ship with a pouch to store your attachments.

Our Rating: 4.4 / 5
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3. Best for Back Pain: Compex Fixx 2.0


The truest contender for the top of the range Theragun PRO

Of all the alternatives we’ve tested out for this article, this massage gun from Compex is the most serious contender for the Theragun PRO.

It meets the PRO on stroke depth and attachments.

In fact, the attachments are pretty similar to a Theragun. Plus you get the large ball that we raved about in our review of the PRO, but isn’t included with the 4th generation devices.

Product Highlights

  • Trusted brand name

  • Can handle 40lbs of no-stall force
Includes an adjustable arm

Potential Weaknesses

  • Expensive compared to other alternatives

You’ll get the adjustable arm, a handy dial to switch between settings, plus more power to work with than every gun in the Theragun range.

It matches up to the Elite on no-stall force, handling up to 40lbs of applied pressure (falling short of the 60lbs offered with the PRO).

One additional little perk is that the Compex gun ships with a travel adapter. Theragun offers a version of this for their devices but it is an added cost.

Battery life is where the Compex Fixx 2.0 can’t quite match up to the PRO.

You do get the two swappable batteries for convenience, ideal for not running out of power mid-treatment (which we’ve found to be frustrating!).

However in total you only get 180 minutes of battery life, 120 minutes less than the PRO.

Based on our pricing research, it’s one of the most expensive alternatives in this roundup.

The MSRP isn’t actually that much different to the higher priced Theragun massagers, falling between the price of the PRO and Elite. But that’s because it’s carrying the Compex name.

Compex, like Theragun, is a trusted brand, more commonly known for producing highly-rated TENS units.

Our Rating: 4.2 / 5
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4. Best for Portability: PlayMakar MVPmini Percussion Massage Gun


A pocket-sized tool with seemingly endless power!

After hours and hours of testing we can confirm the PlayMakar MVPmini is a strong contender for the Theragun mini.

We put the two head to head and found the PlayMakar offers more percussions per minute, 3000 vs Theragun’s 2400.

Product Highlights

  • Small and lightweight
Delivers 3000 percussions per minute

  • 15 hours of battery life when fully charged

Potential Weaknesses

  • Doesn’t go as deep into the muscle as many competitors

In fact, in terms of power it offers more than every Theragun in the range, but falls short when it comes to stroke depth. However…

Compared to a Theragun mini that powers 12mm into your muscles, the MVPmini massager only manages 7mm.

Though as previously mentioned when discussing the PlayMakar MVP+, the attachments included with the mini have been created for absorption and reverberation.

This allows the body to absorb the impact of each percussion, giving the stroke an additional 3mm.

You get four massage heads (three more than the Theragun mini!) including an AcuTrigger head perfect for enjoying the advantages of acupressure therapy.

The MVPmini is the little brother of the MVP+, featured above, and is compatible with its own innovative additional attachments that you can add to your cart.

Unfortunately you can’t use the amazing GlidePro Roller, as you can’t switch attachments between the MVP+ and MVPmini (they’re different sizes).

However you can get the specially designed heated head that can help to ease muscle knots and relax tension, known as the HeatTip.

Buy the MVPmini right now and you can actually get the HeatTip completely FREE.

We need to talk about battery life though, as this is where the MVPmini really excels.

When fully charged PlayMakar claim that the MVPmini can last for a phenomenal 15 hours of massage treatment!

Through our use of the product we couldn’t quite get that battery life from the product, but it did seem to just go and go, and came pretty close.

This battery life makes it six times longer than the Theragun mini and smashes the rest of the competition right out of the park.

PlayMakar report that they use the same supplier as Tesla for their batteries, so you know it will go the distance.

When we unboxed the MVPmini, we were impressed by the neat carrying case (the Theragun mini ships with just a sleeve) that includes space for the device and attachments.

Plus as it charges via a USB-C cable (that is also included), there is no need to carry around a bulky plug.

Perfectly portable!

Our Rating: 4.2 / 5
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5. Best for Stroke Depth: Tim Tam Power Massager Pro


Goes deeper into the muscle than a Theragun (and every other alternative on the list!)

While Theragun devices go 16mm into the muscle, TimTam’s Power Massager Pro promises to go much deeper (4mm more to be precise).

At 20mm it goes deeper than any of the other percussion massagers we’ve included in this article, without comprising on power. In fact, it offers well over 10% more percussions per minute than all the Theragun devices.

