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7 of the Best Yoga Journals: Master Your Practice Page by Page

Best Yoga Journals

Yoga is incredible, benefiting you both physically and mentally in so many different ways.

However, have you considered journaling about your practice?

Journaling also has a number of proven health advantages, such as reducing symptoms of anxiety and even improving immunity!

With the yoga market expanding year on year, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that there are tons of yoga journals out there to choose from.

Luckily for you we’ve done all the hard work and shortlisted the seven best yoga journals out there:

1. Dailygreatness Yoga Journal: Your Masterplan for a Beautifully Conscious Life

Bring together all aspects of your mind, body and spirit

Dailygreatness are recognized for creating high quality journals and they’ve done it again with this beautiful book for yogis.

It combines so many different things:

You get a yearly diary and space to plan your appointments. A goal setter to keep your dreams on track, and pages to reflect on big and small successes.

There is also a series of written exercises, encouraging you to master your yoga and meditation practice through simple daily steps.

You’ll focus on self-enquiry, finding sources of inspiration and the power of gratitude.

Yogis acknowledged that this wasn’t the cheapest journal they could have chosen. However they felt the quality reflected the price tag.

It helped to hold them accountable and nurture mindful behaviors which many felt made them a better person.

Through using this journal daily, Dailygreatness are confident that you can transform and shape your future!

2. Living the Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom beyond the Mat

Apply ancient yoga philosophy to your modern day life

Authors of Living the Sutras have taken ancient yoga philosophy in this journal and applied it to the modern day.

Their commentary introduces different teachings, each one focused on helping you live a more fulfilling life.

You’re then encouraged to apply the meaning of the sutras to your own experiences through a series of writing prompts.

Beginner yogis loved how accessible the book was, explaining ideas and sutras that they may have not fully appreciated in the past.

3. Practice You: A Journal

Find direction through self-reflection

Yoga teacher Elena Brower created Practice You, after seeing the benefits of journaling for herself.

She believes that when we’re searching for a source of strength or focus, the answers we seek are often found within ourselves.

This journal is filled with questions, and space to write and reflect, so you can clarify your thinking and set goals.

Brower shares her teachings within the book, as well as a number of affirmations to inspire and uplift you.

The beautiful imagery within Practice You has made it a hit with many people. They also appreciated the personal tone of the advice, helping them to connect with their inner truths.

4. Yoga Journal: Set Your Intentions and Deepen Your Gratitude

A simple journal for keeping a record of your practice

Many journals focus on the spiritual aspects of yoga, aiming to instill wisdom and encourage a deeper understanding of the practice.

However if you’re simply looking for somewhere to record and reflect on each yoga session then this is the journal for you.

On each page you record the length of your practice, and your feelings both before and after, as well as write about what you’re grateful for each day.

Many pages of the journal are decorated with inspiring yoga quotes, to encourage your writing.

It’s a great way to turn occasional yoga, in to a daily practice.

5. The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book: A Visual Guide to Form, Function, and Movement

Add a little color to your yoga journey

Yoga journaling doesn’t need to be super serious.

Influential yogi Kelly Solloway has created this book to find a fun way to talk about form, function and movement.

If you’re looking to build strength through yoga for example, then learn exactly which muscles you’re working when you practice different asanas.

You even get 32 flashcards to help you test your yoga knowledge on the go.

Happy shoppers loved how much they could learn from every page, as well as the stunning level of detail in Solloway’s descriptions.

The coloring was just a great bonus!

The coloring was just a great bonus!

6. Birth Wisdom Yoga Remedies & Journal: A Complete Prenatal Yoga Flow and Guide for the Beginner to Advanced

Prepare for labor through yoga practice

Yoga has a range of benefits for women during pregnancy.

Buy this journal from Prenatal Yoga Specialist Julia Piazza, and she’ll guide you through different asanas and meditations to prepare for labor.

She explains the risks and benefits of different postures, and describe how to harness your own strength and power during childbirth.

Then it’s over to you! There’s plenty of space for your own thoughts and reflections, including writing notes to your own body in preparation.

Expectant mothers raved about this book, saying they’d recommend it to anyone.

Piazza’s writing was described as informative, with many feeling like the journal would quickly become a treasured keepsake of their pregnancy experience.

7. Good Intentions: A Guided Yoga Journal for a More Meaningful Practice

It’s time to delve deeper in to your practice

Good Intentions is a wonderful journal for yoga enthusiasts who want to learn more about the practice, beyond just new asanas.

Explore each page and you’ll find so much information about the principles behind the practice and what the different terms really mean.

The journal is broken down in to a series of small lessons, each one teaching you how to live more intentionally.

There is also plenty of prompts to encourage you to write whenever you feel inspired, encouraging self-reflection.

Many felt it added meaning to their yoga practice, and had purchased it as a gift for a passionate yogi.