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Pain can be debilitating at times – and for this reason – we strive to unearth innovative products and techniques that can be effective in countering it. When we produce a review or case study, we want to inform you, the consumer – and help you to decide whether something can be of benefit to you. We look at all aspects of a product, providing context with scenarios, and our overall rating system takes into account important factors, such as: features, ease of use and value for money. This gives a more balanced view – and makes it possible to directly compare and rate – one thing against another.

Our overall aim is to identify standout products and techniques that can help to relieve, reduce and play a part in eventually eradicating pain.

18 Benefits (and 3 Risks!) of Visiting a Chiropractor

Chiropractic Benefits and Risks

In the US over one million chiropractic adjustments are performed each day. Why? Because it has serious advantages for your health, and not just for back pain. In this article we’ll explore the reasons you should consider seeing a chiropractor, as well as discussing a few risks. Firstly, let’s take a look at 18 proven benefits of chiropractic treatment...

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Chronic Pain Instagram Accounts and Influencers to Start Following NOW!

Chronic Pain Instagram Accounts and Influencers

Instagram is awash with yoga influencers and health accounts, making it a great place for wellbeing inspiration! However if you’re living with chronic pain, sometimes you want to follow an account that understands your challenges. Thankfully among the over one billion Instagram accounts, there are some great chronic pain accounts and influencers that we’ve shortlisted below...

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25 Benefits of Massage: For Body and Mind

Benefits of Massage

Massage is a powerful natural therapy that is fantastic for your mental and physical health. It can make you feel calmer, ease tension in your neck and alleviate crippling back pain.

There are many different types you can enjoy and it’s so easily accessible. We’re bringing you 25 scientifically proven benefits of massage that will positively impact your life...

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20 Things to Look For in a Massage Gun

What to look for in a massage gun

When shopping for a massage gun it’s important to consider stroke depth, PPM (percussions per minute), stall force and speed settings. Checking out the noise level and variety of attachments included can also help ensure you get the most from your device. However knowing the features to look for is one thing, understanding what they actually mean is another. Don’t waste your money on a product that will end up dusty in a drawer, read on as we explain each feature in detail and what it means for you...

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17 Things to Consider When Buying a Massage Chair

How to choose the right massage chair

When shopping for a massage chair you should consider the range of massage techniques it offers, intensity settings and track system. The coverage you get and how you control the chair are also important factors. Wait though… Don’t just take that list and run off to the store, read on for all the different considerations you need to make. Massage chairs don’t come cheap. Get the most for your money by understanding each feature and how it can be beneficial for you...

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Can a TENS Unit Be Harmful?

Can a TENS Unit be Harmful?

Generally TENS units are considered to be safe, however you should always speak to your doctor or another medical professional before starting to use one. Most people who use TENS do so without experiencing any side effects, however, burns and irritations of the skin have been reported...

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Why a TENS Unit Can Be Great for Zapping Sciatica Pain

Is a TENS unit good for sciatica?

Research has shown that TENS unit machines can relieve sciatic pain. It’s a widely available option for natural pain management with little or no side effects. In fact, the devices are recommended by medical professionals to treat both acute and chronic pain. Though not effective for everyone, they can be powerful for treating the symptoms (though not the root cause)...

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Does a TENS unit help with inflammation?

Does a TENS unit help with inflammation?

Though research is fairly limited, studies have shown that TENS therapy units can be effective for reducing inflammation. Primarily, the devices are recommended by medical professionals to treat both acute and chronic pain. They’re not effective for everyone and treat the symptoms of the condition, rather than the root cause...

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Do Doctors Recommend TENS Units?

Do doctors recommend TENS units?

Yes! For many, many years doctors have recommended TENS units for the treatment of both acute and chronic pain. When you look a little closer at the research, and opinions of professionals in the field, you’ll see that they’re more widely advised for chronic conditions, such as long term low back pain...

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