Product Highlights

  • 20mm stroke depth
Whisper quiet motor

  • Rotating arm

Potential Weaknesses

  • Shorter battery life than competitors

With such a great stroke depth you’d expect it to be heavy and loud:

But we found it weighs just 2lbs, making it easy to hold and control.

And is it loud?

Well, it clocks in at a whisper quiet 10dB (on its lowest speed), making it the quietest Theragun alternative on our shortlist.

It can also handle up to 75lbs of applied force without stalling, more than the 60lbs offered by the Theragun PRO (though 60lbs is still plenty!).

With a one touch trigger it’s really easy to experience all the benefits of a percussion massage.

It ships with three attachments, including two that offer something a little different to others on the market.

First there’s a heated tip, similar to the attachment we tested and loved on the MVP+, so you can drive heat deep into the muscle tissue. Then there’s a vibrating tip that adds another layer to your treatment.

Plus it offers a 175° rotating arm for hard to reach places, a feature only offered on the PRO.

In terms of battery life it doesn’t meet the life of the Theragun range, lasting just 60 minutes when fully charged.

Our research shows that price-wise it’s on a par with the higher ticket massagers like the Elite, so it is one of the more expensive alternatives.

Owners of the TimTam Power Massager Pro loved the relief from pain they experienced, describing it as a true deep tissue massage.

Those looking for a pain management solution raved about the heated tip, feeling like it made pounding percussion therapy a little more soothing.

Our Rating: 4.2 / 5
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6. Best for Affordability: Vybe Pro Percussion Massage Gun


The best (but slightly noisy) budget option with lots of power!

If you’re looking to spend around $100-$200 on a percussion massage gun then the Vybe Pro is a solid substitute to a Theragun.

The product manufacturers describe it as ‘not quiet, but powerful’, and it certainly is, delivering an incredible 1000 MORE percussions per minute than a Theragun.

Product Highlights

  • Affordable
Includes eight different massage heads
Delivers 3400 percussions per minute

Potential Weaknesses

  • Noisier than competitor products

Experience tells us that you won’t have the same control over that power with the Vybe, but you do still get nine different speed settings.

Amazingly it ships with eight attachments, more than any other tool on the list, including three metal heads for a harder massage.

Like the Prime, Elite and mini it doesn’t have the adjustable arm, or offer the stroke depth of a Theragun (just 12mm vs. 16mm).

It also can’t take as much applied force as the higher priced Theragun models like the PRO and the Elite without stalling.

The Vybe does outperform every model except the PRO though on battery life, going for 180 minutes when fully charged.

The cost is low, and includes a smart case to store your device, which is ideal if you’re someone that’s always on the go.

There’s no doubt that Theragun products are of a superior quality and that’s reflected in the price.

However overwhelmingly reviewers of the product felt that the range of features and power provided made it real bang for the buck.

Our Rating: 4 / 5
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7. Best for Battery Life: TaoTronics TT-PCA004 Massage Gun


Offering the best battery life, it just keeps on going…

Battery life is important, particularly if you’re looking for a percussive massager you can just throw in your bag for before or after a workout.

This TaoTronics massage gun promises up to 10 hours of battery life when fully charged, considerably more than the Theragun (and many other) competitors.

It’s seriously good value for money too, achieving more percussions per minute than all the Theragun models, for a much lower price.

Product Highlights

  • Affordable

  • Ships with four massage heads
Compact and lightweight

Potential Weaknesses

  • Short stroke depth - 6mm

At 12mm it falls short for stroke depth and no-stall force at 33lbs (more than the Prime and mini, less than the Elite and PRO), though you do get 20 speed settings.

We should mention here that we personally think any more than five speed settings on a massage gun is overkill.

There’s not enough difference between the individual increments and it can be annoying to move up and down through them all.

The TaoTronics massage gun does ship with as many attachments as the Theragun PRO, including two different shaped bullet heads, helping you target joints and trigger points.

After digging into consumer reviews we found that many commented on how easy it was to operate, with a simple screen and buttons to move between intensities.

However, one thing shoppers mentioned more than anything was how light it was!

1.6lbs to be precise. We’ve reviewed the weight of all the products on this shortlist and this is one of the lightest. This makes it ideal for people who might struggle to hold their massager for long periods of time.

The TaoTronics Massage Gun ships in a custom designed storage and travel case, which is a great added extra for such an affordable price.

Those reviewing the product loved how easy it was to use and felt it offered good value for money.

