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2023 Birthday Gift Guide: 22 Ideas for Him & Her

Birthday Gift Guide: Ideas for Him and Her

We all have that one person in life that is really hard to buy for when Christmas and their birthday rolls around.

Whether it’s your boyfriend, mom or best friend, we have lots of gift ideas that they’re sure to appreciate.

Read on for 22 unique birthday gift ideas for him, her, plus a few healthy options

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

1. Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Add a spa-like touch to her shower

If you’re shopping for a busy woman, then gift her a new way to relax on her birthday.

No matter how much we need to unwind, you know that sometimes it’s hard to find the time.

For example, you know your body would really benefit from a long and luxurious bath but you only have time for a shower.

With these aromatherapy steamers she can place one in her shower and get all the relaxation of a bath while enjoying a quick morning rinse.

Blended with essential oils, including lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and grapefruit, the steamer fizzes in the corner of the shower, releasing beautiful scents.

She’ll get a selection of six shower steamers that ship in beautiful gift packaging and by all reports they smell great!

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2. Elephas Mini Projector

Her very own indoor and outdoor cinema

String up some fairy lights, grab the popcorn and this mini projector can turn anywhere into your own mini cinema.

Shipping with a carry bag and tripod, it pairs easily with your smartphone.

It can project a 1080p HD video up to 200 inches and has a built-in speaker for the full movie experience.

The handy size means it can fit into your pocket, making it ideal for camping or even the smallest backyard.

Fans of the product loved the quality of the picture, especially for such a great price.

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3. The Self Care Bucket List Card Deck

Swap a greeting card for a self-care card

Making time for self-care is hard, and knowing exactly what to do with that time is even harder.

Give her lots of ways to unwind by wrapping up this deck of self-care bucket list cards.

The beautifully designed box contains 100 cards with prompts that promote mindful living, such as “Call someone you love and give them your undivided attention” or “Go for a walk in the rain”.

Each of the self-care activities is color coded — choose a yellow card for a challenge, red for loving yourself and others, and green for a reminder to enjoy life’s journey.

You then get a handy little tab system so you can organise the tasks into things you need to do, those you’ve done and the ones you’re planning on doing right now.

Many gifted the Self Care Card Deck to someone who needed to de-stress, or just bought it as a treat for themselves!

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4. Furbo Dog Camera

A gift for her and her furry friend!

Shopping for a dog lover? They’ll love this Furbo Dog Camera.

It’s the perfect way to keep an eye on a beloved pup while away from home.

All she needs to do is download the Furbo app and she’ll be able to monitor the camera, and speak to her dog thanks to the two-way audio.

The best feature however has to be the fact it can even toss the dog a treat.

Working with Alexa, it’s sure to be a favorite with our furry friends and even allows you to play a game of catch from afar!

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5. Rocketbook Wave Smart - Dotted Grid Eco-Friendly Notebook

An innovative and eco-friendly notebook

For those that are focused on looking after the planet and spreading positive energy in the world, take a look at this innovative reusable notebook.

Using the included Frixion pen you can take notes as normal. Then use the Rocketbook app to scan your notes and upload them to cloud services such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox or Slack.

The best feature however has to be the fact that it’s reusable.

Once you’ve filled every page, all you need to do is put the notebook in the microwave!

Yes, that’s right, in the microwave and it will wipe all the pages meaning you can use it again and again.

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6. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

A yoga mat that ticks all the boxes!

Manduka believe that choosing a professional quality yoga mat can make all the difference to your practice.

Whether you’re searching for a gift for a fully fledged yogi or a complete beginner, their Pro Yoga Mat ticks all the boxes.

The mat has a closed-cell surface meaning that sweat can’t seep into it, plus the high-density cushioning provides serious support for her joints.

Those who own the mat rave about how it has helped to improve their balance, leaving them feeling like they’d finally found the perfect yoga mat.

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7. The Meditation Sidekick Journal

Encourage her to practice daily reflection

The Meditation Sidekick Journal includes guided meditations to help both beginners and experienced meditators enjoy the benefits of the practice.

Inside are many meditation journal prompts, encouraging the writer to reflect on ways to improve their inner dialogue, prepare for hurdles and plan their meditation time.

