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Gifts for people in pain

16 (Life-enhancing) Gift Ideas for People with Chronic Pain

If you’re shopping for someone who lives with pain on a daily basis, then you’re probably looking for a gift that will make their life a little bit easier.

There are so many great products on the market right now, not just to help them manage their pain, but also to simply distract them from their discomfort.

We’ve put together a list of the best gift ideas for people with chronic pain:

1. iReliev Percussion Massage Gun

Pain relief that powers into the muscles

Wrap up the iReliev Percussion Massage Gun and you’re giving your loved one a powerful way to treat their pain at home.

This quiet yet mighty device powers 10mm in to the muscle to help loosen knots and promote relaxation.

Theragun devices are frequently seen as the ultimate percussive massager, however this device from iReliev offers a competitive and affordable alternative.

Delivering 3,200 revolutions per minute (RPM), you can choose from three different speed settings for control over your treatment.

It’s easy to operate and has rave reviews, making it the ideal gift for someone who is struggling with a chronic pain condition such as arthritis.

You could even massage your loved one using the iReliev device, making it the gift that just keeps on giving!

iReliev are also known for creating some of the best TENS units around, as you’ll discover later in this gift guide. Plus they’ve recently launched a number of exciting new products for pain relief.

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2. Near Infrared Red Light Therapy Device

Light therapy that penetrates straight to your joints

Near infrared red light therapy is proven to help reduce pain, so what better gift could you wrap up than this nifty little device?

It delivers therapy through two specific wavelengths, both of which are shown through research to reduce inflammation.

100mw/cm2 is thought to be the optimum reach for red light therapy and this device surpasses that, allowing the user to tailor their treatment depending on the level and location of their pain.

It’s easy to operate and has rave reviews, making it the ideal gift for someone who is struggling with daily pain.

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3. Mission Farms Relieve CBD Roll-On

Roll on the healing benefits of CBD

Over the last few years the CBD market has exploded, as people realize how powerful it can be for pain, so why not purchase a CBD Roll-On?

It’s a great pain relief option that anyone can just throw in their bag and use on the go.

As a simple roll-on, it’s also a good introduction if the person you’re buying for is interested in CBD but doesn’t want to ingest it.

Mission Farms was formed by a group of families who wanted to grow the purest hemp. In their fields in Oregon, the hemp plants are grown without any chemicals or pesticides, instead simply fed by sunlight and water.

With 250mg of full spectrum CBD, essential oils and organic flavorings, it’s one of the purest products on the market.

Plus the packaging is beautiful, making Mission Farm products some of the best gifts for people living with pain.

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4. Aku Mat

A spiky way to soothe their pain

Buying someone a mat covered in spikes when they’re living with pain might seem a little strange.

However acupressure therapy has been shown to be a great natural pain relief option for a variety of different types of pain.

Plus we’ve scoured the market and we believe there’s no better acupressure mat than the Aku Mat.

Covered in 2,710 metal spikes, it helps to increase blood flow and circulation, encouraging the release of endorphins. These endorphins help to reduce pain and evoke a sense of calm and relaxation.

Worried it looks painful?

We reviewed the Aku Mat and found it can be at first, yet you quickly get used to it and the soothing and warming sensation you experience is more than worth it.

Aku also offer a range of other acupressure products that make good gifts, including a spike-covered ball you can hold in the palm of your hand.

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5. Stress Less Cards

Give someone you love 50 ways to unwind

Living with daily pain can be really stressful. Give someone you love new ways to unwind with this deck of Stress Less Cards.

It’s a great little toolkit, with each card in the pack containing a different exercise to slow the body’s stress response and help the mind to relax.

Based on the principles of mindfulness, some cards include guided meditations, a practice which has been shown to help reduce pain, particularly back pain.

Other cards ask you to perform certain actions, such as breaking a routine, to help you discover new ways to reduce stress in your everyday life.

Recommended by health care professionals, many bought the pack and shared the cards amongst family and friends.

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6. Turmeric Bliss by adagio teas

Pour a hot tasty cup of pain relief

There are a number of herbal teas considered to be powerful for pain relief, and turmeric is one of them.

However don’t settle for a basic herbal tea. Treat someone to a box of turmeric bliss from adagio teas.

In this blend, turmeric is combined with ginger (another great remedy for pain) and peppercorn to soothe the body and awaken the senses.

Inside the box there are 15 envelopes containing loose leaves that will create the most wonderful flavor.

Many use the tea to fight inflammation within their body, loving how they can drink it before bed to help them unwind.

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7. iReliev Premium TENS + EMS Pain Relief & Recovery

Give them the ultimate control over their pain relief

If your loved one hasn’t tried a TENS machine, then what are they waiting for?!

A TENS unit has many benefits, particularly for pain, and this model really does offer a wide range of features.

With six EMS and eight TENS modes, it will give them the ultimate control over their pain relief.

iReliev’s unit ships with two different sizes of electrodes, so you can position the pads right at the route of the pain, which made it a hit with those reviewing the product.

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8. Pain Management Journal

Help them keep track of their triggers

Journaling about daily pain can really help someone struggling to make sense of their condition.