Most importantly though, they were impressed with how it helped to relieve aches and pains, improve their range of motion and boost their circulation.

Our Rating: 4 / 5
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8. Best for Travel: Naipo Mini Massage Gun


Powerful things come in small (under $100) packages!

After testing the Theragun mini for a number of months we could certainly see the appeal of such a compact percussion massage gun.

However at nearly $200 it is still a fairly big investment.

Introducing the Naipo Mini Massage Gun – a powerful tool at less than half the price!

It would be unfair to compare the Naipo gun to the higher-priced tools in the Theragun range, however when you stack up the spec next to the Theragun mini it is a strong contender.

Product Highlights

  • Affordable

  • Includes eight different massage heads

  • Delivers 3400 percussions per minute

Potential Weaknesses

  • Noisier than competitor products

You get more power (PPM), better battery life and greater control over the intensity for a start.

Plus unlike the mini that has one fixed head, you get four unique attachments to give you the flexibility to treat different areas.

Stroke depth is where the Naipo massager is lacking for us, penetrating just 6mm into your muscle tissue, half the depth of the Theragun mini.

So despite it having more power the massage won’t feel as intense as it would with the Theragun device.

Regardless, people highly rated this massager, loving the small and compact design — it weighs less than 1lb.

They felt it really packed a punch, and was a great introduction to percussion massage therapy.

Our Rating: 3.8 / 5
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9. Best for Style: The Lyric Therapeutic Massager


The most attractive alternative on the shortlist

Take one look at this shortlist and you’ll notice a pattern.

Most of the tools are black and have that strong industrial look that is synonymous with the massage gun market.

The Lyric Therapeutic Massager offers something a little different.

We chose to review this product because of its stylish and contemporary look, sitting on a charging station that wouldn’t look out of place in any modern home.

Product Highlights

  • Stylish and contemporary
  • Rhythmic massage style
Includes four attachments and long-reach extension handle

Potential Weaknesses

  • Not as powerful as competitor massagers

You won’t get the power of a Theragun device, but it isn’t designed to pound your muscles. It’s a rhythmic massager that will deliver a gentler experience.

The creator describes it as using “vibroacoustic frequencies to stimulate the nervous system”, so it will likely feel more like a vibration massage than a percussion treatment.

Available in a number of different colors, you get four attachments including a small and larger ball.

Tasteful packaging also makes it a great gift for someone living with pain, or just a fully fledged health nut.

The device even solves one of the big challenges with gun massagers, how to treat your back pain with ease!

For years we’ve tried to treat our backs with a gun massager, and with many tools you just can’t hit the mark.

This massager ships with a long-reach extension handle that you can add to the bottom of your massager and use to comfortably apply pressure to your back.

Another great feature is the fact that it’s Wi-Fi enabled. Use the touchscreen to select your treatment and explore new therapies.

Software updates will also bring new routines to try and allow you to customize your treatment more effectively.

Comparing it to the Theragun range, and the other alternatives on this list, you simply won’t get the power.

But if you want a device that looks good and offers you the versatility to treat different ideas of your body, then you get that with The Lyric.

Our Rating: 3.9 / 5
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10. Best for the Gym: Hypervolt Go 2


The Theragun mini has met its match in this like for like competitor

The aforementioned Naipo Mini Massage Gun is perfect if you want an entry level mini massager.

Yet if you want the strength of a Theragun in a smaller package then the Hypervolt Go 2 really delivers.

Product Highlights

  • Delivers 3200 percussions per minute
  • Compact and portable
14mm stroke depth

Potential Weaknesses

  • Less massage heads than other alternatives

We were so impressed with the power of this tool, it delivers 3200 percussions per minute compared to the 2400 offered by the Theragun.

The stroke depth is deeper, 14mm vs 12mm, plus you get two different heads to play around with. Remember though both Theragun and Hypervolt attachments can be purchased separately, so don’t solely base your decision on the number of heads.

What about battery life?

Well, there’s only a little difference, with the Hypervolt Go 2 clocking in at 180 minutes of battery life, just 30 minutes more than the Theragun mini.

Price-wise you’ll pay a similar price for the Theragun mini as you will for the Hypervolt Go 2 – so which one do you choose?

As mentioned, in terms of spec, they’re pretty similar, with each just nudging ahead of the other in different areas.

It might come down to the grip you prefer.

You grip the Hypervolt Go 2 like a traditional massage tool, with the Theragun mini designed to fit snugly into your hand.