It’s designed to help clear the mind, express gratitude and discover ways to live more mindfully.

Plus writing in a journal is scientifically proven to make you happier!

Journal writers felt they meditated so much more than they would have done without it, making it the ideal meditation gift.

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8. Meiruby Rechargeable Lighter

A fiery little gadget

If the person you’re shopping for loves using candles to create a romantic and cozy esthetic in their home, they’ll appreciate this handy little gadget.

After just a single charge it can be used to light candles 600 times, plus it doesn’t create a spark or a smell.

The manufacturers also claim that it’s wind and splash proof, the ideal gift for people who love exploring the great outdoors.

All the environmental benefits has quickly made this one of the must-have products on TikTok!

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9. Smart WiFi Essential Oil 400ml Ultrasonic Diffuser

Mist relaxing scents into their home

Wrap up this smart essential oil diffuser for someone’s birthday and fill their home with relaxing scents.

Pair it with the companion app and they’ll be able to control the mist, LED color and intensity all from the comfort of their armchair.

Essential oils have many health advantages, including helping to improve your sleep (ideal if you’re searching for a gift for an insomniac!).

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, it’s another accessory that’s sure to be on their wish list.

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

1. iReliev Relaxable Eye Massager with Heat

Soothe and relax his busy mind

Help the man in your life relax after a busy day at work by treating him to the iReliev Relaxable Eye Massager with Heat.

All he needs to do is place the massager on his eyes, and allow air compression and vibration to deliver a satisfying and relaxing treatment.

Heat adds to the indulgent experience, acting as a heat pad to soothe and relax the mind.

Made from soft vegan leather, it is gentle on the skin and offers five therapy modes, including one to help with sleep.

It’s a clever gadget that makes a thoughtful gift for someone struggling with anxiety, or those that simply need to unwind after a long day.

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2. Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Swap his old wallet for a ‘smart’ new one

The new iPhone leather wallet has been designed to attach to the back of your phone using strong built-in magnets.

It means you can carry your cards and ID with you always, without having to hunt around before you leave the house.

Also, don’t worry if it becomes separated from your phone as it has Find My support, allowing you to see its location.

Crafted from European leather and available in a mix of different colors, you can choose something that is unique to him.

Feedback on the wallet is overwhelming positive with many commenting on the quality. It does however only hold two or three cards, so it could be worth considering how many he uses day to day.

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3. Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

A fun low-cost birthday gift for him

A music lover is sure to appreciate these Mistaken Lyrics Coasters.

We all know that one person who always gets the lyrics wrong, but sings with such enthusiasm that it’s hard to correct them.

This fun gift takes those mistaken lyrics and packages them into a box of coasters that are sure to become a talking point.

Choose from different genres including 80s, 90s, classic rock and love.

Plus they’re more than up to the job of protecting your surfaces, as they’re made from sturdy cork.

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4. PlayMakar MVPmini Percussion Massager

A small but powerful massage tool

Percussion therapy is a unique type of massage, effective for relaxing muscles and a real treat for those with back pain — the MVPmini is the tool to introduce anyone to it!

Despite weighing less than one pound, this tool doesn’t compromise on power delivering 3000 percussions per minute.

Yet what sets PlayMakar’s MVPmini apart from the Theragun competition is their ProTip attachments.

Made from a responsive silica material, the ProTips allow the body to better absorb and reverberate each percussion.

You get four massage heads, including the AcuTrigger that works well to relieve knots and tension.

Buy the PlayMakar MVPmini right now and you get a FREE HeatTip attachment!

Their heated flat head accessory is great for warming up your back and increasing blood flow quickly to improve movement.

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5. Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

Everything he needs to stay safe

Shopping for an outdoorsman? You never know what he might encounter in the wilderness!

Slip this survival kit in his bag and you can be sure he has a few key essentials.

It might look like a simple LED flashlight (and it is!) but unscrew the bottom and you’ll quickly see it offers so much more for someone who loves exploring the great outdoors.

There’s a compass, reflective trail markers, a water bag and purification tablets, even a bamboo cloth.

Perfectly portable and compact, it’s the ideal present for a daily walker or an avid hiker who finds themselves in a tricky situation.

