Laura Smith


Laura Smith

Associate Editorial Manager

Laura Smith is a content writer specialising in health and wellbeing topics, with a particular focus on mental health. In addition to writing for The Good Body, she also regularly contributes to other online publications.

Among her writing credits, are a range of lifestyle journals on topics such as gratitude, mindfulness and self-care, including products for the travel brand Lonely Planet.

As one of the many people who struggle with neck pain, she’s passionate about what The Good Body stands for and strives to deliver content that provides readers with everything they need to live pain-free.

20 Yoga Journal Prompts: Reflect On Your Practice

Yoga Journal Prompts: Reflect On Your Practice

If you’re one of the 34.4 million people in the US who enjoy yoga, then you might be wondering how you can develop your skills further. Yoga journaling can be one way to better understand your yoga practice. Below we’ve created a list of 20 yoga journaling prompts to allow you to go deeper into your practice...

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25 Journal Prompts for Mindfulness: Live a More Mindful Life

Journal Prompts for Mindfulness: Live a More Mindful Life

Living mindfully is great for your wellbeing and something we all aspire to, but it can be difficult to nurture the state of mind day to day. Writing in a mindfulness journal is one way to establish the habit. In this article we’ve compiled a list of 25 journal prompts for mindfulness, including mindful eating and inspiration for kids, to help you get started...

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40 Mind-Easing Gift Ideas for People with Anxiety

Gifts for people with anxiety

If you’re shopping for someone with anxiety, then chances are you’re not alone. One in three Americans report dealing with symptoms of stress or anxiety, and that appears to have grown during the pandemic. Life can be a daily struggle when you’re living with anxiety, so anything that helps them cope is sure to be a gift well received. Even fun times like the holidays can trigger anxious feelings, so why not buy them a present that helps them manage day to day, or just provides a welcome distraction? Here is our list of the 40 best gifts to help people with anxiety, including gift ideas for her, present inspiration for men and thoughtful surprises for friends...

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36 Meditation & Mindfulness Gifts: Enlightening Gift Ideas

Meditation Gifts – Gifts for People Who Meditate

Forever reflecting on the meaning of life? In a constant zen-like state? Can often be found crossed legged with their eyes closed? If this sounds like your loved one then chances are you’re looking for a gift that captures their love of meditation. Since 2012 the number of people practicing meditation has tripled, and with this growth has come an array of beautiful, clever and innovative products that make great gifts! To help you find a present they’ll love, we’ve put together a list of the 18 best and most enlightening meditation gift ideas...

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