45 Positive Work Affirmations for Career Success

Positive Work Affirmations

You want to succeed. You want to prove yourself. You want to lose that feeling of dread you experience each Monday. Positive daily affirmations can help you do exactly that. Choose an uplifting mantra for work from the list below and start reciting it every day...

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45 Monday Affirmations for a Positive New Week Mindset

Monday Affirmations

Banish the Monday morning blues and start the week off with the right mindset. Positive affirmations can be one way to retrain your brain to avoid the negative self-talk that tells you Mondays are something to be feared! Take a look at our list below of 45 Monday affirmations you need to begin reciting...

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45 Positive Affirmations to Boost Your Mood!

Positive Daily Affirmations

Research shows there’s a strong link between positive thinking and improved health. In fact they discovered that positive people are 13% less likely to have a heart attack or other coronary event, compared to their pessimistic counterparts. Below we’ve compiled a list of 60 of the best positive daily affirmations to inspire your thinking...

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60 Love Affirmations to Manifest, Attract & Feel Love

Love Affirmations

Whether you want to attract love, or manifest a great relationship into your life, it’s time to start using love affirmations. Research into the benefits of affirmations shows how powerful they can be. In this list you’ll find 60 love affirmations to help you connect with a soulmate or recognize the amazing love that already surrounds you...

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50 Money Affirmations for Wealth and Success

Money Affirmations

Whether you want to improve your relationship with money, or you’re looking for new sources of income, announcing an affirmative statement can help you believe it. Research into affirmations shows that you can actually rewire your brain to think in a more positive way! Start your journey to a healthier financial future by practicing one our money affirmations for wealth and success...

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