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6. Zyllion Shiatsu Cordless Rechargeable Massage Pillow

Massage therapy for his next rest stop

If you’re searching for a birthday present for someone who lives behind the wheel, then take a look at this massage cushion.

This Zyllion Rechargeable Massage Pillow allows him to enjoy relaxing shiatsu therapy when he takes a comfort break.

Slip the massage cushion into his lower back and deep-kneading massage nodes will work to relieve painful and tired muscles.

When fully charged it will last for two hours, so he has plenty of power plus some in reserve for his next road trip.

It’s important to mention that it can’t be used while driving, it’s a massage gift to help him relax when he takes a break or gets home after a tiring day on the road.

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7. Shark ION Robot Vacuum

For one less chore at home!

Shark ION Robot Vacuum is one of those products that you never knew you really needed.

As a robot cleaner it zips around your home undetected picking up debris from carpets and flooring with no fuss.

The slim profile means it can even get into hard-to-reach areas such as under your furniture.

Controlled through an app on your smartphone you can decide when it starts and stops cleaning, or set a schedule that suits you.

Take a look at the reviews and you can see how quickly people get attached to this robot, even getting it a pet name!

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8. The Original Rubik’s Connected

The ultimate Rubik’s cube for gamers…

Any gamer will love this reinvention of the classic Rubik’s cube.

The app-enabled puzzle allows you to learn how to solve it in real time.

Added connectivity means you can play against each other from afar (if you treat yourself too!), or he can take on expert cubers from around the world.

Owners of the cube loved the stats, all the other challenges included and how you could work on improving your time.

It can be a great gift option for Father’s Day or even for those with arthritis, to exercise painful muscles in their hands while still having fun.

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Healthy Birthday Gifts

1. Depuravita Collagen Chocolate

Gift skin-boosting chocolate

Chocolate might not seem like the best gift for a health nut, but this is no ordinary chocolate.

Made from premium raw cocoa combined with ceramosides these vegan chocolates have a secret power.

The magical combination has been created to help retain skin moisture by restoring vital lipids.

Lipids are your skin’s natural fats, protecting your skin from damage and aiding its natural repair process.

It’s recommended that you eat four chocolates daily — shouldn’t be a problem!

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2. Storm Cloud

A calming desk accessory

Those who work from home often find they can’t escape the stresses and strains of work, no matter how hard they try.

Treat them to this little Storm Cloud and they’ll appreciate the distraction.

Inside the cloud is a special liquid that crystalizes as the air pressure changes.

Used historically as a way to predict the weather, it creates different patterns that are sure to attract the eye and even tell you when it’s about to get colder!

Shoppers loved this as a unique gift for a science or weather geek.

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3. Fitness Dice

Add a little fun to their fitness routine

If you’re looking for a fun fitness gift then purchase this set of Fitness Dice.

There are six dice in the set, with different exercises on each one. You then roll the final dice to determine the time and number of repetitions.

Included in the box is also an instruction booklet, to walk the recipient through each challenge, as well as 45,000 unique routines to keep their interest.

Those who purchased the dice found them to be great for people who love working out, as they added fun to their fitness routine.

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4. Self-Watering Sunflower Grow Kit

Add a burst of color to their home

Research shows that having plants inside your home helps to reduce stress and improve air quality.

This sunflower grow kit gives you everything you need to get started.

It ships with seeds, plant food and a ceramic pot, plus detailed instructions that walk you through the process.

Using hydroponics it doesn’t require soil so it’s not creating any mess inside your home, just beautiful blooms!

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5. PowerXL Vortex Pro Air Fryer

A healthy and efficient way to cook

There is evidence to show that using an air fryer can cut calories by 70% to 80%.

No wonder they’ve become increasingly popular in recent years.

This PowerXL Vortex Pro Air Fryer offers real bang for the buck, with a solid range of different features.

The one-touch LED panel has custom presets, so you can quickly cook fries, chicken and eggs.

Plus it has an extra large capacity allowing you to prepare food for up to six people.

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Still not sure you’ve found the perfect gift?

We have health gifts for women and inspiration for the keen travelers in your life.

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