This pain management journal is ideal as it provides them with space to track their good days and bad days, and record activities to see what triggers their condition.

With a high quality, glossy cover, it also includes mindfulness journaling exercises, with a focus on meditation. Meditation as a practice has been shown to have its own range of benefits for people living with pain.

It’s a great stocking stuffer that’s filled with inspiring quotes, perfect for the start of a new year.

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9. Mighty Bliss Large Electric Heating Pad

Replace their hot water bottle with something much toastier!

If a hot water bottle doesn’t cover their painful area then wrap up the comfort of the Mighty Bliss Large Electric Heating Pad.

With a substantial size of 12”x24”, it’s ideal for covering a wide area, for example if someone suffers from back pain or menstrual cramps.

Made from soft microplush fibers, the blanket is of a high quality and feels gentle on your skin.

You can enjoy multiple settings, low, medium and high, and it can be used moist or dry.

Users of the mat loved how quickly it heated, making it not just a hit with humans, but cats too!

Many also commented how powerful and reliable the mat was compared to other heating pads they’d tried in the past.

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10. Overcoming Chronic Pain Through Yoga: The Therapeutic Art of Mindful Movement

Discover the power of yoga for pain relief

This best selling book is the ideal gift for someone who is trying to overcome their chronic pain on both a physical and emotional level.

Qat Wanders is a passionate yogi who used the power of yoga and mindfulness to help her deal with daily debilitating chronic pain.

Yoga has been shown to be an effective treatment for pain, particularly back pain, however this is more than simply a book of poses to try.

The content of the book focuses on changing your mindset, practicing mindful movement techniques and making interesting lifestyle adjustments.

It’s all about changing the way a person looks at their situation, so a thoughtful gift for someone who might be struggling to manage the stress associated with their condition.

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11. Rose Essential Oil 100% Pure Organic Therapeutic Grade

Treat someone to the soothing scents of rose

Not only does rose oil smell wonderful, but research has also found it can be effective in managing pain.

This small bottle of Rose Essential Oil from Rainbow Abby makes the perfect little stocking stuffer.

Made from 100% pure organic and undiluted oil, it’s a high quality product that can be dabbed on a pillow before bed or bathed in.

You could also choose to add a diffuser to your cart and they can fill their room with this beautiful scent.

Shoppers struggled to put the fragrance in to words, loving how long-lasting it was, particularly when used with a diffuser.

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12. The Miracle Ball Method: Relieve Your Pain, Reshape Your Body, Reduce Your Stress

Two simple squishy balls that can perform a miracle

Has your someone special tried the Miracle Ball Method for their pain?

The Miracle Ball Method was developed by dancer Elaine Petrone, who experienced a back and leg injury and had exhausted every treatment option.

After experimenting with two simple squishy balls she began to heal herself and is now sharing her technique with others.

The Miracle Ball Method kit ships with two balls and a detailed book that helps you understand how to use them for different conditions.

Many who purchased the miracle balls, claimed they performed an actual miracle! People also loved that it was a gentle method of treating pain that was easy to master.

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13. ComfortSpa Reading Pillow Bed Wedge

For resting, reading and rejuvenating

Shopping for someone with back pain? Then treat them to the ComfortSpa Bed Pillow.

Though it looks like a simple cushion, it actually helps to support your neck and back, encouraging a more natural alignment.

Containing shredded foam and with a velour cover, it’s a high quality pillow they can use in bed or on the couch when they want to relax.

It even has handy storage pockets for their phone, glasses or tv remote!

Many people suffering with discomfort in their back loved how this pillow offered them real support so they could relax fully in their favorite spot.

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14. Subscription to Curable App

An app to help you understand the cause of your chronic pain

They’ve tried every possible pain relief treatment, but have they considered a pain management app?

Curable is an app that has been created for people living with chronic pain.

The app works by connecting what’s going on in your life, with your brain and body so you can see what’s triggering your symptoms.

The app creators describe how it’ll “address pain from every angle”.

Users loved how the app didn’t just help them treat their pain, but educated them on what was causing it in the first place. What better gift could you give!

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15. CrateJoy House Plant Box

Fresh plants delivered to your door

When you live with daily pain it can get you down and sometimes you just need a distraction to help lift your mood.

Give someone special a new house plant each month from Crate Joy!

Each house plant delivered is grown in California and ships with advice from a plant expert on its origins and how to take care of it.

They might also get a little surprise like a planter or display stand, so it’s certainly a gift they’ll look forward to receiving each month.

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16. Home Chef Meal Kit Service

Create delicious meals from prepared ingredients delivered to your door

Remembering to eat healthy when you’re exhausted from your pain can be really difficult, so why not give the gift of a Home Chef Meal Kit?

Home Chef deliver menu cards and prepared ingredients right to their door, so they can whip up a delicious and nutritious meal with minimal effort.

Each week they can shortlist the meals they’d like to try, so they can still enjoy their favorites.

You can pick the amount that you want to spend and email across the voucher so they can start using your present straightaway.

Plus there are lots of healthy meals to choose from, so ideal if you’re shopping for a health nut.

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