Is Sitting in a Massage Chair Good for You?

Is Sitting in a Massage Chair Good for You?

Sitting in a massage chair has many great health benefits, such as boosting your circulation, easing pain and encouraging deep relaxation.

There are however some people who might be advised not to use one, such as pregnant women, people with osteoporosis and those with bone fractures, so you should always seek medical advice before use.

So let’s take a look at the benefits:

As mentioned massage is one effective way to improve your circulation.

Researchers in Chicago discovered that the therapy eases muscle soreness after exercise and also enhances general blood flow.

Incredibly they found the therapy even boosted vascular function in people who hadn’t exercised.

(It’s amazing that massage has health advantages for people regardless of how much physical activity they do!)

Shiatsu as a technique can be particularly powerful for circulation improvement.

Many chairs on the market simulate this technique, allowing you to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Depending on the model, it might also offer other techniques, each with their own unique set of health advantages.

A more recent study, published in 2020, looked specifically as massage chairs as opposed to simply massage as a technique.

It focused on patients with lower back pain and compared a massage chair with physical therapy.

Though results showed that physical therapy was more effective for pain relief, they concluded that the chairs are a “promising treatment for pain control and quality of life modification”.

The team involved were also keen to highlight that massage chair therapy is more cost-effective than physiotherapy, at only 60.17% of the physical therapy cost.

That’s likely because there are a broad range of brands on the market at a wide range of different price points.

Entry models cost between $200 and $700, with top priced models reaching anywhere up to $20,000.

Pain relief, relaxation and improved circulation aren’t the only benefits of massage therapy either.

Regular treatment can improve your immunity, help to treat digestive issues and even relax your muscles, amongst many other things.

If you’re starting to shop for your chair then begin by setting your budget.

Next make a list of the features of the chair that are most important to you, such as zero gravity functions.

For example, you might feel it’s most important that the chair offers a range of different massage styles for you to experiment with.

Alternatively size might be your biggest consideration, which is understandable as they can be pretty a large piece of furniture. However there are a number of space-saving models on the market that you can take a look at, that might fit more seamlessly into your home.

Feeling convinced that it will be a good choice for you? Then we’ve shortlisted the best chairs on the market.

Not only that, but we’ve also explained the various styles of massage chairs, summarized the features and answered a number of frequently asked questions.

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