45 Motivational Affirmations for Smashing Your Goals!

We all need a motivation boost every now and then, whether it’s to workout, eat better or tackle that tricky project you’ve been avoiding. Start reciting one of the powerful affirmations below and there’ll be no stopping you!

Ignite Your Passion

Screenshot this shortlist so you have a few statements you can use each morning:

  • Everything I need is within me.
  • I always find a way to succeed.
  • I will not be driven by self-doubt.
  • Small setbacks will not knock me off track.
  • I love taking action to achieve my goals.

Positive Affirmations for Motivation

Positive affirmations can really help you believe in yourself, and give you the power to get moving:

10 Positive Affirmations for Motivation on Notepaper Set Against Triangle Pattern Background

1. I am strong and capable.

2. I am proud of myself.

3. Everything I need is within me.

4. I can make a difference in the world.

5. I am getting closer and closer to success.

6. I will make my dreams come true.

7. Each day is a chance to work towards my goals.

If you’re struggling to get in the headspace to exercise, we can relate!

Luckily there are a number of ways to get motivated to workout, including setting small goals, finding a gym buddy and adding variety can all help.

8. I trust my journey.

9. I am improving every day.

10. I am on the path to success.

11. Small steps each day will lead to big changes.

12. My ability to overcome any challenge is limitless.

If you’re feeling down on yourself, then that can really impact how motivated you feel.

Try announcing a self-love affirmation to yourself each morning as a reminder of just what an incredible person you are.

13. I am creating a life that I love.

14. I am surrounded by people who uplift me.

15. I don’t let my failures define me.

Daily Motivational Affirmations

Face the day ahead with fire in your belly, and one of our daily motivational mantras swirling around in your brain!

1. I am focused and motivated.

2. I always find a way to succeed.

3. I have so much to be grateful for.

Gratitude affirmations can be a great tool for improving your overall mental wellbeing.

Research conducted at Harvard Medical School revealed that those that regular give thanks are happier in all aspects of their life.[1]

4. I have the ability to make this happen.

5. There are so many motivational tools I can use.

6. I choose to be happy.

7. My hard work will pay off.

8. I am brave.

9. I have the ability to focus on what needs to be done.

10. I can adapt to new situations.

Self-Motivation Affirmations

You’ve got this. Keep rehearsing these self-motivation affirmations, and you’ll get there!

1. I will not be driven by self-doubt.

2. I can do this.

3. I love taking action to achieve my goals.

4. I get things done.

Wake up with a focused and enthusiastic mindset by practicing a morning affirmation.

You can make it a part of your routine – shout it out loud in the shower or state it confidently while making your morning coffee.

5. I will not give up.

6. I am successful.

7. I can do whatever I want to do.

8. I make no excuses.

9. Today will be a productive day.

10. I am unstoppable.

Affirmations to Keep Going

When setbacks happen it can be hard to find the energy to keep going. These statements are for those times, when you need reminding that everything is temporary.

10 Affirmations to Keep Going on Textured Notepaper Set Against Upward Arrows Pattern Background

1. I’ve got this.

2. Small setbacks will not knock me off track.

3. There are so many opportunities waiting for me.

4. I have made mistakes, but they do not define me.

5. I wake up feeling motivated.

6. I am getting healthier every day.

7. Tonight I will sleep well and tomorrow I will take action.

Did you know that sleep affirmations can actually improve your performance?

A fascinating study published in The Atlantic, revealed that telling yourself you’ve slept well, even if you haven’t, can act as a placebo allowing you to perform more effectively the following day.[2]

8. I have what it takes to succeed.

9. I have silenced my inner critic.

10. I trust my intuition.

Need motivation to get through your work day?

Completely transform your mindset about your workplace and career, by using one of our positive work affirmations!

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