Yoga Journal Prompts: Reflect On Your Practice

20 Yoga Journal Prompts: Reflect On Your Practice

If you’re one of the 34.4 million people in the US who enjoy yoga, then you might be wondering how you can develop your skills further.

Yoga journaling can be one way to better understand your yoga practice.

Below we’ve created a list of 20 yoga journaling prompts to allow you to go deeper into your practice:

5 yoga journal prompts
5 yoga journal prompts

1. What do you love about your practice?

2. Which yoga poses bring you the most happiness?

3. How do you show yourself love?

4. Which asanas frustrate you and why?

As a yoga beginner there might be a number of asanas you find frustrating.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can looking for asanas that build strength and flexibility, or poses to help with issues such as poor sleep and back pain.

5. If you can’t focus during practice, where does your mind wander to?

5 yoga journal prompts
5 yoga journal prompts

6. What is your body telling you today?

7. Which yoga pose reflects you?

8. How do you express your creativity?

9. What are your yoga goals?

10. How do you feel about the poses you performed today?

5 yoga journal prompts
5 yoga journal prompts

11. What are you grateful for today?

Research shows that practicing gratitude is consistently associated with greater levels of happiness.

Make it a daily habit by writing in a gratitude journal.

Typically they’re filled with prompts that encourage you to look at your life and recognize all the things you appreciate.

12. What helps you go within?

13. Is there a pose you feel you need to practice more?

14. Which other mind and body practice would you like to try?

Meditation is another mind and body practice that you could consider.

It’s estimated that between 200 and 500 million people around the world meditate.

Not surprising when you consider the many health benefits, including reduced stress and better concentration — it can even help improve your romantic relationships!

15. How is life outside the yoga studio affecting your practice?

5 yoga journal prompts
5 yoga journal prompts

16. How is your life outside the studio impacted by your practice?

17. Which pose gives you the greatest amount of confidence?

18. Where do you feel you need to simplify your life?

19. Write down five affirmations to recite each morning.

Studies have shown that reciting a daily affirmation can make you more optimistic and improve your self esteem.

We’ve created a list of inspiring yoga affirmations that are sure to put you in the right mindset for practice each day.

20. Write a thank you letter to your body.

Want to learn more about how journaling improves your wellbeing?

Read our list of 21 ways writing in a journal can boost your physical and mental health.

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