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Pain can be debilitating at times – and for this reason – we strive to unearth innovative products and techniques that can be effective in countering it. When we produce a review or case study, we want to inform you, the consumer – and help you to decide whether something can be of benefit to you. We look at all aspects of a product, providing context with scenarios, and our overall rating system takes into account important factors, such as: features, ease of use and value for money. This gives a more balanced view – and makes it possible to directly compare and rate – one thing against another.

Our overall aim is to identify standout products and techniques that can help to relieve, reduce and play a part in eventually eradicating pain.

Are Acupressure Mats Good for Anxiety?

Are acupressure mats good for anxiety?

Numerous pieces of research have proven that acupressure therapy has an immediate and positive impact on the symptoms of anxiety. With an acupressure mat, you can enjoy the treatment in your own home. It’s worth mentioning that though acupressure can relieve the symptoms of anxiety immediately for many, it’s not treating the root cause of the condition. Therefore relief will be short term, but with very few reported side effects, it can be used as a daily tool for easing the symptoms of the condition...

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Do Acupressure Mats Actually Work?

Do acupressure mats actually work?

There are scientific findings to prove that acupressure mats have a positive impact on a range of different conditions and symptoms. However it’s important to mention that many of the results are based on anecdotal evidence, such as lower reported pain scores and reduced stress levels. If we look at the impact on pain, there are plenty of findings to back up acupressure’s power as a natural form of relief...

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Where can I buy a TENS unit?

Where can I buy a TENS unit?

Once you’ve chosen the best TENS unit for your needs, you’re able to buy it over the counter (OTC) or online without a prescription. Amazon, Walmart and Target sell a range of machines at varying prices, or take a trip to your local pharmacy to see what they have available...

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Can a Tens Unit Be Harmful?

Can a TENS Unit be Harmful?

Generally TENS units are considered to be safe, however you should always speak to your doctor or another medical professional before starting to use one. Most people who use TENS do so without experiencing any side effects, however, burns and irritations of the skin have been reported...

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22 Ways to Decompress Your Spine (and Relieve Back Pain!)

How to decompress your spine

An eye-watering 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some stage in life, so you won’t be surprised to learn it’s one of the world’s biggest health problems. 
Whether you’re pain-free or not, understanding the different ways to practice spinal decompression is going to be a game-changer for your overall physical and mental health.

 We’ve done our research so you can learn how to decompress your spine, especially important if you have any neck, upper back or low back issues...

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Is a TENS Unit Good for Sciatica?

Is a TENS unit good for sciatica?

Research has shown that TENS unit machines can relieve sciatic pain. It’s a widely available option for natural pain management with little or no side effects. In fact, the devices are recommended by medical professionals to treat both acute and chronic pain. Though not effective for everyone, they can be powerful for treating the symptoms (though not the root cause)...

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