Laura Smith


Laura Smith

Associate Editorial Manager

Laura Smith is a content writer specialising in health and wellbeing topics, with a particular focus on mental health. She has written for The Good Body since 2016, and also regularly contributes to other online publications.

Among her writing credits, are a range of lifestyle journals on topics such as gratitude, mindfulness and self-care, including products for the travel brand Lonely Planet.

As one of the many people who struggle with neck pain, she’s passionate about what The Good Body stands for and strives to deliver content that provides readers with everything they need to live pain-free.

41 Best Self-Care Gifts for Relaxation (In 2024)

Gift card on a pegboard, with illustration of a person with heart above their head, titled ‘Self-Care Gift Guide’.

Self-care has never been more important. In an increasingly connected and frantic world, where stress levels are rising, it’s essential to find time for yourself. If you’re shopping for someone struggling with stress, need a relaxation gift for a loved one, or just want to treat yourself, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our rundown of the best self-care gifts for 2024...

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10 of the Most Zen Meditation Instagram Accounts and Influencers!

Best Meditation Instagram Accounts and Influencers

Over 14% of US adults have tried meditation, if you’re one of them there are a few influencers you need to follow. Whether you’re just getting started with the practice or you’re completely hooked, there’s so much content and inspiration you can access on Instagram. See below our list of 10 of the best meditation Instagram accounts and influencers...

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28 Meditation Statistics: How Many People Meditate?

Meditation statistics: how many people meditate?

The number of people turning to meditation is skyrocketing, and with so many reported benefits it’s really no surprise! Meditation is no longer a practice reserved solely for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. It has now become a trendy, mainstream activity. In our data-driven summary you’ll learn more about the growth and who is practicing most...

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2024 Christmas Gift Guide: 32 Ideas for Family & Friends

Christmas Gift Guide: Ideas for Family & Friends

This Christmas, break from the norm and give the special people in your life a unique gift that they’re sure to always remember. Whether you’re shopping for him, her, mom, teens or coworkers, we have a whole list of ideas to inspire you. Read on for 32 unique Christmas gift ideas for 2024 (including a few healthy options!)...

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