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Gifts for people with back pain

10 Practical Gift Ideas For People With Back Pain

Why not treat a loved one suffering from back pain to a new form of natural pain relief? Pick something thoughtful and they will be thanking for you for many months or even years to come!

There are some really useful gifts for back pain sufferers on the market, at a range of prices to suit your budget:

1. iReliev Wireless TENS + EMS Therapeutic Wearable System

Best in class TENS unit

Why not give someone the gift of TENS therapy? One of the top rated TENS units that we recommend is the iReliev Wireless TENS + EMS Therapeutic Wearable System.

The full review of the unit shows all the best features, however the wireless functionality means you can use the unit on the go without anyone knowing. This is great for anyone who struggles with back pain at work or while traveling.

The iReliev Wireless unit has 16 different programs and 25 intensity levels so it’s easy to find a satisfying combination.

Plus it has fully isolated channels, meaning that settings can be tailored to different areas or sides of the body.

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2. Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Enjoy a deep-kneading massage on the go!

It’s a little impractical to wrap up a masseuse so why not treat someone you love to the next best thing?

The Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Cushion is a handy little pillow that takes up just 3.5” of space and can be used for both back and neck pain. Plus it comes with adjustable straps so you can secure it to your car seat or favorite chair.

Research has shown that shiatsu massage is an effective treatment for lower back pain, and these four deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes will certainly work their magic.

The nodes relieve knots and tension, changing direction every minute to mimic the hands of a real masseuse, Plus there’s a heat function to make it even more soothing!

3. Beurer Infrared Light Heat Lamp

Turn up the heat for pain relief

Another natural pain relief option that has been proven to be effective in the treatment of lower back pain is infrared heat therapy.

The Beurer Infrared Lamp is a powerful little machine that emits heat to target pain throughout the body. The lamp can target large areas so ideal if you’re purchasing for someone who needs targeted relief from chronic back pain.

The heat can also help to improve blood flow and circulation, loosening up tight muscles and helping to heal damaged tissue.

Beurer’s Heat Lamp can easily be adjusted to target the area needed and the heat is delivered through ceramic glass so it doesn’t feel too hot on the skin.

4. Oov

Follows the natural curvature of your spine

A neutral spine is considered to be the ultimate goal in treating spinal conditions and back pain, and the Oov can help you get there.

The Oov encourages the natural position of your spine without putting pressure on any area of your body.

It also works those all-important core muscles that can help those suffering from back pain.

Firehaus Pilates in Denver rave about the product and how it can be used to effectively target specific muscle groups.

In fact, they now use the Oov to help their patients with rehabilitation, as they recognize how it can help people function better and have longer lasting results than other forms of treatment.

The Oov is a great gift for someone suffering from back pain and comes in 3 different sizes so you can make sure to get the perfect spine hugging fit.

Find out more about how the Oov works below:

5. Nayoya Acupressure Mat

Lie back on 6,210 individual acupressure points!

Treat someone to a much deserved lie-down! The Nayoya Acupressure Mat allows a user to experience an acupuncture-like treatment in the comfort of their own home.

The mat has 6,210 acupressure points to help increase blood flow to the painful muscles in your back and encourage the release of endorphins.

Recent research has shown the positive impact of acupressure on chronic lower back pain, so what better present to get someone struggling with daily pain. It’s practical too, just roll it out for treatment then pop it away when you’ve finished.

6. Far Infrared Amethyst Mini Mat

Relax on a bed of hot gemstones

Treat someone to the indulgence of the Far Infrared Amethyst Mini Mat which is just as luxurious as it sounds.

Lie back on 15 layers of jewelry grade Korean and Brazilian natural Amethyst crystals as the mat helps to relieve tight muscles and painful knots. The amethyst crystals are thought to have healing powers, and are crushed and polished to produce far infrared rays.

Those with back problems reviewing the product spoke highly of using the mat reporting vastly improved sleep and general relief from daily pain. It’s certainly a big ticket gift but one that seems to promise wonderful results for the recipient.

7. Simple Spectra Massage Ball Roller Set

Massager balls targeting EVERY muscle group

This massage ball roller set is a great gift option. It comes with one soft and one firm spiky ball and one hard lacrosse ball.

The combination is thought to be ideal for targeting every muscle group in the body. Those reviewing the balls loved the variety and how they could effectively target different types of pain.

The balls come with a handy bag so they can be used on the go. Plus you also get a free e-book to help the user get the most from each of the physical therapy balls.

8. Mission Farms Relieve CBD Cream

Let CBD oil relax your painful muscles

You may have heard a lot of fuss about CBD oil and its amazing benefits, however with all the options on the market it can be difficult to know which to choose.

Mission Farms Relieve CBD Cream is the gold standard of CBD products! It contains 300mg of CBD, not simply a trace as you’ll find with many competing products.

Mission Farms was formed by a group of families committed to growing the happiest hemp! Their farmers use no chemicals or pesticides to grow their product, just the glorious Oregon sunshine and the water of their local river.

Plus this cream contains goat’s milk which soaks in to the skin and delivers the CBD right to the joint, helping to reduce inflammation and ease pain.

The packaging is beautiful too, so it makes a wonderful gift!

9. Physio Care Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Wrap yourself in pain relief

Drape the Physio Care Neck & Shoulder Wrap around someone you love! This soft and comforting wrap is an ideal gift for people with back pain.

It can be heated in the microwave to provide warmth exactly where you need it, helping to relieve the neck and shoulder discomfort associated with back pain.

You can also pop it in the freezer and enjoy a cool experience to help reduce inflammation.

The high collar wrap also offers aromatherapy benefits blending lemongrass, chamomile, peppermint and lavender. Traditionally chamomile has been thought to have a positive impact on back pain, with lavender shown to decrease your heart rate and blood pressure.

All these features combine to create a wonderful way to unwind after a hard day at work and ideal for those suffering from a bad back.

10. Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System with Bamboo Cover

Therapeutic cushions for full body support

When struggling with back pain one of the biggest challenges can simply be getting a good position to do the simple things in life like relaxing to read or watch television.

The Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow is a four piece comfort system that offers your body full support. It’s made up of adjustable therapeutic cushions including a back support, knee rest, head rest and cradle.

Users recovering from surgery report positive results, finding it a more comfortable option than a chair and enjoying the flexibility of the cushions to get comfortable.

With soft bamboo covers, it’s a high quality product that will be a welcome treat to anyone suffering from back pain.

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