Chronic Pain Instagram Accounts and Influencers to Start Following NOW!

Chronic Pain Instagram Accounts and Influencers

Instagram is awash with yoga influencers and health accounts, making it a great place for wellbeing inspiration!

However if you’re living with chronic pain, sometimes you want to follow an account that understands your challenges.

Thankfully among the over one billion Instagram accounts, there are some great chronic pain influencers that we’ve shortlisted below:

1. The Migraine Life

Followers: 26.8K
Follow: @the_migraine_life

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Severe pain from headaches and migraines is the second most common type of chronic pain.

Amy at The Migraine Life is on a mission to help you feel less alone when living with migraines.

Her positive pink feed includes advice about migraine triggers and shares information about how to support someone living with the condition.

Check out Amy’s Toolkit Tuesday highlight and you can listen to her talk about all the different products she has tried and the results.

Notably she highlights how powerful acupressure mats can be for treating headaches and migraines (plus a host of other chronic conditions!).

2. Jess Brien

Followers: 2,001
Follow: @thatssochronic

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Jess Brien is the host of the popular That’s So Chronic podcast.

In each episode she explores a different condition by speaking to someone who lives with it every day.

Start following her on Instagram and you’ll get reminders each time she drops a new episode of her podcast.

Jess who lives with multiple sclerosis herself, addresses everything from OCD to premature menopause to fibromyalgia.

Not just that but she also shares useful heath advice and fun memes that those living with pain will definitely be able to relate to!

3. The Good Body

Followers: 8,761
Follow: @thegoodbodydotcom

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Chronic pain comes in many forms, and what tools work for one person don’t work for another — but we don’t need to tell you that!

Have your mind opened to a range of different pain-relieving tools when you join The Good Body on Instagram.

Not just that but you’ll learn more about chronic pain, through our statistics and facts about the commonality of certain conditions.

Explore our Pain Management highlight and you can see a quick summary of natural ways to manage your pain.

Journaling for example has been shown to be beneficial, helping with the associated feelings of anxiety and frustration.

4. The Mighty

Followers: 117K
Follow: @themightysite

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Following a chronic pain account doesn’t have to mean a feed full of super serious content.

Join The Mighty on Instagram and you’ll get lots of health and wellness info, delivered in a bright and fun way.

That doesn’t mean they don’t tackle the difficult topics.

You’ll find advice about coping with headaches and migraines, ways to deal with kidney conditions and inspiring words about how you’re more than your diagnosis.

Think of The Mighty like a great guidance counsellor, who is always in your corner and understands the challenges of living with chronic pain.

The Mighty are also great at championing other influencers, so you’ll find lots of other inspiring people to follow.

5. Love Chef Laura

Followers: 4,747
Follow: @lovecheflaura

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If you’re a self-confessed #foodgawker, you’ll enjoy following Love Chef Laura.

After being diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases, including arthritis, Laura found great relief from her symptoms by altering her diet.

Now she shares her passion for wholesome and healthy food through her website and Instagram feed.

Plant-based and paleo recipes fill her page, including delicious summery salads that burst with color.

However one of the best things has to be the great sweet treats she shares!

Why not try creating your own Vegan Dirt Cups or rustle up a batch of Chocolate Zucchini Muffins.

6. Chronic Pain Princess

Followers: 14.4K
Follow: @chronicpainprincess

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Looking for a little light relief from your condition?

You need to start following the Chronic Pain Princess, who has a great mix of relevant content on her feed.

The fun memes shared will make you feel seen and heard!

It does have a serious side though, with useful health advice reposted, such as the ways walking benefits your health and the different ways fibromyalgia impacts on your body.

Run by a cardiac arrest survivor, she shares pain-relieving tools that have helped her to manage her pain, such as a TENS unit.

7. Arthritis Foundation

Followers: 34K
Follow: @arthritisfoundation

Follow Arthritis Foundation's Instagram Account

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, arthritis is the most common chronic pain condition.

If you’re one of the 1 in 4 people living with arthritis, then get useful advice and inspiring content from the Arthritis Foundation.

They’re here for ‘chronic pain warriors’ with a podcast, Facebook Live fitness sessions plus an Insta feed filled with lots of useful information.

Nutrition is a focus of the account, demonstrating how you can eat to improve your symptoms.

Their feed is also filled with the faces of everyday people living with the condition so you can learn about their journey with arthritis.

8. Karden Rabin

Followers: 11.1K
Follow: @kardenrabin

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Stress is unfortunately a common symptom for many people living with chronic pain.

Unwind your mind by following Karden Rabin, founder of the Stress School.

With a focus on chronic pain, his content is all about finding different ways to heal your mind and body.

His tone is direct and light, asking you to consider why you might be experiencing certain symptoms.

Karden describes himself as being “obsessed with discovering the underlying and universal causes of human pain and disease”.

Feeling like you need to start listening to your body a little more closely? Follow Karden Rabin.

9. Dr. Jacob VanDenMeerendonk

Followers: 1M
Follow: @drjacob

Follow Dr. Jacob VanDenMeerendonk's Instagram Account

When you’re looking for pain influencers to follow you need to add a doctor to the list!

Dr. Jacob, also known as the Mobility Mamba, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Our research into the profession has shown how powerful it can be for those suffering from chronic pain.

His feed is dedicated to getting you mobile, whatever area of your body you’re struggling with.

For example there are tips for healing your low back pain and even exercises to do before and during a long drive.

Over 300,000 followers trust his advice so you know you’re in safe hands.

Follow The Good Body for chronic pain on Instagram

Now you’ve discovered pain influencers to follow, maybe it’s time to discover a few more that are also positive for your wellbeing?

Read our round-up of the best wellbeing accounts and influencers on Instagram.

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