50 Sleep Affirmations for a Great Night’s Rest

Sleep Affirmations

45% of the world’s population report issues with sleep — are you one of those suffering? If you are, then it’s no wonder that you’re searching for affirmations! Research shows that practicing daily affirmations relieves stress and puts you in a better headspace for slumber. To help you get started, we’ve compiled 50 sleep affirmations for a better night’s rest...

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45 Insomnia Statistics: How Many People Suffer From Insomnia?

Insomnia statistics: How many people suffer from insomnia?

The latest sleep statistics indicate that the world is simply not getting enough rest. The situation has become so serious that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared insufficient sleep a ‘public health problem’. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. In our data-driven roundup, you’ll learn more about the global issue and discover how bad the problem is and who is suffering the most...

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25 Benefits of Massage: For Body and Mind!

Benefits of Massage

Massage is a powerful natural therapy that is fantastic for your mental and physical health. It can make you feel calmer, ease tension in your neck and alleviate crippling back pain.

There are many different types you can enjoy and it’s so easily accessible. We’re bringing you 25 scientifically proven benefits of massage that will positively impact your life...

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Are Acupressure Mats Good for Anxiety?

Are acupressure mats good for anxiety?

Numerous pieces of research have proven that acupressure therapy has an immediate and positive impact on the symptoms of anxiety. With an acupressure mat, you can enjoy the treatment in your own home. It’s worth mentioning that though acupressure can relieve the symptoms of anxiety immediately for many, it’s not treating the root cause of the condition. Therefore relief will be short term, but with very few reported side effects, it can be used as a daily tool for easing the symptoms of the condition...

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Do Acupressure Mats Actually Work?

Do acupressure mats actually work?

There are scientific findings to prove that acupressure mats have a positive impact on a range of different conditions and symptoms. However it’s important to mention that many of the results are based on anecdotal evidence, such as lower reported pain scores and reduced stress levels. If we look at the impact on pain, there are plenty of findings to back up acupressure’s power as a natural form of relief...

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