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60 Positive Daily Affirmations to Boost Your Mood!

Positive Daily Affirmations

Research shows there’s a strong link between positive thinking and improved health. In fact they discovered that positive people are 13% less likely to have a heart attack or other coronary event, compared to their pessimistic counterparts. Below we’ve compiled a list of 60 of the best positive daily affirmations to inspire your thinking...

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55 Daily Affirmations to Start Practicing Right Now

55 Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are simple positive statements that describe your goals or mission as though you’ve already achieved them. So instead of saying “I will try to eat better food each day”, you would say “I am eating healthier food every day”. The idea is that by repeating it every day you will start to consciously and unconsciously influence your own actions and behaviours. And guess what? Research shows it can actually work...

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18 Ways to Relax Your Muscles (and Stop Spasms!)

How to relax muscles and stop spasms

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of tight, sore and tender muscles, but they’re more common than you may think! Muscle spasms can be brought on easily, but the good news is there are lots of things you can do to ease the pain, relax your muscles and even prevent cramps in the first place. Below we’ve explored 18 different (scientifically proven!) ways to relax your muscles and stop spasms...

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