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Best Journals for Anxiety

7 Best Journals for Anxiety Relief (and to Ease Stress)

If you’re one of the 40 million people in the US living with anxiety, then you might be looking for new ways to help manage your condition.

Journaling has been shown, through research, to reduce anxious and negative feelings, so it could be worth a try?

We’ve taken a look at the different anxiety journals available, and compiled a list of the best seven for you to choose from:

1. The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook

Start to take charge of anxious thoughts

One of the most recognised journals for anxiety and depression is The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook.

Recommended by therapists around the world, it encourages you to look closely at your anxious thoughts.

Included are a number of different worksheets, helping you develop coping mechanisms, end negative self-talk and experiment with relaxation and breathing techniques.

Purchasers of the book described it as a lifesaver. For many it helped them finally understand and learn to manage a condition they’d lived with for years.

However as you’d expect, there is a lot of information to read and digest, so if you’re looking for a light daily journal for anxiety then this probably isn’t the one for you.

2. The Anxiety Journal: Exercises to Soothe Stress and Eliminate Anxiety Wherever You Are

Learn more about your anxiety through insightful exercises

If you want a journal that guides you through activities in a gentle and understanding way, then this is the one for you.

Written by psychologist, Corinne Sweet it offers insightful advice and explanations about why you experience anxious thoughts and feelings.

As well as guidance, the journal also includes exercises to encourage mindfulness and writing prompts grounded in the principles of CBT therapy.

The Anxiety Journal is beautiful too, with simple illustrations, so ideal if you’re shopping for a gift for someone with anxiety.

3. 52 Lists for Calm: Journaling Inspiration for Soothing Anxiety and Creating a Peaceful Life

A journal for lovers of lists!

Sometimes a blank page can be a little overwhelming when it comes to journaling, however 52 Lists of Calm offers a great alternative.

This journal simply invites you to make lists, such as:

  • Set a timer for ten minutes and list everything that is stressing you out right now
  • List the situations in which your imagination serves you well
  • List the words you associate with calm

Broken down in to different sections, it encourages you to be present, look back and move forward.

Readers loved the design, and also how you just needed to make time once a week to write, rather than having to commit to writing every day.

4. Knock Knock I’m So Freaking Freaked Out Inner-Truth Journal

A fun approach to journaling for anxiety

When panic sets in it can be difficult to think clearly. This Knock Knock journal encourages you to sit down and answer the prompt:

“Why I’m so freaking freaked out today?”

With plenty of space to release your inner worries, it takes a lighthearted approach with a little stress level gauge to help you assess your mood.

The clean and contemporary design is ideal if you’re slightly put off by any journal that feels a little too soft or spiritual!

Purchasers of the journal, recommended it in particular for teenagers going through a tough time.

They felt the sarcastic and lighthearted nature of the content made it seem more accessible to a younger user, especially if they don’t want to be labelled as having anxiety.

5. Write It Down, Let It Go: A Worry Relief Journal

Turn your worries in to positive feelings and actions

A popular therapeutic technique for managing anxiety, is the concept of writing down your worries and then letting them go.

This journal is based around this idea.

Inside you’ll find a number of different mindfulness exercises, all focused on helping you to quiet anxious thoughts.

For example, in one area of the journal you’re encouraged to write down everything you’re currently worried about.

On the opposite page you then look at those worries and see how you could frame them differently, maybe even turning them in to positive actions.

With a beautiful pastel design, the design appealed to many, as well as the positive inspirational quotes sprinkled across the pages.

6. Put Your Worries Here: A Creative Journal for Teens with Anxiety (The Instant Help Guided Journal for Teens Series)

A safe space for an anxious teen to express themselves

Life can be a confusing and stressful place when you’re a teenager, with 1 in 3 experiencing an anxiety disorder between the ages of 13 and 18.

Put Your Worries Here provides teenagers with a space to really release the worries that they may be feeling.

With over 100 prompts, it encourages the writer to be creative, with space to write, sketch or stick photographs.

Parents loved the support they felt the journal had offered their teens, reminding them that how they were feeling was completely normal.

7. Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal: A Creative Way to Let Go of Anxiety and Find Peace

A creative way to cope with anxiety

Journaling for anxiety doesn’t mean having to write page after page every day. Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal offers you a creative way to unwind.

Within the journal you’ll find questions focused on understanding what currently worries you and space to make plans on how you’ll copy with stressful situations in future.

However you also get coloring and doodle pages so you can express yourself, in a lighter and more colorful way!

Reviewers appreciated the coloring pages in particular as a way to switch off, and felt it genuinely helped them to feel calmer at the end of a stressful day.