11 of the Best Yoga Instagram Accounts and Influencers (You Need to Follow)

Best Instagram Yoga Accounts and Influencers

Statistics tell us that yoga has grown hugely in popularity, which isn’t a surprise when you consider the amazing health benefits.

Instagram has been a catalyst for this growth, with over one billion yoga posts shared on the site.

For inspiration and to improve your yoga practice, these are the best influencers to follow:

1. Adriene Mishler

Followers: 1.3M
Follow: @adrienelouise

Follow Adriene Mishler's Instagram account

With over one million followers on her Instagram account, Adriene Mishler is the certified queen of online yoga!

Based in Texas, USA, she became a known name in the industry when she launched her YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene in 2012.

She now has over 10 million subscribers and part owns the yoga video subscription service Find What Feels Good.

What makes Adriene Mishler so popular?

A deep understanding of the practice and her friendly, laidback style, has introduced many people to yoga.

Follow her Instagram account and you can enjoy her instructional videos on IGTV as well as interviews with celebrities and other popular practitioners.

Recognised as one of the top 100 most influential people in Health and Fitness, she is a must-follow for both beginners and experienced yogis.

2. Victoria Gibbs

Followers: 52.7K
Follow: @whatgibbs

Follow Victoria Gibbs' Instagram account

If you’re looking for inspiration or want to take your practice to the next level, then you’ll definitely be inspired by Victoria Gibbs.

Not only does her feed look great esthetically, but the perfection of her poses is simply incredible.

It’s not surprising when you consider she’s a competitive yoga athlete and a four-time New York Regional Champion.

She even qualified to represent the US at the International Yoga Sport Federation in 2018.

Just getting started with the practice? Then you can even book Victoria Gibbs as your personal yoga teacher!

She works with novices and advanced students looking to master the most extreme poses.

3. Yoga Journal

Followers: 1M
Follow: @yogajournal

Foloow Yoga Journal's Instagram account

Following Yoga Journal is like a staple for truly dedicated yogis!

With over one million followers, you’ll find content embracing every aspect of the practice.

They’re highly active on their page, sharing reels covering how to master certain asanas and highlighting other practitioners so you can widen your yoga community.

Yoga Journal is both an online and offline magazine. On their website you can get access to tons of insightful articles and instructional content for free, plus you can subscribe for exclusive sequences and other members-only material.

If you’re one of the people who believe that vanity has changed what yoga stands for, then you’ll feel welcome at the Yoga Journal.

Their diverse and inclusive approach to yoga, including for those with disabilities, brings a refreshing perspective.

4. Boys of Yoga

Followers: 26.5K
Follow: @boysofyoga

Follow Boys of Yoga's Instagram account

Finding Instagram accounts that focus on male yogis is tricky.

Which is crazy when you consider just how many amazing benefits yoga has for men!

Founded by Michael James Wong, Boys of Yoga reminds followers that you can’t be good or bad at yoga, as it goes against the ethos of the practice.

He wants to encourage men to move past the stereotypes of the practice and realise that yoga is for everyone.

Their feed is a mix of poses and quotes, all inspiring men to start stretching.

Michael put it best when he remarked:

Some guys think yoga makes you less of a man. The truth is it makes you a better one.

5. The Good Body

Followers: 8,974
Follow: @thegoodbodydotcom

Follow The Good Body's Instagram account

We might be a little biased but we think The Good Body is a must-follow account for passionate yogis at all levels.

With over 120,000 monthly visitors, The Good Body is a trusted source of health, wellbeing and yoga content.

For years we’ve been helping people understand the health benefits of yoga.

On our Instagram feed you’ll discover yoga facts you never knew, fascinating stats about the growth of the industry and inspiring quotes about the practice.

You’ll can also explore reels and posts sharing shortlists of asanas that are powerful for a range of conditions including anxiety and back pain.

We’re just get started on Instagram, so why not come and join our community!

6. Eb n Flo Yoga

Followers: 6,158
Follow: @ebnfloyoga

Follow Eb n Flo Yoga's Instagram account

Restorative yoga is a chance to relax your body, though practitioners know it’s so much more than that.

