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21 Best Gifts for a Health-Conscious Woman (in 2024)

Health Gifts for Women

Shopping for the woman who has it all isn’t easy.

But when you know how passionate she is about her health and wellbeing, that can be a great place to start.

A Quick Look

Take a look at our top picks, or read on below for a full list of exciting and innovative ideas.

1. Theragun mini (2nd gen)

Powerful percussion massager you can throw in your bag

Here at The Good Body, we’ve always been big fans of the Theragun range.

However one downside has always been that Theragun didn’t really offer a compact or affordable percussion massager.

The Theragun mini changed all that.

This super portable (and more affordable!) percussion massager is small enough that she can throw it in her bag for the gym or take it on vacation. In fact, this new generation model is 30% lighter than the original, weighing just 1lb.

However it’s certainly not ‘mini’ when it comes to force.

Powering 12mm into the muscle, you can choose from different speed settings, all controllable through the Therabody app.

You get three attachments made from closed-cell PU foam, including the Thumb, designed to target trigger points.

Theragun describe how muscle tension will just melt away after using the massager, releasing muscle knots or tightness after a workout.

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2. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

A high quality yoga mat perfect for yogis at all levels

If the person you’re shopping for hasn’t yet discovered the benefits of yoga then it’s time you introduced them!

Yoga has so many incredible health advantages for women.

Whether you’re buying their first yoga mat, or replacing a well-worn favourite, you won’t regret treating someone special to the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat.

Manduka are known for creating the highest quality yoga products, with the PRO mat delivering 6mms of thickness to protect their joints.

Plus with a textured, closed-cell surface means there’s nowhere for sweat to hide.

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3. Brain Gym: Boost Your Brain Health

A workout for the mind

Developed by a neuroscientist, this deck of cards is designed to give the mind a daily workout.

On each one there is a mental exercise backed by science.

Covering six categories, including attitude, work and rest, each card includes instructions and guidance on exactly how each activity can help.

Shipped in a colorful box and with fun illustrations it’s a thoughtful gift for the woman focused on all aspects of her wellbeing.

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4. Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

Fill her home with feel good scents!

Essential oils can smell incredible, and gently diffusing them is the perfect way to fill your home with scent.

You can add just a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and this diffuser will deliver 18 hours of continuous fine mist.

With a handy remote control you can switch it on and adjust the settings from the comfort of your armchair.

For even more ambience it has an LED light, creating a deeply relaxing environment after a busy day.

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5. Warming Foot Massager

For cozy toes!

Give her feet a treat with this warming foot massager from Sharper Image.

She can slip her feet inside the fleece-lined pockets and switch on the heat function to enjoy a gentle warming sensation.

A vibration massage makes the experience even more indulgent.

Available in tan or gray, it can be slipped under the couch and pulled out after a long, busy day.

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6. Pranamat ECO Massage Set

An ethical way to enjoy acupressure therapy

Acupressure has so many proven health benefits!

From boosting your mental health to soothing chronic neck and back pain.

Pranamat ECO is one of the most effective ways to experience acupressure therapy at home — and can be used in so many different ways.

Lie back on the spiky mat, tuck the small pillow underneath your neck and you’ll instantly feel your body begin to unwind.

Unlike many acupressure mats, every feature of the Pranamat ECO has been ethically sourced, from the plastic spikes to the sustainably-sourced coconut fibre filling.

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7. Bearaby Tree Napper

Wrap her in a super soft weighted blanket

If there’s one thing women love, it’s a good quality blanket!

Made from natural eucalyptus fibers, this Bearaby blanket is soothing while still being breathable thanks to the chunky knit.

Yet what makes it so special is the fact that it’s weighted.

Weighted blankets stimulate the production of serotonin and reduce stress hormones within the body.

The woman you’re shopping for will also get a great night’s sleep as it increases melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep faster.

Opt for 15lbs, 20lbs or 25lbs of evenly distributed weight then choose between seven different colors.

Owners of the Bearaby blanket report significantly improved sleep, loving how you can enjoy the weight without overheating.

