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Pain can be debilitating at times – and for this reason – we strive to unearth innovative products and techniques that can be effective in countering it. When we produce a review or case study, we want to inform you, the consumer – and help you to decide whether something can be of benefit to you. We look at all aspects of a product, providing context with scenarios, and our overall rating system takes into account important factors, such as: features, ease of use and value for money. This gives a more balanced view – and makes it possible to directly compare and rate – one thing against another.

Our overall aim is to identify standout products and techniques that can help to relieve, reduce and play a part in eventually eradicating pain.

18 Ways to Relax Muscles (And Relieve Tension Today)

How to relax muscles and stop spasms

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of tight, sore and tender muscles, but they’re more common than you may think! Muscle spasms can be brought on easily, but the good news is there are lots of things you can do to ease the pain, relax your muscles and even prevent cramps in the first place. Below we’ve explored 18 different (scientifically proven!) ways to relax your muscles and stop spasms...

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19 Different Types of Massage: Which Style Is Best For You?

Different Types of Massage

Massage therapy is when a therapist manipulates your soft tissues and muscles, by rubbing and kneading, to evoke a healing or relaxation response. However the technique used to do this differs depending on the style of massage being used. In this article we’ve explored 19 different types of massage, the benefits of each one and answered a number of frequently asked questions...

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5 Back Pain Support Groups for 2023

Back Pain Support Groups

Though 540 million people around the world are affected by back pain at any one time, when you’re struggling it can make you feel isolated. Joining a support group can help you speak about your condition with people in the same position, who can appreciate the challenges you’re facing. Here are five back pain support groups that you could consider joining in 2023...

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Best Theragun Alternative 2023 [Cut Price – Not Power]

Best Theragun Alternative

When you’re looking for a percussion massage gun, naturally you’re thinking about investing in a Theragun device. They’ve been a trusted name in the market for a number of years, delivering on both power and quality. However their devices are a little pricey. We’ve scoured the market and shortlisted 10 of the best products, comparing their features with the four latest Theragun devices...

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15 Ways to Improve Circulation (and Blood Flow)

How to improve blood circulation

One essential process going on in your body right now is blood circulation, it’s a fact that it plays a fundamental role in keeping you healthy. Your heart is pumping blood and delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells, as well as removing any waste created by your organs. With good circulation, much needed white blood cells in our immune system will be moved around the body to where they are needed the most. Now you’re probably wondering how you can give it a boost! Below we’ve explored 15 proven ways to improve your blood circulation...

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12 Best Anti-Inflammatory Teas for Pain Relief

12 Best Anti-Inflammatory Teas for Pain Relief

Pain and inflammation can throw life off course, affecting both our physical and mental health. A pretty common response is to reach for the painkillers, but there are other more natural pain management treatments you can consider. We’ve done our scientific research and created a compilation of the 12 best teas for pain relief and inflammation...

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The 10 Best Teas for Menstrual Cramps (And Period Pain)

10 Best Teas for Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps can be a serious issue for many women. The American Academy of Family Physicians state that up to 20% of women suffer from cramping that’s so painful it interferes with their day-to-day life. Luckily there are things that can help, including herbal teas. Below we’ve compiled a list of the seven best teas to alleviate menstrual cramps...

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20 TENS Unit Benefits: Time To Invest In A Machine?

TENS Unit Benefits

You may have heard a lot about TENS units or perhaps you’ve just discovered the therapy and want to know more. Chances are what you really want to know is whether the therapy actually works? With more and more research proving the effectiveness of the treatment, the simple answer is, yes it does! Take a look below at 20 proven TENS unit benefits...

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