Eboni, founder of Eb n Flo Yoga, is committed to helping busy women of color find time for themselves with restorative yoga.

She turned to the practice after experiencing anxious and depressive thoughts.

Now an experienced Restorative and Vinyasa yoga teacher, she wants to create a space for people of color to heal through yoga.

Explore her feed and you’ll find inspiring affirmations and insightful reels including how to start a yoga practice which is great for beginners.

She is also always quick to remind her followers that yoga is not about creating a grand shape with your body, it’s about learning about your body and listening to what it needs.

7. Laura Sykora

Followers: 1.1M
Follow: @laurasykora

Follow Laura Sykora's Insstagram account

With a background in dance, gymnastics and cheerleading, it’s no wonder Laura Kasperzak can achieve postures that take your breath away.

If you’re looking for accounts that will teach you how to build strength through yoga you’re sure to be inspired.

She shares on her feed how you can combine CrossFit with yoga to build super-human strength!

Not only that but Laura is also a self-proclaimed handstand addict, so if you want to master yours she’ll guide you through it.

After practicing yoga for over 20 years, Laura has trained around the world and even become an ambassador for Bliss Paddle Yoga, which is yoga performed on stand-up paddle boards.

If you like variety in your yoga practice, you need to follow Laura Sykora.

8. Rachel Brathen

Followers: 1.9M
Follow: @yoga_girl

Follow Rachel Brathen's Instagram account

Originally from Sweden, her account is ideal for families looking to embrace yoga.

Rachel’s spirituality and love of nature brings her Instagram feed to life and has gained her over 2 million dedicated followers.

Though you still get instructional content, she also speaks about other aspects of wellness, such as the benefits of journaling and clean living.

Her subscription service Yoga Girl provides members with unlimited yoga classes, discounts and community sharing boards.

Based between Sweden and Aruba, she’s a New York Times best-selling author and launched the largest yoga studio in the Caribbean, Island Yoga.

9. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Followers: 143K
Follow: @cosmickidsyoga

Follow Cosmic Kids Yoga's Instagram account

Yoga isn’t just great for adults, it also has so many incredible benefits for kids.

If you have mini yogis at home, then you need to start following Cosmic Kids Yoga on Instagram.

Their playful approach to the practice, gives their page a bright and fun look that you’re sure to engage with.

Incorporating superheroes, animals, space travel and classic childhood stories, they bring yoga and mindfulness to children in an exciting and accessible way.

Founded by Jaime and Martin Amor in 2012, Cosmic Kids Yoga aims to help kids build mental and physical strength, as well as confidence.

After a session of superhero kids yoga, your little ones are sure to be hooked!

10. Peter Walters Yoga

Followers: 26.7K
Follow: @peterwaltersyoga

Follow Peter Walters Yoga's Instagram account

Peter Walters wants to help people live a more present, connected and joyful life.

His inspiring Instagram account includes thought-provoking reflections as well as his own 31 New Beginnings Yoga Challenge.

After a friend dragged him along to a Bhakti Flow class, he fell deeply in love with the practice.

Considering himself to be a ‘student of life’, he explains how he loves to experience everything the wondrous adventure has to offer.

Peter’s feed is great for reminding us all to slow down and recognize the little things.

Need to escape for a while? Take a look at the dreamy yoga retreats on his website!

11. Elaine Oyang

Followers: 2,529
Follow: @elaine_yogatherapy

Follow Elaine Oyang's Insstagram account

As a certified Yoga Therapist, Elaine Oyang helps her patients manage chronic pain and fatigue through the practice.

Her Instagram feed will be a comfort to many looking for solutions to their daily pain.

You’ll find so many helpful hints and tips from her reels, as she busts myths and offers solutions that can be implemented immediately.

Elaine’s passion for the practice was ignited after teaching yoga at a chronic pain clinic. She now specialises in many aspects of yoga therapy including Spinal Release Yoga.

Plus she’s currently offering a free pain care yoga starter toolkit, that might just offer the solution you’re craving.

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Why not start by taking a look at yoga statistics that demonstrate its ever-increasing popularity!

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