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8. iReliev Relaxable Eye Massager with Heat

The smart way to unwind

If the health-conscious woman you’re shopping for enjoys listening to podcasts or music, then she’ll love this iReliev Relaxable Eye Massager.

Slip on the mask and she can enjoy calming ambient tones through the built-in speakers or pair it via Bluetooth and play her favorite songs or a guided meditation.

The best part?

While listening she’ll receive a soothing eye massage, thanks to the six hidden airbags. Heat and vibration add to the indulgent experience.

Made from soft vegan leather, it feels gentle on the skin and offers five therapy modes, including one to help with sleep.

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9. Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set

Add a spa-like touch to her daily shower

Making time for a little self-care is so important, but it can be difficult when life gets hectic.

Give her the feeling of a long soak in the bath by gifting her this set of shower steamers.

All she needs to do is place one in the corner of her shower and it’ll turn her quick daily rinse into an indulgent aromatherapy experience.

Each shower steamer is infused with essential oils such as lemongrass and lavender, known for their relaxing properties.

Handmade in California, they come in a box of 12 and make a great gift for Valentine’s Day!

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10. Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal

Give her space to express herself

It might surprise you to read about the benefits of journaling.

Research shows it can boost your immunity, help you manage chronic pain and reduce anxiety.

Treat the healthy woman you’re shopping for to the Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal.

She’ll get 16 weeks of guided fitness inspiration, plus lots of motivational health quotes and wellness tips.

With trackers to rate daily workouts, food and mood, she can keep her health goals on track.

Each page also has fun facts about health, such as how to avoid ‘Salad Sabotage’ (this is when you choose salad as the healthy option but it is covered in a calorie-heavy dressing!).

Owners of the fitness journal loved the way they’d been able to boost their fitness levels, while also seeing improvements in their mental health.

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11. Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

A cozy little stocking stuffer

Whether she just wants a gift to keep her warm, or to tackle daily aches and pains, this heat pillow can help.

With a 100% cotton exterior, the heat pad contains a mix of locally sourced barley and lavender.

Just place it in the microwave for one or two minutes and the pillow will ooze muscle-relaxing warmth.

Not only that, but lavender also smells wonderful, the perfect treat for someone who wants to unwind.

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12. Sportneer Ankle & Wrist Weights

Put on a little weight over the holidays

However she enjoys working out, you can add a little extra intensity with these wrist and ankle weights from Sportneer.

The added weight helps to activate the muscles, creating more resistance which builds strength.

Available in different weights and colors, they’re filled with high quality iron sand. Thanks to the durable material they’re made to last, easily adjusted with the velcro fastening.

Those who bought the weights loved the soft fabric, simple adjustability and affordable price!

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13. Health Nut Teas from adagio teas

Pour a cup of rejuvenating tea!

If the woman you’re shopping for is a real health nut, then she’ll love this mixed box of teas from adagio teas.

Drinking herbal tea has a wealth of advantages for your wellbeing — helping you sleep and even easing cramps.

Each hand-picked blend in the Health Nut Teas collection has been created to leave you feeling cleansed and rejuvenated.

In the box you’ll find matcha, tea-tox, white blueberry and lemongrass ginger, with enough blends to make 25 cups!

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14. Words to Live By: Inspirational Quote Book for Women

Words to inspire her

Quotes can be powerful, providing the reader with a different outlook on life and the world in general.

Inside this book from Jade Purple Brown there are 50 quotes from 50 inspirational women.

Helen Keller, Oprah Winfrey and Harriet Tubman all appear, as well as many other powerful women from history.

Not only will this book provide the reader with an inspiring outlook, but it will also be a great addition to their coffee table.

Each quote is supported by a bold and beautiful illustration that makes the book a joy to read.

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15. Book Nook Reading Valet

The ideal gift for a bedtime bookworm

Reading has so many advantages for your wellbeing, improving brain connectivity, reducing stress and fighting the symptoms of depression.

