11 Best Foods to Help You Sleep (And 5 To Avoid!)

11 Foods That Help You Sleep

Achieving a great night’s sleep is so important for your overall health and wellbeing, helping to keep your immune system strong. However, all the evidence points in the same direction — we’re getting less and less sleep. To help you experience good quality slumber, we’ve created a list of the best foods and drinks to help you sleep...

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24 Things to Help You Sleep Better Tonight (Evidence-based)

24 Things to Help You Sleep

Many of us don’t get the recommended seven hours of sleep each night (35% of America in fact!) and consequently we’re sleep deprived or worse, insomniacs. The impact of such a lack of sleep is alarming when you consider the detriment to our health. We need to take action now. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of 24 things to help you sleep...

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36 Insomnia Facts: Scary Truths About The #1 Sleep Disorder

Insomnia Facts

As humans we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping, unfortunately it’s a lot less than that for insomniacs! Insomnia is an intense form of sleeplessness that can continue for weeks and even months, and it’s incredibly common in America. Learn more by reading our list of the most eye-opening insomnia facts...

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13 Massage Gun Benefits: Enhance Your Performance!

Massage Gun Benefits

Are you considering buying a percussive massage gun, and wondering whether it’s worth the investment? Well, if you want to improve your sporting performance, sleep better and prevent injuries, then the science shows it is! To help you make up your mind and understand exactly how it works, we’ve compiled 10 health benefits of percussion massage...

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10 Benefits of Sleeping next to Someone You Love

Benefits of Sleeping Next to Someone

There’s a growing body of research all about the benefits of sharing your bed with a partner. From improving your psychiatric well-being to improving your overall health, we have the reasons why it’s great sleeping next to someone you love...

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9 of the Best Sleep Instagram Accounts and Influencers

Best Sleep Instagram Accounts and Influencers

Whether you’re one of the 30% of Americans that occasionally suffer from symptoms of insomnia, or you just want to learn more about getting a great night’s sleep, there are people who can help! On Instagram you’ll find a number of different sleep experts you can follow, to fill your newsfeed with useful hints and tips. Take a look below at our list of 9 of the best sleep Instagram accounts and influencers (then get yourself an early night!)...

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