Hypervolt’s Go 2 could be easier to maneuver when treating your back for example, but the Theragun mini is easier to just pick up and use day to day without fiddling with any attachments (plus the mini looks better in our opinion!).

In summary on this device, you really can’t go wrong with either. Decide what’s most important to you (by using our handy guide below) and you’re sure to make the right choice.

Our Rating: 3.9 / 5
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How We Review & Rate

Here at The Good Body we’ve spent years rating and reviewing Theragun products, so we know what a great alternative looks like!

In this article we’ve shortlisted 10 of the best alternatives on the market, highlighting key features so you can make the right decision for you.

We’ve spent hours testing the Theragun PRO, so we know what functionality makes it such a great product.

To come up with a rating, we consider a number of different factors, including stroke depth, percussions per minute, battery life, ease of use, affordability and attachments. We also consider consumer reviews, analyzed from various websites.

Taking all this information, plus our industry knowledge, allows us to come up with a rating that gives you the best overall view of how the product stands up to the Theragun range.

Features to Consider

If you’re still struggling to make your decision, then take a look below at a breakdown of the different features of a massage gun.

Thinking about how you’ll use your massager and where, might help you work out which features are most important:


Prices range wildly so it’s worth setting a budget before you start shopping. You can get percussion massage guns for between $50 to $600, so be sure to shop around and read plenty of reviews before making your decision.


The weight of the device might not seem like an important feature, however if you’re holding it for a long period of time, you need to make sure it’s not too heavy. Also positioning a heavy massage gun when trying to treat hard to reach areas is more challenging. Typically percussion massage guns weigh under 3lbs, but it’s always worth checking before you make a purchase.


When looking at massagers, you’ll often see the stroke mentioned, which is quoted in millimeters. This is the depth to which the massager will power into your muscles.

Speed settings

Speed settings are like the volume of the device, increments in which you increase / decrease the number of percussions (PPM). Some guns have speeds on the display (e.g. 1-5), others (like the PRO) show the number of PPM. A choice of speed settings can be good if you’re looking to treat different areas of your body with varying intensities.

Percussions per minute (PPM)

This is how many thumps your body effectively takes in a minute! This number is in the thousands and gives you an indication of the power of the product. More percussions = more power. However be careful to look at the depth of the stroke, as a device with a shorter depth will naturally provide a higher PPM as it isn’t going as deep.


Shown in pounds, some manufacturers will promote the force of the product. This is the amount of applied pressure the massager can handle without stalling. As a general rule, the higher the no-stall force the better.


Consider the grip offered by the massage gun and whether you’d feel comfortable holding it for a long period of time. Some are a handle, others are more triangular shaped, both can be effective for your treatment.

Rotating arm

A number of massage guns have a rotating arm, this allows you to treat pretty much anywhere on your body much more easily. When paired with different grip positions, like on the Theragun PRO, you get numerous combinations to treat even the most hard to reach areas.


Gun massagers can have built-in Bluetooth, enabling them to be paired with the manufacturer app. This can give you access to various programs and personalized routines.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Wi-Fi enabled massage tools have built-in guided programs to help you get more from your treatment. Automatic software updates can mean new programs / treatments are regularly available on your device.

Battery life

All of the top percussion massage guns today will include a rechargeable battery. Take a look at the quoted battery life and think about whether it meets your needs. Many of the pricier models ship with interchangeable batteries, so you can use one and have the other on charge. They’re great as you never have to experience the frustration of running out of power mid-treatment!

Noise level

Normally the noise level of the device is quoted in decibels (dB) to help you understand how noisy it will be. Consider where you’re going to use it, if you want to use it in a busy gym then a noisy tool might go unnoticed.


Devices normally ship with different attachments, carefully created to work on different areas. For example large ball heads for larger muscles groups or a pointed head to work on trigger points.

Carrying case

You might want to look at whether a carrying case is included in the cost. Some massagers ship with a case or a well-designed storage box that could work as one, whereas others sell them separately.


Do you have more questions about choosing a Theragun alternative? We’ve spent years testing and researching massage guns, so we might be able to help!

See a few frequently asked questions below:

What is similar to a Theragun?

Are cheap massage guns any good?

What companies are similar to Therabody?

Is a Theragun worth buying?

Why is the Theragun so expensive?

Now you’ve explored all the alternatives, you might still be feeling like a Theragun is the right option for you.

Before making your final decision though – and to ensure you make the right choice, read our handy guide on how to choose a massage gun.

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