9 of the Best Sleep Instagram Accounts and Influencers

Best Sleep Instagram Accounts and Influencers

Whether you’re one of the 30% of Americans that occasionally suffer from symptoms of insomnia, or you just want to learn more about getting a great night’s sleep, there are people who can help!

On Instagram you’ll find a number of different sleep experts you can follow, to fill your newsfeed with useful hints and tips.

Start with our list of 9 of the best sleep Instagram accounts and influencers (then get yourself an early night!):

1. Michael Breus

Followers: 112K
Follow: @thesleepdoctor

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Dr. Michael Breus is widely known as America’s Sleep Doctor, appearing on Oprah and The Dr. Oz Show.

On his feed you’ll discover content looking at sleep from every angle:

Such as the benefits of napping, how a lack of sleep can interfere with your decision making and signs that you need more rest.

As a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Breus is particularly passionate about how optimizing your sleep can help you perform at your best.

Explore his website and use the sleep calculator to find your ideal bedtime and quizzes to discover the parts of the day when you function most effectively!

2. The Good Body

Followers: 8,761
Follow: @thegoodbodydotcom

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Here at The Good Body we’re seriously passionate about sleep.

Join us on Instagram, and you might learn a few things about the importance of a good night of slumber.

Not only do we share fascinating sleep facts and statistics, but you’ll find lots of advice, too.

Learn about the best sleepy teas you can drink, the benefits of an early night and even the health advantages of sleeping naked!

To easily discover everything you need we’ve popped lots of useful information in a handy Sleep highlight on our page.

3. Lucy Wolfe

Followers: 86.3K
Follow: @lucywolfesleep

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If there’s one group that is seriously sleep-deprived, it has to be new parents!

They’re also one of the groups that is constantly bombarded with advice from parenting books and online ‘experts’.

Cut through the noise, and help your child sleep better by following Lucy Wolfe.

She has penned a number of best-selling books, including The Baby Sleep Solution, to help parents navigate the tricky task of getting their child to rest.

On her page you’ll get reels covering how to give the right messages at bedtime, and how to manage your child’s sleep while traveling.

Supporting families with children 0-6 years old, she runs a range of online courses tackling every sleep-related challenge.

4. Dr. Amy M. Bender

Followers: 3,282
Follow: @sleep4sport

Follow Dr. Amy M. Bender's Instagram account

Dr. Amy M. Bender is a university professor and Director of Clinical Sleep Science at Cerebra.

She’s on a mission to help people sleep better by focusing on the science.

Start following her on Instagram and you’ll gain in-depth knowledge, such as the association between depression and insufficient sleep.

Want to learn more about sleep technologies?

Dr. Bender demonstrates how monitoring every aspect of your sleep can help you get a better night’s rest.

Stages of sleep is also something she’

5. Alex Shannon

Followers: 55.1K
Follow: @followthenap

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If you’re not particularly looking for advice, you just want to gaze at luxurious places you could be sleeping then follow Alex Shannon.

Insider magazine referred to him as “The World’s First Sleep Influencer”.

You can’t help but smile (and feel a little jealous!) when you explore his feed filled with the beautiful places he has slept around the world.

Whether he’s stargazing in California or taking an afternoon nap in Dubai, you’ll love the jaw-dropping backdrops to his globe-trotting snoozing.

The tongue-in-cheek commentary makes everything feel light and fun, just a little escape if you’re doing some nighttime scrolling.

6. Health Coach Kait

Followers: 149K
Follow: @healthcoachkait

Follow Health Coach Kait's Instagram account

When you’re looking for health influencers with a keen focus on sleep, take a look at Health Coach Kait.

Her content looks great and is full of useful information, such as how to optimize your circadian rhythm and insightful knowledge how sleep impacts our hormones.

Not just that but you also get a wealth of health advice, from zero carb foods to the pros and cons of cheese!

The styling of her page and handy highlights makes all the information so accessible.

After struggling with her own weight, Kait wanted to improve her diet, which took her on a wellbeing journey that over 100,000 people are part of today.

7. The Sleep Geek

Followers: 4,309
Follow: @thesleepgeek

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We know a lack of sleep is bad for us, but what is the solution?

James Wilson, better known on Instagram as The Sleep Geek, is a sleep practitioner and educator.

On his feed you’ll find information about how sleep deprivation impacts negatively on our health.

However more importantly you’ll also discover ways to improve your sleep, for example he offers top tips on what to do if you’re struggling to sleep next to your partner.

Through his work with Citroën, he can even show you how to take the ultimate in-car power nap for when you get sleepy on the go!

8. Better Sleep Council

Followers: 2,846
Follow: @bettersleeporg

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The Better Sleep Council are a trusted sourced of advice when it comes to better sleep.

They provide research, insights and educational resources to enable consumers to make ‘smarter sleep decisions’.

You’ll know that there are so many different things that can impact on your sleep, from your mattress to the foods you eat.

On Instagram you get a little taster of the huge wealth of content that you can find on their website.

It’s a great way to stay ahead of the latest research and learn more about products that can improve your sleep.

9. Sleep.com

Followers: 18.8K
Follow: @sleep_dot_com

Follow Sleep.com's Instagram account

Another great source of sleep information on Instagram is Sleep.com.

Their content is so varied, with a focus on improving what they refer to as ‘Junk Sleep’, when your sleep is not optimized for maximum health and wellness benefits.

Each post on their feed gives you a little more information about what’s keeping you up at night.

The useful posts are also interspersed with some sleep memes to keep everything light and fun.

Sleep.com is run by Mattress Firm, who aim to improve America’s ‘Junk Sleep’ issue by choosing the right mattress.

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