Treat her to this Book Nook Reading Valet and she has everything she needs to get lost in a book at bedtime.

Made from solid acacia wood, it’s just the spot to rest a book for the night and never lose your page.

The triangle shape also doubles up as a space to hide your smartphone so you’re not tempted to switch to nighttime doom-scrolling.

With handy places to rest your mug and glasses, it’s a must-have for any reader’s bedside.

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16. Mission Farms Rest CBD Bath Soak

Swap her bath bomb for a CBD bath soak

Bath products are always a go-to wellness gift for women, but why not swap something soapy and floral for something a little more soothing.

Mission Farms’ Rest CBD Bath Soak is a wonderful treat for anyone struggling to sleep.

Containing 175mg of full spectrum CBD, goat’s milk and lavender blossom essential oil it encourages deep and restorative sleep.

Mission Farms are a trusted name in the world of CBD, growing their products on farms across Oregon and using only natural products to tend their crops.

You’re gifting the recipient a little spa-like experience at home, what could be better for their health and wellbeing!

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17. Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Gift her a healthy snack break

We all love a little snack stop throughout the day, so why not give hers an upgrade!

In this snack box you get 12 portions of gourmet dried fruits and nuts, arranged lovingly in an elegant gift box.

There are roasted pistachios, pineapple chunks, dried cranberries and kiwi slices, plus many more tasty treats.

People who purchased the box loved the variety and appreciated the attractive way it was presented, making it a great gift.

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18. Apple Watch Series 8

A stylish accessory for building healthier habits

The ultimate health gift for the woman in your life has to be the Apple Watch Series 8.

This version of the Apple Watch takes the elegance of an analogue watch and adds every health function she could possibly need!

She can monitor how much time she spends in different stages of sleep, record an ECG or take on-demand readings of her blood oxygen levels.

When she wants to exercise she can use the Workout app that tracks advanced metrics to personalize her workouts.

Temperature sensing allows her to better understand her menstrual cycle and gather retrospective data on ovulation.

Plus it’s water resistant, can last for up to 18 hours when fully charged and has an interchangeable band, so she can choose a style that suits her.

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19. Wine Soaps - Set of 4

Invite her to bathe in chardonnay…

Even the healthiest women like a glass of wine now and then!

But has she ever bathed in wine?

Wrap up this set of 4 Wine Soaps from uncommon goods and they’re sure to be a talking point!

Blending popular red and white wine varieties with complementary scents and oils is what gives flavors like “chardonnay” and “pinot noir” their distinctive scents.

Handmade in Georgia and with all-natural ingredients, you can trust that you’re purchasing a quality product that is also suitable for vegans.

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20. The Mindful Collective Affirmation Cards

Remind a woman of her inner power

There is evidence to show that reciting a daily affirmation improves your overall wellbeing, relieves stress and reduces symptoms of anxiety.

Choose this deck of affirmations for a health-conscious woman and she has a way to remind herself of her worth every day.

On each of the 50 cards there is a different empowering statement such as “I am the guardian of my happiness” and “I am allowed to say no”.

With symbolism inspired by astrology they make a magical and thoughtful gift. And consumers agree! They appreciated the quality of the individual cards and reported many happy recipients.

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21. 325 MGO Manuka Honey from Manuka Doctor

A super sweet (health-boosting) treat!

Manuka honey has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years, however it’s not surprising when you consider how many ways it can be beneficial to your health.

It can be used as a natural antibiotic, relieve a sore throat and even improve your digestion.

Manuka honey from the Manuka Doctor is the gold standard.

Harvested in New Zealand, it contains high levels of MGO (methylglyoxal) which is a naturally occurring compound found in honey.

MGO is the compound which scientists generally concur is linked to manuka honey’s special “bacteria killing” or anti-microbial properties.

This 325 MGO jar can be used in cooking or you can just take a spoonful a day and enjoy the health-boosting properties!

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Self-care is self-love!

Still looking for inspiration?

Why not take a look at our list of self-care gifts perfect for men and women who need a little relaxation.

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